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  1. Thanks for your reply Feedthewolf. I am sure there are many possible explanations and defenses for zonal marking systems however I suppose I would rather see our undersize defense have a go one on one for a bit because at the moment they are simply spectators far too often in the box.
  2. After another frankly depressing and sadly predictable result I wonder if a question or two might be appropriate. I would be the first to admit that nobody here is equipped to coach a professional football team or for that matter financially manage one. And even if it is possible to claim that the preparation for life in the premier league was woeful inadequate we can't claim to know what could not should have been done better. However I do feel equipped to ask for an explanation of the totally inept and embarrassing zonal marking system employed by the team. Perhaps it works elsewhere, in a different league with different personnel to play it but that is not the case here. To watch set pieces against the team week after week is absolutely painful. Several times today we were treated to the spectacle of city defensive players grouped in two's and threes keeping a tidy little zone pristine and action free, while the massed hordes of the opposition roar into the area passed most of those defensive players who are on the back foot immediately. Surely there is ample evidence by now that this is a strategy doomed to continual failure and that at least a couple of minutes here and there dedicated to good old fashion man marking might be appropriate. So a polite and genuinely respectful question to Mr. Farke. Why are you still playing it?
  3. Young team who have never seen the Premier League. Anfield and the European Champions. Huge, loud crowd, most of the soccer world watching equals - major nerves which are surely understandable and four goals (only three of which were true quality. But then a second half where footholds were secured, heads cleared, and nerves somewhat controlled. Well beaten, yes, but I've seen enough to know Norwich will get their share of the points this season. Looking forward to an opening game against the best of the Premier League in 2020.
  4. Pukki to the number 10 spot and Rhodes to lead the line?
  5. Exactly when did we transition from a game of football where you happily played your best eleven, to a weekly clash of managerial would be cerebral giants who feel obligated to endlessly strategise the entire ninety minutes as though it were an immensely complicated chess game ending up at a place where it is doubtful even the ball boys and girls know what is expected of them. Where''s Dave Stringer when you need him.
  6. [quote user="City1st"]Not since the cook made off with all the money.[/quote] Huzzah!
  7. Speaking of "offering nothing positive", your comments would appear to do just that, as well as being completely unnecessary.
  8. [quote user="im spartacus"]I''m sure lowestoft town will give him a game when he gets better! Another pointless signing .[/quote] Delightful.
  9. I remember bicycling to school with my friends arguing the relative merits of Tommy Bryceland and Jimmy Hill. He was a wizard. Ahh, to have those times again.
  10. [quote user="CDMullins"]Person breaking the law gets rewarded with a World Cup medal, yeah really heart warming[/quote] Wow!
  11. Calm, experienced pro with skills. A very valuable asset in some capacity this season.[quote user="Monty13"]No way O''Neil isn''t in Alex Neil''s plans, we could have released him, instead we gave him a new contract. He''s also looked decent in pre-season and a very capable back up. After years of being returned to the Championship by promoted teams he is probably happy to sit on the bench and do his bit when he gets the chance. Seems a great pro to me, and a good experienced head to have about.[/quote]
  12. Removing the bait gently, now bending the hook straight....there that''s better. Now what were you saying young Master Brown? Right, nothing at all. ...Tedious.[quote user="morty"]Hook----->baited.[/quote]
  13. My first memory of Norwich City and Carrow road is standing under the old clock on a drizzly day with my father and my uncles. The first sound I remember was not cheering, singing or general encouragement but the droning bray of moaning from a few superb practitioners of the art standing behind us. Even as a very small boy I realized that moaning was and still remains as essential a part of supporting a football team as roaring encouragement and positivity. Wouldn''t it be lovely to see those folks out there on the pitch, taking practice, negotiating transfers and general business or standing on the touchline issuing instructions on match days. Alex Neil must smile in wonder because......well it does make you giggle doesn''t it?[:D]
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