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  1. No luck I''m afraid. Tried Asda today and also searched online. Got some coming from a friend of a friend when they visit Croatia next month tho. The quest for beer has not been a failure tho as I''ve discovered some pretty good beers. In particular the Russian Baltika 7 and a couple of random german beers I''d not had before. I''ve also discovered that Greek and Ukrainian beer is pretty nasty!I will be doing the beer quest again for the world cup but at least we will have a bit longer to plan that and hunt down the more obscure beers. Not like this time when we drunkenly decided to do it on the tournaments opening night!
  2. I''m heading to Dublin on holiday next month. While we''re there we''re going to watch Shamrock Rovers play. I let you know if they have anyone worth signing!
  3. Went to the beer warehouse today. For anyone who likes a beer or two it''s seriously worth a trip! Good info Wings of a sparrow.Still got Croatian beer to find but 15 of the 16 isn''t bad so far. I''d say ''Mythos'' the Greek beer is the worst. Baltica the Russian beer the tastiest.
  4. No. Unless he pays us £80,000 a week for the privilege of playing here. He''s pretty clever tho he uses the controvery around him to distract people from the fact that  he''s a very average league one player at best.
  5. A good beer is never too far away! Looks great. May be worth checking out. Chears for the info.
  6. We are trying to drink beer from the country of which ever countries are playing.Most are easy and the fridge is now pretty well stocked but there are a few we''re struggling with. Can anyone recommend any Croatian, Portugese, Russian, Sweedish or Ukranian beers? More importantly where in Norwich I can get them. I know there''s a pretty good offy down Dereham road I''m checking out tomorrow. Any other places?
  7. I''m expecting that Culverhouse will definitely end up at Villa. However I''d like to think he was much less willing to screw us over than Lambert and will therefore go only when compensation is agreed fairly. I don''t know what kind of contracts him and Karsa are/were on but I seem to remember them getting improved deals along with Lambert? Even if we don''t get any compensation for Lambert perhaps we can use negotiations for Cully and Karsa to set a transfer embargo on Villa?
  8. My guess is that Alan Brazil made it up after seeing what happened with the bets closing. It would be a good appointment if true. Altho I wasn''t aware he''d be spotted in ASDA yet so it can''t be....The club are alot more secretive these days and rightly so. I doubt anything will be confirmed one way or the other until the new manager has signed his contract and compensation with his old club is agreed.
  9. I don''t care where our manager comes from as long as he''s successful. I''d say he needs to speak English tho. So that rules Cappello out!
  10. Would be a great appointment but I can see him getting a much better offer than us after just winning the champions League. For a start he''s still in the runing for the Chelsea job and they could take weeks to decide if they want him or not. I''m not sure I can wait too much longer. We need to get someone in quick before players and fans start to get restless. Bring some stability back to the club.
  11. Hopefully Malky''s being honest. I don''t want to see him back here. It could go badly wrong like with Gunn and after all he did for the club I don''t want to be booing him in 6 months time. No ex players please!
  12. I doubt it will happen as he''s overage but it would have been good to see Ruddy get a call up as he missed the Euros!Bellamy may be a nutter off the pitch but he''s always 100% committed on it. Good call up.
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