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  1. [quote user="Smudger"][quote user="Webbo118"]

    [quote user="Shyster"]1,139  [:O][:P]Very poor attendance for a town the size of Lowestoft in a match that see''s them into their highest position ever in the football pyramid.Wroxham got 200 more than that in their Vase Semi-Final against Whitehawk the other week.Lowestoft supporters will have to do much better attendance wise if they''re serious about their club going any further than the Isthmian League.[/quote]

    I think you need a reality check. Wroxham average less than 100 per home game whilst Lowestoft top (by some distance) the attendance table in their league at 658. In fact, they get more than practically every Club in the League they have been promoted to so your statement just doesn''t make sense.

    [/quote]Well said Webbo... [Y]You are spot on - Lowestoft get far bigger corwds than Kings Lynn were getting despite playing about 3 levels lower than them.Lowestoft have averaged crowds of approx 800+ for the last couple of years or so and regualarly get 1,000+ with a few capacity crowds of 1,500 or so (usually in cup games when City aren''t playing at home which kind of dispels the binner myths).I went to a Lowestoft away game on a Thursday night recently at Tilbury... I think the crowd was 97 with more than 60 of those being from Lowestoft.  That kind of puts in to perspective the foolish comments from the guy above as Lowestoft are one of the best supported clubs outside of the Blue Square Confernce Premier.[/quote]

    That simply isn''t true. The average gates KL were getting topped the 698 or whatever average Lowestoft get and they only get 1,000 plus for big cup games and games like Saturday.

    I play at the same level as Lowestoft in a different division, and there is some good stuff played.

    Well done ''toft.

  2. We don''t need a scapegoat, we''re pretty much certain for promotion and the squad deserves a pat on the back for that.

    All it is is an opinion, and one a lot of people agree with. I personally think Lappin is treading water at the moment - this does not mean I''m looking for a scapegoat!

  3. Surely it''s time to stop using the excuse of ''the fans don''t deserve this'' and let them face the reality of the situation they are in.

    To be in the Premiership, the most lucrative divison in the world and still be in this much trouble is a joke and takes mis-management to a whole new level. Disgrace.

  4. Before you all kill me, I have no doubt we will gain promotion and am 99% sure we will go up as champions. That being said, I really have a bad feeling about this weekend''s game, does anyone else?

    I''d be more than happy for someone to pull this post back out at 5pm Saturday and prove me worng!!
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