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  1. [quote user="eagle"][quote user="Dave"][quote user="ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE"]Yes two coaches going from Carrow Road. Loyal supporters only.[/quote]Define loyal.  [/quote] Two coaches, Crook and Butterworth? [/quote]Crook''s down under at the mo.
  2. [quote user="ncfcstar"]I don''t know if its just me, but it looks to me like a Photoshop job.[/quote]Yeah it is. For a start it doesn''t look real, and secondly he''d have been eaten by the Darcheville if he had worn that shirt - and quite right too!
  3. [quote user="Duffman"]Does Harry happen to have a daughter, who recently married.  I wonder.[/quote]Maybe Jamie and OJ got a civil partnership?
  4. A Dereham supporter wants us to fail, how will I sleep at night?! :(((
  5. [quote user="rum-ole-boy"][img]http://www.dabearz.com/forums/imagehosting/19754888ab01e7608.gif[/img][/quote]That looks great, nice one rum. The NFL beating heart one is pretty sweet too.
  6.     [quote user="Philipo87"]Chris Eagles on loan tends to do well![/quote]Seconded! I also have Lee Martin on loan from Man Utd playing down the left
  7. Darren Huckerby was the best thing that has happened to Norwich City FC. His speed, skills and great goals were marvels to behold. He''s also Norwich through and through, and has been loyal and committed to the club, even through the tough times post relegation to today. Darren joined the club and made exciting things happen. His flair and talent are what inspired me to follow the team closely, even though I live on the other side of the country. Without Darren, we wouldn''t have gotten promoted in 2004. He was a catalyst of revival, and made things happen once again at NCFC.I''m bitterly disappointed that Roeder and the board have released a true Norwich legend before he was ready to go. Darren Huckerby was, and is, my favourite player and I''ll always have a place for him and his silky skills in the footballing part of my heart.Good luck with your future endeavours, Darren, and thanks for all the great times,Alex.
  8. Can a moderator close this thread? It''s just utter drivel, and detracts from the awesome, dedicated talent that is Darren Huckerby.
  9. [quote user="blahblahblah"]Younger players who have yet to prove themselves for their Premiership team, and go out to championship clubs on loan to get experience.[/quote]I don''t mind Roeder loaning in some good players, but I think the current crop are a too young and inexperienced. It''s ok to have one, maybe two young bloods on loan, but remember in 2003-2004 we got Peter Crouch, Matthias Svensson and of course Darren Huckerby on loan. All were mid to late 20s and all contributed greatly to our success. I''d like to see more loan deals of this ilk, of course we have Mo Camara (who is likely to sign permanently?), but it would be great to get more potentially hidden gems on loan next season.
  10.     [quote user="Royal Anglian all the way"]delia and co wouldve been better selling earlier this season rather then now or later, as it is not a perfect time for a take over as any potential buyer will wait until we are relegated and force a cheap sale[/quote]or more likely not force a buy at all.
  11. I would be very sad if Huckerby left Norwich for another club - unless it was Salisbury - because he''s such a talented player and is Norwich to the bone. I know his pace is waining, but he still has the ability and the footballing brain, so I think there''s still more seasons left in him. I hope the board and especially Roeder persuades him to stay.
  12. [quote user="Graham Humphrey"][quote user="jas the barclay king"] all these threads about Muslims constitute Woeful Moderating imo.. how come some of the facist bilge gets through but i make a toungue in cheek joke about where the posh got the Joe Lewis money from and its moderated... jas :) [/quote] Because the moderators are useless... next question? [/quote]To be fair they stopped my bilge getting through. Which is a shame, because it was hilarious.
  13. [quote user="HUDDY "]This was mentioned by someone on 606, and i couldnt find it, cheers CJF, sounds promising. Has a decent track record, hopefully will be ebetter than Mr Strihavka, our last eastern european![/quote]No macca, our last eastern european was Borut Lovrenski the Polish handyman at Carrow Rd. Thanks to him our floors are sparkling.
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