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  1. I have fond memories of my year or so in Italy. That said, Parma must have been at the communion wine before posting - I really can''t share his optimism. While Nero, otherwise known as Hughton, fiddled while NCFC burned, the board stood around holding their d icks. Nothing will change until both the management and the structure change. As it stands, I''d rather Purple, Parma and Ricardo be given a crack at managing the team.
  2. The next Walker? Well, he''s going to walk; that much is a given.
  3. LDC, it is perfectly acceptable for a fan to not renew his or her season ticket should he or she not agree with the direction in which the club is heading. It''s one of the few legitimate ways of protesting. We see your mentality at work at election time where voters bitch and moan about the state of affairs yet still vote for one of the three main parties. Time after time. Doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results is THE definition of madness. The OP has just found his sanity.
  4. We''ll be lucky if we are not relegated to league 1. Just what have the board done since Lambert left to inspire confidence? Sweet Fanny Adams. (Who is our new manager, no less).
  5. I like to think of football as a microcosm of our own "greed is good" society, where all the money rises to the top like cream.Today we live in a plutocrasy. We have a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. All the concessions to the middle and working classes won after both world wars are gradually being unwound and we are returning to a pre-WWI state where the likes of the Rothschilds pulled the strings in government.And so it is with football now severed from its working-class roots and now the hoi-polloi have to pay good money to see their teams play. Oddly enough, that upper middle-class sport rugby union is more egalitarian these days.Still, at least with football we have a choice. If you don''t approve of the wages or of how teams are now run, vote with your feet. Cancel your season tickets. Don''t buy merchandise. Cancel your contract with Sky. Find a new hobby.
  6. [quote user="Simple Jack"]Interesting comments about "let another fan see Premier League football". And there''s the rub. Some people are rather more interested in seeing Manyoo and Liverpool than supporting Norwich City. You could turn this round to say if you''re only interested in seeing Rooney and Suarez why don''t you treat yourself to the full experience and join the Japanese tourists at Old Trafford and Anfield. If you support Norwich City, the opposition should be pretty irrelevant.[/quote]Two points:Firstly, what is wrong about going to watch Manchester United, Liverpool or anyone else for that matter, play football? It''s a matter of personal choice. We at NCFC should be welcoming new fans with open arms as it fills the stadium and helps pay the bills. I for one don''t understand this pi55ing contest mentality of some of our supporters - I''m more of a supporter than you yada yada yada.Secondly, the only reason Japanese fans go to Anfield or Old Trafford is becasue they haven''t heard of NCFC or the other less famous teams. If NCFC courted the J-league for players and promoted itself among Japanese footballing fans, I dare say Carrow Road might one day ring with cheers of "Ganbare Noruuichi!"
  7. [quote user="Kangaroo Court"]It says a lot for the mentality of some fans that they''re even asking the question. Do we want to be a first rate or a second rate club? Clearly a lot of fans would prefer to support an entertainingly second rate club rather than a solid first rate club. If that''s the case then why not go and support another club and let another fan take your seat who wants Premier League football?[/quote]Exactly. Utter morons.King''s Lynn Town FC is calling. The Walks is just off Tennyson Avenue. You can take Chris Hughton while you''re at it.
  8. @Cartman. Pretty sure one of the reasons Lambert left was that he felt NCFC had hit the ceiling. If one''s interest in NCFC is purely financial, I think this season is the time to bail out. After all, releasing Hughton and recruiting a new manager requires investment with no guarantees of premier league football - not a good return on an investment. Time will tell if we have Fagin and the Artful Dodger at the helm. I wouldn''t be at all surprised
  9. You see, why should the fate of the manager depend on the results of any single match? It shouldn''t. The manager should have clear performance targets (in points) to meet throughout the season - check-points at which the performances up to that time are evaluated. I agree that there is no one match which has "broken the camel''s back" so to speak. Nevertheless, if we consider results collectively, it is quite easy to make a case for Hughton''s dismissal. I would hate to think that the board are using NCFC exclusively for their own personal enrichment, and once the club has been asset stripped on relegation, they will swan off to some tax haven. I can''t think of any other reason for Hughton''s continuing employment other than that the board simply don''t care.
  10. "He''ll start Snoddy in a neck brace on Saturday if it means he doesn''t need to make a change... afterall, who would take all the freekicks and corners?" Don''t forget the penalties, of course.
  11. Last season Hughton kept us in the Premiership, so I thought he had earned the chance to have another go in the ''13-''14 season. But we''ve been pants ever since pre-season. New faces, but no improvement. If we don''t go down with Hughton at the helm, it will be pure fluke.
  12. Actually, I''d like to see Chris Hughton stay on at NCFC in some capacity. Maybe a position as janitor would suit him?
  13. "Summarily dismissed - ridiculous comment. As is much of the rest of your post. Still I note that you have a handful of posts in 18 months yet you decide to come out to play in the middle of the night with a number of posts. So a second or third account suddenly revived. Whose alias are you pyjamas. In time honoured tradition - BINNER" Here we go again. Yet another twit from the "I disagree with you so you must be an Ipswich fan" school of plonkers. I want a manager with killer instinct, not someone who talks like he belongs at a line dancing convention. I''ve seen Morris dancers with bigger cojones. Hughton''s feeble leadership has, among other things, seen cocky Robert put the ass in Snodgrass, and yet when a player shows some initiative, the happy-clappy faithful put the boots into him. Go figure. Oh, and Champ, I''ll post when I feel like it.
  14. Hi, Crabby. Where there are any grey areas, I say let the referee decide the outcome. If a Norwich player took advantage of the situation by diving and the referee allowed it, so be it. If the opposition also dive, then I can accept that, too.
  15. "Well done. Well debated. Good use of big words, by the way." Thank you, Morty. I''m glad you understand why Hughton cuts a controversial figure.
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