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  1. Pieman III

    Opinions on this shirt?

    It''s a really, really rare shirt.

    Totally legit, and bought by a guy who knows NCFC shirts as well as anyone.
  2. Pieman III

    Peter Crouch

    Apparently we were offered him on loan last season, but wouldn''t match his £70k week wages so that was that
  3. Pieman III

    Ivo Pinto

    Should be signing on the dotted line on Friday. Was in Norwich Audi today looking to lease an A4 (I kid you not).
  4. Ticket gone but coach still available
  5. Shout if you''re interested
  6. Hope it''s Lennon, so I get a return on the £85 I just staked on it
  7. [quote user="simmo_2"][quote user="Pieman III"]A handful of our fans, nearest the away fans, were just plain embarrassing today.[/quote] Tell me what you thought happened and I will reply with what actually took place.[/quote]

    It''s not what I thought happened, it''s what I saw and heard. Goading the away fans, shouting bring me a kebab, plenty of mayo. Nice. Made me really proud.
  8. A handful of our fans, nearest the away fans, were just plain embarrassing today.
  9. Pieman III

    HOLTS Non deal PROVED IT!

    £6 million? Try £600,000
  10. Pieman III

    Are players real people -

    If I could figure our how to copy a picture in here from the ipad I''d show you my excellent subbuteo cuff links from my wedding.
  11. Pieman III

    The Pink'un (ers)

    Chemical distributor extraordinaire
  12. Pieman III

    I wish we had sold Grant Holt

    [quote user="drurys testamonials V 15"]As I understand West Ham put in a bid which was accepted for about £3-4 million but McNally upped it by another couple of million when Holty was at Upton Park for the preliminaries and West Ham said ''no thanks''.[/quote]

    I heard the only bid we had was for £600k and we told them to bugger off.
  13. Played up front for jarrolds, high cross, amber athletic and dancing farmers. Used to be alright, 500 ish Sunday league goals all told. Getting old and fat has led to retirement now tho.
  14. Jackson is a terrible finisher, no composure at all.