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  1. I thought Tettey was unreal today. Breath of fresh air to the midfield, gives us composure and muscle alongside Johnson. He''s keeping Howson out. Snodgrass needs to be given a start soon again, I though Bennett should have stayed on and maybe take off Pilks. But thought Hughton did a good tactical job today. OTBC!
  2. Michael Owen...a fit Michael Owen is arguably the best striker England have besides Rooney. 1 on 1, 9/10 he will bury it. Composed, clever movement. I think Stoke have got themselves a great deal. I just hope he starts a few games and plays week in week out. Crouch n Owen has potential to be lethal. Would have loved him here. My boyhood hero along with talisman Grant Holt! It gets the mind pondering
  3. PL was clever, he created such a versitile squad that no teams could amticipate who would play and what formation. I hope CH takes this idea on board and uses the broadness of our squad to create an unpredictable team. Johnson for me isn''t quite their, I think putting Fox and Howson together makes sense. Calmness and capability on the ball as well as posing an attacking threat through Howson with Fox''s range of distribution. For me, Pilkington is one of our best players; but I think we need to keep mix and matching things up. Bennett''s pace could give Fabio a good run around. With the poor attacking threat we posed against Fulham, CH has no choice to go 4-4-2. Vaughan has to starts for me. I''d like to see...RuddyR.Martin.Bassong BennettGarridoFoxHowsonSnodgrassBennett/HoolahanVaughanHoltBench - Rudd, Turner, Tierney, Johnson, Surman, Pilkington, Morison
  4. RuddyR.Martin TurnerBennettTierneyJohnsonHowsonBennettSnodgrassHoltVaughan  1-2 City. (Bennett, Turner)
  5. Big fan of Chris Martin! Has a very versitile game, holds the ball up well, quick feet, pace and as Lambert has quoted, "Norwich City''s best finisher". So glad he wants to stay, hope he gets a chance. On the topic of people getting chances, I hope Simon Lappin gets a run out this season. He has been such a loyal character in the squad; obviously loyalty doesn''t match up to a starting position; but I think he offers us a cunning and distinct style of play when he''s on the left. Cracking delivery, think both lads deserve a fresh start,
  6. Because its true...Kaka believed it too. My footballing hero
  7. Apologies, as soon as I posted I saw the other thread. Its good to be linked with such prestigious players though, with him being younger; maybe wages wont be an issue till a few years when he has fully broken into the dutch national side. But £8M for us does seem a unrealistic amount. Will be interesting to see CH opinions on Anita if asked about him. He openly admitted his interest in Davies...
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJzL0HV8CDcJust had a look at this video of him. Ive heard of him before, but havent seen him play much. He seems a real attacking threat for a player who adopts a defensive midefield or left back roll. His electric pace seems a beckoning attribute to CH and Alan Pardew. Wonder if we''ll be tempted to spend big with the estimated fee around £8M. Obviously it would instantly give us cover in the position with Tierney. Football today seems to be alot about pace and flair, I wonder if he''ll do a job in the premier league.
  9. Davies is the obvious centre back choice.Bennett looks a good talent at left back, wonder if Rusty Martin will put a shift in there this season with Whittaker on the right? The good thing about our players is that they are all very versitile. Elliott Bennett played at right back and looked as comfortable as anyone. I agree, another striker is needed. I would however, like to see young Chrissy Martin given a shot at the top level. Ive always been an admirer of his style of play, Lambert did say he was the best finisher in the squad after all!
  10. Agreed. I focused upon his attacking threat he disposes. But, his passing and moving play must be appreciated aswell. Your right Chicken, we have Butterfield and Hoolahan; but I think an experienced man can only help out our squad. A free kick specialist, goals and assists combined. He looks a good aquisition....for a free transfer. Whoever picks him up will have gained a good player.
  11. Johnson had a great start here, he looked strong and I think PL used him very cleverly in terms of when playing teams who were going to bully us. It will be interesting to see whether CH adopts this approach, or uses his own ideas to overshadow teams. PL went for rotation and it worked wonders, it made us unpredictable and interesting to watch. Im excited to see how CH sets us up, but I think he will employ a defensive midfielder. Maybe Akos could give us a threat from those edge of the area positions?
  12. After already capturing Whittaker and Butterfield. CH looks set to add to his new arrivals to Carrow Road.Davies, Miyachi and this guy...http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/12691/7901933/Buzsaky-set-to-sign-for-new-clubhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAgbG8chaCsHe has a wonder shot behind that right foot. Could be a good addition
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