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  1. And Todd not training (at least with the 1st team squad while the press were in attendance) today...
  2. Meanwhile, back in Trumpland... Liz Cheney is not pulling any punches. Wish that were true of the vast majority of her Republican colleagues.
  3. Same … (lost) appealed (lost) appealed (lost) sued again, so still tied up in the courts. His presidency has highlighted just how archaic so many aspects is US public administration are and just how many reforms are needed to those processes.
  4. Well that would be par for the course with this lot. Ignore official reports, then rush to action to create a populist backlash against something only tangentially related to the issue you ignored.
  5. Meanwhile, someone has something to hide... but you can't legally hide seditious behavior. His usual pattern, sure to create delays, and never allow through because legal discovery would actually uncover exactly what he wants to hide.
  6. Ah the Ten Commandments ...a key tenant of Judeo/Christian religions ... and Muslim religion. "And We ordained laws for him in the tablets in all matters, both commanding and explaining all things, (and said): 'Take and hold these with firmness and enjoin thy people to hold fast by the best in the precepts'..." (Quran 7:142–5) Being pretty smart in these matters, it does not actually list any commandments out, but rather sticks to general principles.
  7. Meanwhile .. nothing like take back control eh?
  8. Oh dear, 1-3 at half time. Well I'm sure it'll all be better in January.
  9. Controversial comment to follow - Rashica will be introduced as a wing back to replace Aarons. Perhaps in Jan if Max leaves. In my opinion Aarons is just too small to play his position in this PL. Less controversial - now that Norman and PLM have been successfully integrated, we’ll switch formation to a 5(3+2)-2 -1-2 with Dowell replacing McLean.
  10. And since the Watford game we have fully integrated Normann and moved to 3 center backs... what's in the past is in the past.
  11. Comparing to last season is not relevant, the standard of opposition is dramatically different. Comparing the start of this season to end end of our last PL campaign we are clearly coping better, and its way too early to predict the final outcome.
  12. Meanwhile I see Watford lost again 5-0 at home, Leeds lost again as did Burnley. So on balance a good if not perfect day.
  13. Sooo… Raiders being the Raiders again. Gruden being forced to resign over e-mails. I wonder if it was the racist quotes, the half nude cheerleader pictures or the homophonic slurs and suggestion the Commissioner is gay that did it? My money is on the latter, he’s a privileged white male and frat house boys mustn’t attack other frat house boys….
  14. Or entered a synagogue and shot most of the worshippers eh? Or entered a black church and did the same? Or blew up a Federal building full of innocents? There is no exclusivity on hate,
  15. Meanwhile.. the Texas state law banning all abortions, which is clearly non-constitutional, and was ruled as such in a 140 page ruling, has been re-instated by the RWNJ 5th Circuit... i.e. we need to review the judgement so the law goes back into effect until we do...... and they will get around to reviewing it in ......... how many years time? All because the Supreme Court failed to block it going into effect in the first place so that the "status quo" flipped from abortion allowed to abortion not allowed... now the courts can let the clock run and run and run and in effect kill abortion as a fundamental right for women without actually have to rule on the law.
  16. So now we have a new phrase that will be parroted bu the RWNJ's. ... "woke racism"
  17. Oh do inform us wise one ….. just who would that be? The Saudi Arabian Sovereign Fund buying Newcastle United for 300 or so million does not count btw …. so we are talking about real investment here not chump change deals.
  18. IMO the focus on the wealth of the new owners is misplaced. It’s very clearly a cheap PR stunt for them to polish their reputation. Where it all goes wrong from a football perspective is they now will spent a gazzillion pounds on buying success on the pitch. It does not have to mean that, here in the US there are salary caps and restrictions on player registration. As usual, it’s what we let powerful people get away with that determines the outcome for any community - of clubs, or society.
  19. Meanwhile ... so much winning. Corporate America didn't like Donald and the Republicans trying to force America into defaulting on its debts. You know, the ones that Donald and the Republicans created ....
  20. Poor old Newcastle indeed. How do you think Sunderland fans are feeling based on this news?
  21. Meanwhile, and so the power play begins.... I guess these guys (and hence Trump's) calculation is you don't even need to claim the 5th amendment (I choose not to answer that question because of the potential for self-incrimination) if you don't turn up. Will Congress have the b*lls to send the Sargeant at Arms to fetch and jail them if they won't come?
  22. Meanwhile the right wing's favorite "historian" Dinesh D'Souza has thoughts on Jan 06.....
  23. Well us of course. The problem with Burnley is you could be mistaken for West Ham, or Villa or S****horpe. There should be one of those teams in each of the four divisions for clarity.
  24. Wait for : NCFC are the first PL team to be deducted points for "compromising the integrity of the competition"
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