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  1. I seriously an genuinely believe that we are going to LOSE this weekend! No joke.
  2. I think this is a very unusual situation. Is it a first in NCFC history? I totally applaud it, even though I wasn''t at the match. I see it as a sign that desperate times call for desperate measures. We''d better win the next match. Seriously, what do you think makes us so poor away from home when we are actually pretty decent at Carrow Road?
  3. Here is my positive statement: Fulham and Cardiff are dead and buried. Sunderland are in a worse situation than we are.
  4. I think football is a game of emotion and passion. If you need to boo to get your point across to the team, then by all means start booing. Just because a team win a match doesn''t mean they have pleased the supporters. There''s more to it than just the result. Isn''t it also about excitement, hard-work, skill etc???
  5. Don''t worry, we never get back-to-back wins, so I''m going for lose this time and win the next one. Hope I''m wrong though.
  6. We got thrashed, that is a fact. But we''re still averaging 1 point per game, so not bad, but slightly worse than last season. It''s frustrating and disappointing to see your team collapse like that, knowing that it was even worse than the Cardiff game :-( This makes Stoke an absolute must-win game. Hughton needs to work his Houdini magic.
  7. WE did, but Hughton didn''t, if you see what I mean?
  8. As has been pointed out on this message board before: (1) Hughton wins games when he REALLY REALLY needs to. (2) Norwich play better against good teams than against bad ones. So I''m betting we just scrape 17th place!
  9. Vince Lombardi once said the following: "Coaches who can outline plays on a black board are a dime a dozen. The ones who win get inside their player and motivate." I think our team are lacking in motivation.
  10. I hardly ever post on this forum, but today I am making an exception because that article by Steve Downes made me PUKE.
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