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  1. I knew Bryan Thurlow (in his post-playing days).  He was a lovely guy and died far too young from early onset Alzheimers.  Almost certainly caused from heading heavy wet leather footballs.
  2. One of his quoted reasons for not wanting Celtic was he''d rather be in a City which is united behind one football team.  That was before he moved to Villa...
  3. Sounds like a leak from his agent, as the new contract is negotiated
  4. I''d have thought he would be a fitting replacement on the empty plinth at the Forum.http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-23242605
  5. Gone are the days when we wanted to emulate the Charlton model - its now clubs wanting to emulate the Norwich model.  McNally was IMHO our best signing, he broke the downward spiral we were in.  I hate to think what would have happened without him.
  6. The German Business model is different to ours - and arguably better.  See:http://www.soccernomics-agency.com/?p=451andhttp://www.soccernomics-agency.com/?p=457
  7. .. the Mackems will be kicking themselves, not only have they lost O''Neill, but they''ve lost their contact with International Rescue.
  8. Definitely need cover for Johnson and Tettey, I think its a step too far for Adeyemi at the mo, Fox isn''t high enough standard and its not Howson''s position.We also need another CB - we don''t have enough depth in our squad in those areas.
  9. Yep, gone are the days of brown paper bags in Motorway Service stations:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quality_Sports_InvestmentsPersonally, I don''t think we have signed him, but probably have a pre-contract agreement saying we will sign him when we are mathematically safe.
  10. Would suggest the booing could also be due to McClean coming on for Graham:http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-21600688
  11. With Roy Hodgson losing the services of Ferdinand, Terry, Jagielka, Cahill etc surely he must look around for other centre backs who are currrently striking a rich vein of form...
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