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  1. It was said before this game started that it''s more about a good performance than the result tonight, and frankly we are playing quite aggressively… we have missed a couple of half chances and Suarez has been on fire…
  2. " The game was over before a ball was kicked, when Hughton decided (yet again) to come to an away ground and try and play for a goalless draw" Are you watching the game .. does it look like we are playing for a 0-0 draw?
  3. "Game over. Suarez could get 2 hattricks tonight." Probably, and yes he''s inspired tonight, unfortunately. "Hughton''s last game in charge surely" More drivel, this is nothing like Man City.
  4. " Once again hughton gets it spectacularly wrong away from home shock. Hughton out " Don''t talk drivel man. And no we didn''t back off Suarez. That was special….
  5. Well let''s see what was said eh - and if there is much here for debate " Win changes nothing" Admittedly the second half was a struggle, but we did get three points, which moved us further away from the bottom three. We also overcame the loss of Snodgrass and Pilkington without too much of a loss of attacking threat. " Awful performance yesterday. 2nd half in particular we were absolutely dire. " Second half was a struggle, but it would be pretty harsh to say the first half was an awful performance. " Palace are a poor poor side and will go down bottom of the league and we scraped a 1-0 win. " Winning 1-0 is a fact, and based on the table Palace must be a a poor side but whether they will finish bottom we will find out in due course. "Of course the Hughton apologists will think everything is alright and walk around with a smug look on their face as if they were and still are right all along" Nothing to debate there. This poster is not inviting comment, he''s made his mind up and this is his statement. "But we all know we face two away losses and two more abject away performances" We know nothing of the sort. Projecting past experience forward is natural, and based on that it seems likely, but there is a reasons why we play the games…. "How much longer do we have to endure this? I dont enjoy matches anymore, the 2nd half yesterday was terrible and Palace could have easily won had Bassongs slice gone in and Jerome not missed a sitter. But its the manner of our performance, so flat and uninspiring" Ah, the punch line - our performance is flat and inspiring … yes agree with that, but isn''t that the nature of football - you win some you shouldn''t, you lose or draw some where you can''t believe the other team got away with so many fouls, time wasting, miraculous saves or biased refereeing, But if its a comment that it would be better if we showed more passion, passed more crisply, steamrollered poor teams, I doubt that many supporters - whether Hughton "inners" or "outers" would disagree. But life and football often isn''t like that, so rather than being smug it''s just possible that the "inners" are a bit more reserved in their criticism.
  6. " Am I the only one not happy with this result? " RESULT? Apparently, especially considering Palace, Fulham, Cardiff, and Stoke all lost today. Sunderland scraped a draw, but it was against Lambert''s Villa.. …so overall a good set of results for us today.
  7. " Becchio for Elmander? BJ for Hoolahan, with Howson going into the AM role? " Well IMO I think he did a good job on the subs today .. :-)
  8. Becchio for Elmander? BJ for Hoolahan, with Howson going into the AM role?
  9. O.K Chris, 65 minutes, Palace starting to dominate … what''s your move?….
  10. Apparently he was here as late as 1995, as assistant manager to Megson, but point is taken...
  11. I guess at the end of the day, Lambert is the manager who best reflects supporter''s ideas of how to manage a club - " if I was in charge I''d go for it " - which makes him the "better" manager. The fact is the records for Lambert and Hughton are surprisingly similar, but it certainly doesn''t feel like the same level of "success" at all.
  12. All managers get the bullet eventually (except Sir Alex) and this management team is clearly struggling. But whether the board are willing to accept relegation to hold on to this manager really doubt, it''s a question of balancing the risks around whether to make a change or not. I''m sure Fulham and West Ham are pondering similar questions, we already know that Palace and Sunderland did pull the trigger.
  13. " What i didn''t expect, even from Hughton - was for him to bring on a big striker like Elmander - and play him on the right wing as a direct replacement and change nothing. I''ve said it before i think Elmander put a good shift in but tactically it was just a sub to try and keep shape - irrelevant when in my opinion we should be changing things. " Ultimately, this is why I think we need to change the management team ….we never seem to have a plan B if our original one isn''t working out.
  14. Pleased for Fer. And the team for sticking at it…
  15. I''m not sure what''s worse; our defending (if you call i that), awareness (Johnson), performance (Ruddy) or our apparent inability to pass the ball accurately to anyone on our side in the opposition''s half.
  16. Snodgrass on the right? No, Snodgrass should be on the bench, we need a much more productive player on the right. Yes, I know he scored that free kick, but IMO we''d be better off as a team with Redmond in that position.
  17. I wonder why Crooks has him playing on the left?…
  18. "You are addressing a completely different incident NWC" Indeed, that was when he had to change his shirt. IMO the club should discipline Snodgrass for that act, it was a much worse case of lack of sportsmanship than the "goal" Fer scored against Cardiff...
  19. For me, Redmond coming on made a big difference. Although Snodgrass scored with a great free kick, and defends with commitment, I''d rather see Redmond and Martin working the right side and Olsson and Pilkington on the left. Still, a very welcome 3 points.
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