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  1. Agree UpperBarclay. Cant help but think if McNally lined up Jose Mourinho it would be a no go if Delia didn''t want him. She''s been a lot of the problem over the years imo.
  2. I take take that point, but he has enough experience within football and management to recognise that a like for like substitution when 2-0 down is going to do nothing. Especially a like for like substitution where the player he takes off is the most influential player on the pitch or most looks like scoring.
  3. Like many i have stuck with the manager for as long as possible, and it is not a case of jumping on the bandwagon, but how long can this go on for? The signs are so obvious that nothing will change about Chris Hughton and his approach to football matches. Our poor league position does not lie. I just cannot understand how it can take the man 15/20 minutes to make a like for like substitution in a match we are losing. A Sunday league manager could make a better decision than that. And its not just one time, it is every single time. Somebody please explain to me how somebody can be so blinded with so much managerial experience to do that. He really is showing similarities to worthingtons crack at the premier league. Defend for 90 mins against the bigger'' teams AND ''smaller'' teams a way from home and hope for a point or a late winner. Chris Hughton has not changed the way he sets up his team this season from last season and the way his football is played which was what needed addressing. I gave him the benefit of the doubt that we didn''t have the players last season but he has addressed that now but he wont us them. It is either a case of he doesn''t know how or in its simplest he has an unwillingness to change his defensive philosophy. He will never adopt or change his approach. So if you''re happy to watch football where our full backs are not aloud to pass the half way line or play one upfront in the wrong way, or be pleased that we had a few feeble efforts on goal than please continue to support our manager.
  4. Calm down flecky, we''ve got him. 4 year deal my sunshine
  5. Lad on twitter had a picture with him.. @_Baker11
  6. I cannot believe what i am reading. You hand on heart think hughton does not use negative tactics and is defensive minded?..sit down, have a think then come back and apologies.
  7. I think that really is the frustrating thing. So so poor. No shots on target?..im sorry we deserve to go down if that''s the case..why have becchio on the bench?..His negative tactics are starting to grind on alot of people now
  8. I will be amazed if we manage to nick a point out of this if hughton doesn''t change it. I like hughton but its so clear he needs to do something.
  9. I agree that nasty is a little over the top!...although you cant deny he''s made a few very poor tackles recently. I disagree in that personally, he is unfit and put on a little to much timber and doesn''t chase balls like he used to..i think Saturday was a good indication of that. Him not hunting the ball down at all, seeming relatively happy to stand there and point the finger for other players to get it...and yes, he looks like a player to me who seems happy to see out his contract and move on. Sorry but thats what i see. In his defence, i dont think playing 1 up has helped, but thats how hughton has set up and he needs to get on with it and keep working hard!..I would also say that hoolahan needs a kick up the arse to start performing. Would be very tempted to drop him saturday
  10. It seems to me that holt has forgot his tyre fitting roots as apposed to being knocked down because of them imo. Almost as if he thinks he is mr norwich giving it the big ''i am''. Like a previous poster has said, i think alot of fans lost a little respect for him for holding the club out to ''ransom''. I wouldnt be surprised in the slightest if he moves to celtic with hooper coming to us..hes playing like that''s what he wants!..i like anyone wants holt to be back to his old self but just cant see it. Good performance against arsenal please, whatever the team!
  11. JF how you can say its turning against a club legend amazes me. I cant stress enough how we are all grateful for what he has done..but for many many reasons hes not there anymore..
  12. Couldn''t agree more with you blofield canary
  13. I''m really really struggling to find anything positive to say about Grant Holt. How anyone can say they would rather see holt ahead of kamara is beyond me. Would really like to see becchio be given the nod over him who sadly is overweight, sulks and is not good enough. Its not jumping on the bandwagon. We are all grateful for what he has done. however! Hes been poor for a long time imo. that''s the harsh reality which some fans need to accept.
  14. Nicko...and i quote "With all the hype surrounding Zaha at Palace, does anybody think that this lad might be considered an astute purchase if we were to be in for him? Exceptional talent, just youtube him." Contradicting much? Go and have a quiet word with yourself
  15. Lambert has been excellent for the football club however i would be lying if i said i wasnt a little bitter in the way hes gone. Im not sure how im going to react if and when he faces Norwich again if im honest. I dont think anybody could begrudge him of going to another ''bigger'' club. Aston villa though i cant see it. Thanks paul for what you have done but they way you have gone about this is hard to take if you do go.
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