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  1. Arsenal to win please. Good luck all.For some reason I''ve forgot to do my nap recently. [:(] [:$]
  2. [quote user="AJ"]I haven''t watched Messi enough to comment, but Mata and Silver can absolutely use both feet.[/quote]no
  3. [quote user="AJ"]Definitely right footed, but all Prem footballers should really be both footed at this level![/quote]Not necessarily mate.Messi, Silva, Mata, etc are all very one footed, yet are sensational players.
  4. [quote user="Yellows"]ST for 15 years. Yesss you lose again lol.[/quote]Haha I''ve only just turned 19 though. [:(]
  5. [quote user="Yellows"]Bit of a clue in that he always uses his right foot. Although I see how you don''t get the same appreciation by listening on the radio. ;)[/quote]Fine I will bite.ST holder for like 10+ yearsSomething like 60 away games in the past 4/5 years.[;)]
  6. [quote user="Yellows"]LOL. Right...[/quote]Sure he is left. Absolutely sure. In a lil argument and I hate being wrong. [:''(]
  7. Good luck all and Clyde. Sorry (again) for being late, I really need to stop doing this! :( Norwich to win please. Best of lick
  8. [quote user="I am a Banana"]Or you could sell your train tickets...[:^)][/quote]No i wanna go!
  9. Basically, me and my bro have booked train tickets for QPR, although we sort of forgot to apply for match tickets, assuming they wouldn''t sell out.Turns out, we only have the upper tier, not the whole stand like last year. Which is a huge bummer if you ask me.So basically, is anyone selling or know of anyone who has any spare QPR match tickets.Don''t really mind if they are near each other or not, but I need 2 tickets!!!Alternatively, there is always space in other areas of the ground *ahem*.Just thought I''d ask.Thanks in advance for any help. OTBC.
  10. [quote user="ron obvious"]You do know Johnson was suspended?[/quote]Yes (no) [;)]
  11. I didn''t really understand Hughton''s thinking. He wanted to be more physical with R.Bennett in for Garrido?Then why bring in Howson for Johnson?If leaving Garrido out was tactical, I am lost for words. At least have him on the bench over Tierney. Anyway - so Bennett at RB and Martin at LB was just horrendous, Jarvis kept getting beyond him, and neither of today''s full backs could attack because they didn''t know how to! They were playing out of position(?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!), added to that Pilkington was not having a good game at all and not helping at the back.Just so frustrating how poorly we played.And Clattenburg... oh my.
  12. Sports Desk Pete deleted my post. I can see why many people have stopped posting on here now, you aren''t allowed to speak the truth.Ah well, Morro will be off in January and hopefully we can get someone in who actually cares about Norwich.
  13. [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"]With players like Belhanda, Amrabat, Assaidi and Labyad Morocco aren''t short of creative midfielders and none of them are as much trouble as Taarabt.[/quote]and Mbark Boussoufa! Although I do agree that Taarabt probably should play.Also Diakite and M''Bia (two of QPR best players, if that''s possible!) might be going too?And Traore?Haha, quite a few then.
  14. If calling Welsh sheep Sh*ggers is racist, then surely calling us ibred is too?It''s discrimination based on location, right? Pot kettle black, my friend.
  15. Picks look great Graham. Apologies for being late, but Malaga for me please Nutty.I have a good feeling about this week. [:)]
  16. [quote user="Brighton Yellow"]Erm Sunday 28 November 2010 anyone??[/quote]
  17. Brilliant, cheers Nige!Really appreciate all the work you do for it! I agree, very unlucky this week. Celtic are just stupid this season, lose at home to Kilmarnock (or someone?!) and draw with Arbroath, then beat Barca! Silly but nothing we could have done. You win some you lose some... [:)]
  18. Nutty pal, do we have a league table of PUPs success rates? Mine will be absolutely shocking I know. :(
  19. [quote user="Bogbrush177"]Reel ''em in Brendo, reel ''em in ![/quote] [;)]Sorry guys was bored on my lunch hour. Good to see some of you still getting wound up though haha. In all seriousness, it''s a good time to be a Norwich fan, eh? [:)]
  20. Hughton out? I know we are unbeaten in 6 but there have been lots of draws in there and I just feel playing 1 up front is way too negative. Thoughts?
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