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  1. [quote user="Give Peas a Chance "]There''s making a point about not liking Lambert because of what he''s done and then there is bringing a very ill man into the argument. It just doesn''t sit right with me. Anyone who has lost a relative through this disease will surely agree with me here.[/quote] my dad 18 months ago right on top of xmas, dont think tapping up anyone was very near the top of his list, its very distasteful.
  2. [quote user="Give Peas a Chance "]Sure Yellow Lorry, but I think its a bit in bad taste and shows the lengths people will go to to prove a point because they''re bitter... There''s no evidence at all this happened and if i''m completely honest this is left me questioning the sanity of a small proportion of our fan base given the subject matter here.[/quote] you really should listen to this advice as this is touching on a really sensitive subject and to imply what is being implied is downright wrong, no need to go down this road lads its a nasty life claiming killer that effects millions each year,
  3. family and kids at home worried sick getting treatment to fight leukaemia lying in a hospital bed thinking shall i tap up PL while im having these tests, i think not aye
  4. most Villa fans understand your feelings and agree with them, they would feel the same you will always get the odd gobby pratt, but most clubs have them, just ignore them and they will soon get fed up.
  5. i know how you feel, i would feel the same had the roles been reversed, football clubs operating in underhanded ways will never stop, because the governing bodies are as corrupt as hell, me and you are just football fans and we will always be just that, the powers that be will just keep robbing and taking the money while we can do very,very little about it, the saving grace is they are OUR clubs and hopefully still will be long after these parasites have gone, if it is any consolation i am sorry we have take/poached your manager, but just like you im a supporter with no say.
  6. shoot Pol Pot twice, orientals and football clubs dont go, just ask fans of Birmingham City
  7. [quote user="Firedawg"]Yeah, you just roll over and let them ''rip the piss'' ! Not sure it was particularly ''volatile'' either.[/quote] you should have just walked away from the silly pair of pratts then,
  8. [quote user="Kidderminster Canary"]Spare a thought for us Midlands exiles surrounded by Villa supporters Just passed a couple of lads in villa shirts, asked them what they thought and they were full of bull saying lambert is now at a giant of a club, and that Holt will be next, when I pointed out that they only just survived this year they laughed and said with Lambert they will finish top 8 next season and champoins league the year after, my reply was Lambert will be long gone by then, Its going to get worse.[/quote] sounds like your 2 villa fans where around the 12 mark, adults would not come out with crap like that, why did you involve your self with 2 such volatile people, and then proceed to taunt them with your closing comments, maybe there were 3, 12 year olds present.
  9. [quote user="yellowngreen"]They make you laugh, still think they are a top club Talking about winning trophy''s and champions league, Lambert may be good manager but the only way to get in the champions league is to have lots and lots and lots of money and villa haven''t got any. As for cup comps Lamberts record isn''t great is it Position prediction 8th at best[/quote] what derives a big club,, the only big club in the present climate are man utd, they have achieved on a consistent basis on a regular basis, man city,chelsea may be given time, in my opinion your only as good as your last season. Villa have the potential to be a big club, but not under this owner, as for having or not having money you and i dont and will not know whats available, the club sold to make wage savings good business in any ones books, they have now got the wage bill under control and are operating within their means, oneil left because he was not going to be given more money to spend, he had spent enough ands was still playing players out of position, even with fit players in those positions being left on the bench, he was told to sell to buy, i do not expect miracles under lambert, but i do know we will play football again and not the rubbish played under mecliesh, a top half finish will do me next season, the cups are bonus for most clubs, also remember the views of a few are not the views of the majority, all the best
  10. this mob will be lucky to get past the group stages, awful football, better teams will put them to the sword,
  11. think using a player suffering from cancer is a pretty low to use as cover for an interview, you and i both know this was NOT the case
  12. if this is/was true then the premier league should rightfully investigate it, if its just a rumour looking to start a frenzy then you should be ashamed of your self.
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