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  1. Correct! And you wouldn''t get me playing £20 for a third round cup match either. Can''t say I''m too fussed over the result I''m more concerned how Lambert plans to play without Benteke in the league for a month or so
  2. He was useless against Villa so why people booed when he was taken off was beyond me
  3. If my auntie had bollocks, she''d be a lady boy
  4. You can''t say ''if the penalty went in things wouldn''t been different''. Surely the fact it was never a penalty in a million years was more important
  5. Yes. 26 without a clean sheet. If there''s one thing Lambert can''t do it''s sort out a defence. I''m still 50/50 on whether he''s the man for the job. O''Neill was good at getting players to play out of this skin too, but tactically he was incredibly limited and I fear Lambert''s in the same camp We''ll see PS. RVW
  6. Why on earth would anyone want to sack him? He''s only been in the job 5 minutes and you''re still in the PL It wasn''t long ago that people on here were claiming he was a far better manager than Lambert, and signed better players Give the bloke a chance
  7. To be fair. It felt comfortable. The first game in years where I''ve not felt letting a goal in was inevitable
  8. I very much doubt this bloke is a Villa supporter. No Villa fan would be gloating over beating Norwich (with due respect) We won. Deserved to but it wasn''t a landslide or down to any genius on our part. The ref even gave you a ridiculous penalty so the gods weren''t making it easy for us
  9. You attacked? The half time stat was one shot on target. And that''s was that phantom penalty
  10. I''m far from excited believe me
  11. Me! Seriously, we''re so out of form since the Chelski loss I''m amazed we''ve turned you over today. Especially without Lowton & Westwood. Will be interesting to see how we fair without the big man for a few weeks. Time for Kojak to stake his claim and for Lambert to kick Weimann up the backside UTV
  12. [quote user="Nicko"]I''d expect a million for the guy. I''d rather have kept him. Don''t see what he''s gonna gain from being under Guzan and Given rather than Ruddy and Bunn. We have a better GK coach as well. Ah well, his loss.[/quote] Given isn''t even in our 25 man squad. Steer is our number two now
  13. Newcastle to finish 8th?. What fucking idiot came up with that nonsense?. They''ll be lucky to stay up
  14. [quote user="The New Boy"][quote user="AJ"]In a word yes, if a player is good enough to attract the interest of a bigger club they will eventually be sold. That''s just common sense It happens to almost every club on the planet. [/quote]Your club achieved three successive top 6 finishes, and then auctioned off the team. I''ve seen Villa fans talking about giving Lambert a ten year contract..... I can tell you that the minute that Lerner orders the sale of a Benteke or a Westwood he is gone. [/quote] Correct. When Man Utd, Man City and Liverpool come in for your better players, and more importantly when they come in with BIG money players will be sold. I''ve got absolutely no problem with that either. If a bigger club had come in for Benteke this summer and had been willing to pay the price I''m sure he''d have been sold to. Everyone has a price In fact I''m reliably informed Lambert had already got his replacement lined up if Benteke had left That''s football
  15. In a word yes, if a player is good enough to attract the interest of a bigger club they will eventually be sold. That''s just common sense It happens to almost every club on the planet. There is a chain of command as everyone knows I have to disagree completely about Given too. Guzan made far more mistakes the previous season in cup games than Given did last season. It didn''t do him any harm. In fact stat wise I think he was ranked #1 on almost every facet by opta last season
  16. The logic says unless they''re an exceptional talent or on really low wages, signing an older player makes little sense Under O''Neill and before that we signed so many with no resale value it was ridiculous. John Gregory specialised at it Given is a great keeper, and I visualised him seeing out his contract and doing a Friedel. But then none of us saw Guzan coming on so strong since he resigned. Then you find yourselves with a second choice keeper on 60k or whatever a week. Bonkers business sense so he''s got to move on
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