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  1. Very much welcome him to our club. Surely this shows that we are to be taken seriously if we can get some of the best coaches in the country to want to come here. (if true)   A step forward is very much a step welcomed.
  2. well i agree that i would rather see us maintain premier league status. but like bethnal says, the live for the moment must be sooo tempting for clubs to sell their club and spend millions on some instant silverware. Im sure Man City fans are loving the fact they are champions at the moment and dont really care that one day it will all come to an end. Thanks for who ever answered. I was just interested on what people would say and how they would react if suddenly a billionare was interested in buying Delia out.
  3. In a fantasy world where this could be possible. Would you rather; Keeping our squad as it stands now, obeying to our club ethics of ''living within our means'' and ultimately facing relegation. (BY NO MEANS AM I SAYING THIS WILL HAPPEN. THIS SEASON OR EVER!) orTaken over by a billionaire foreign owner who completely strips our squad. Buys in players like Tevez, spending excessive amounts on wages. Upgrades our stadium within months of ownership with a plan to move our club nearby to a new build stadium with a capacity of 100,000. We are expected to challenge for title and guarenteed champions league football year on year.
  4. [quote user="Shack Attack"]Good. I might actually watch it if we are taking the tournament seriously. Beckham effectively retired from top level football when he moved to the US and that was a few years ago. [/quote]   true.. glad becks didnt get the call. Doesn''t deserve it at all. Glad for Richards though. May get his time to shine in an international platform
  5. http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2012/jun/28/david-beckham-london-2012-football?newsfeed=true 
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