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  1. I remember driving down to that game on New Years Day 1986 too, after the mini bus I was meant to be going in with a group of friends refused to start. It was freezing cold and a dreadful game and then right at the death a long cross into their box, Dave Watson (I think) beat the keeper to the ball and headed it back across the goal where Kevin Drinkell looped a header into the empty net, right in front of us. Cue massive celebrations on the terraces and it made the journey back a good one.
  2. I had the misfortune of going to the game yesterday as a guest of a supplier I work with. I can honestly say i was the worst game of football I have ever seen. Absolutely nothing happened in 90 minutes and the atmosphere was like sitting in a library. I spent most of it try to count the number of empty seats in the stadium in an effort to stay awake. On top of that the smell coming from the gents toilets in the Cobbold stand could have come straight from the pits of hell and the sausage roll I had at half time was completely inedible. No wonder the queue for drinks and food had about 5 people in it. If nothing else it made me be realise how lucky I am to watch our exciting brand of football in a full stadium with a decent atmosphere. OTBC!
  3. Some great finishes there. Always loved the way how him and Wes always seemed to be on the same wavelength.
  4. Oh dear. http://www.101greatgoals.com/gvideos/celta-vigo-striker-joaquin-larrivey-booked-worst-dive-eibar-gif/
  5. The Norfolk Wildlife Trust are always on the look out for volunteers to work on their sites around Norfolk. I''ve done some volunteering with a group from my place of work at Hickling and New Buckenham Common. These days are hard work, but rewarding and make a refreshing changes from sitting in an office all day. Have a look here: https://www.norfolkwildlifetrust.org.uk/support-us/volunteering
  6. Good thread LDC and thanks to the others who have contributed. I ended up taking the train down from my holiday in the Lake District. Nice early start catching the 6:44 from Windermere and a couple of changes before connecting with the train from Preston to London. Had a chat with another City fan on the train and shared a joke or two with some friendly ''Boro fans. I got to Wembley and tried to meet up with some mates in one of the pubs allocated to us, but they were all full to bursting and I decided to soak up the atmosphere on Wembley way instead. I met up with my Brother, nephew and niece as we had seats together in block 509. The first 20 minutes of the match could not have really gone any better for us and I was immensely proud of the way the team were playing. I expected the second half to drag, but it seemed to fly by and when Mike Dean booked Vossen for diving I was confident that it was going to be our day. I stayed for most of the celebrations, but then had to get back to London Euston for the last train home. I had booked first class and had most of the carriage to myself. I missed having other City fans to share the experinces of the day with, but at the same time it was lovely to savour the journey home as we passed endless fields of yellow and green as I drank a couple of beers. My best day out in over 40 years of supporting the Canaries. OTBC!
  7. [quote user="morty"]Lol, you may regret this... [/quote] Lake District Canary? PS. I''m nothing like my avatar
  8. I''m holidaying in the Lake District next week (how about that for bad planning) and am driving down to Wembley for the match early on Monday morning. If any canary fans in the area are in need of a lift then I have plenty of space in the car. PM me if interested
  9. Register with Just Park. I''m parking in Wembley on someone''s drive for £15 and have used the same location before. Safe as houses.
  10. Perhaps the manager should have picked himself to play centre midfield as then we would at least have had one player with a modicum of communications skills on the pitch. I cannot remember a more inept display by our centre back and centre midfield pairings at this level of football before.
  11. When Portsmouth went into administration their fans organised a collection to pay off the debt that the club owed to St Johns Ambulance. Anyone know if the binners did the same?
  12. Easy solution to your problem, Baldyboy. Buy some shares and become a shareholder yourself. That way you will be able to attend future AGMs and put your questions to the board rather than expecting others to ask them for you.
  13. Good fans, good team. Best team we have played by some distance and Callum Wilson looked a handful.
  14. Totally different scenarios. We appointed a manager who had been in and around the club for years. Who totally bought into the ethos of the club and who had been successful at youth level with players he has helped develop and is now managing. In contrast Leeds appointed a man with no connection to their club and who''s only previous managerial experience was with non league Forest Green.
  15. That was only ever going to end one way. Ridiculous decision by the owner to appoint an untested manager at Championship level in the first place. He stood no chance with their notoriously impatient fan base.
  16. Norwich 0 Portsmouth 0, 1966/67. Memorable for being our first home game after the World Cup win, which, come to think of it, is probably why my Dad took me. Sat on the fence at the front in The Barclay and was nearly hit by the ball. Ducked and it smacked some poor lad in the face behind me.
  17. Yet another cheap shot at our majority shareholder from a couple of posters who wouldn''t dare say the same thing to her face to face. Far easier to be a keyboard warrior. I don''t agree with every decision Delia has made, but how many other owners would be as open with the supporters and admit to mistakes being made as her?
  18. Blimey. Haven''t heard that for about 40 years. Thanks for posting. Brought back some good memories.
  19. If it was going to be Adams I think he would have been appointed by now. I think the reason it''s taking longer than expected is because the board understand the importance of getting the right man in to lead the club. Still hoping for Mackay or Lennon with Adams as assistant.
  20. Wiz wants Garcia too. Or at least he did at the beginning of the week.
  21. I agree splutcho. Should have saved the first, no chance with the second. Decent game so far. Hoping Preston can come back from 2-1 down.
  22. Wiz, A few weeks ago you wanted Adams to get the job. Then you changed this to him getting the first 10 games of next season. And now this. And yet you still wonder why you get stick on here? Sorry mate, I just don''t get it.
  23. I think Oscar Garcia is a good shout, Wiz. Certainly well schooled in playing attractive football from his time at Barcelona and should have good contacts in the game. With Adams as assistant or at least involved in the coaching it could be the dream team. Only concern is that he has resigned from his last two jobs after one season, so would he offer the stability we need?
  24. So then, Wiz: Who do you want as manager and why? I''m genuinely interested to hear your opinion on this.
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