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  1. Although Mcveigh wouldn''t have been my first choice, he did actually make a reasonable job of it last season. That tw@t Butler on the other hand.. can we make a petition to get rid?
  2. 4-4-2 Ruddy Martin Ayala Turner/Ward Tierny Bennett/Pilkington Howson Fox Snodgrass/Surman Holt Jackson/Vaughan 4-2-3-1 Ruddy Martin Ayala Turner/Ward Tierney Howson/Fox Johnson Pilkington Butterfield/Hoolahan Snodgrass Morison 4-1-2-1-2 Ruddy Martin Ayala Turner/Ward Tierny Howson/Fox Bennett Surman/Snodgrass Hoolahan/Butterfield Holt Jackson/Vaughan
  3. Wickham is still set to sign on loan! After the Holt news, maybe goodbye Steve Morison..?
  4. Ruddy Whittaker, Davies, Ayala, Tierney ,Howson Burke, ,Pilkington ,Hoolahan Wickham, Rhodes Subs: Butland, Bennett, Johnson, Surman, Fox, Jackson, Morison
  5. BW really? haha. Every unknown person on here is now linked as being BW. I know this doesn''t confirm anything but today it''s appeared on the Sky Sports Transfer Rumour site with a +121, just saying.
  6. And what is your logic on ''Loans Ruining Football''?
  7. Sturridge single handedly saved Bolton from relegation. Welbeck was awesome for Sunderland as was Wilshere at Bolton and Frimpong done sweet FA at Wolves before he was injured anyway. Could you possibly write any more cr*p.
  8. Before last Season Kyle Naughton was on loan at Leicester in the Championship. Remind me where we finished in the league and where Leicester finished again?
  9. Well if we only sign players on that notion we will struggle. I doubt many teams who finished above us are looking to sell there starting 11 to Norwich.
  10. AKA this post is complete bull***t but you thought it''d be funny because you''re 12. Grow up. If it was true you''d do it on your main account and admit you were wrong if (which it will) it doesn''t come true. Ok we''ll just wait and see. I''ve seen all the abuse the rumour mongers get on here, personally i didn''t fancy it.
  11. Yes being an Ipswich fan I love linking players that we were hoping to sign ourselves with Norwich. Get real. You wouldn''t see me dead in an Ipswich shirt.
  12. It really isn''t rocket science friend. Steve Bruce signed Wickham for 8 million pounds. Bruce was sacked, O''neil came in. O''neil has his own plans and Wickham isn''t part of that next season. Which brings you back to the 8 miilion and why Sunderland want to loan him out.
  13. Hilarious And just to point it out Heskey has already been released by Villa.
  14. Seems odd that we would loan a player from a team who finished below us... 3 things.. Steve Bruce Martin O''neil 8 million pounds
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