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  1. 0-0! What a disgrace! Hughton out! Sack the board! Has Hughton sold the entire first XI now has he? DELIA OUT
  2. No, I don''t see him making another transfer in his career. If he did im pretty sure it would be Cardiff any day of the week, he has sentimental value there. Yes he is having a good Olympics, but first of all people forget that tournaments are a bad foundation on getting a player because it''s only 3-6 games isn''t it? He''s too old as well. It would be pretty pointless, he wouldn''t last for long. Oh, and he''s a controversial guy isn''t he. Do we want to risk it? And let''s not talk the bloody wages and transfer fee...
  3. Haters gonna hate Binners gonna bin Holty gonna score Screamers on the pitch
  4. The little kids didn''t annoy me. There just kids and it''s good to see that there parents are taking them to the games, they are learning. It''s the glory hunting teenagers and fully-grown men who whine about everything on the pitch which pisses me off.
  5. Ward had an amazing game last night. He was strong and solid at the back along with RB.
  6. Did you happen to be in the lower N&P last night GP? Because I had three pillocks next to me as well. One of them was a neutral I presume because he kept screaming for Ajax to score as well as us. The other one did a sarcastic clap when snodgrass and co came on and the other didn''t shut up. For example "We got the ball! WA HAY!" "Hughton''s shit!" "I''ve had enough of everyone being so fucking quiet" "Stupid kids" "Holt can''t run for shit, why did we keep him lads"
  7. Im sure snodgrass felt very comfortable with yesterdays attendance.
  8. [quote user="yellowarmy"]Norwich. We still need to sign at least 12 new players including a left back, defensive midfielder, a striker, anyone who''s better than we already have, and Clint Dempsey.[/quote] Whatever you say BW. OT: Southampton, Reading and Swansea
  9. At my omniscient view in the lower N&P, I had a most splendid view of the match today, and this is my opinion of it. The game kicked off to a brilliant start, with pilks putting us ahead after 7 minutes. There was some excellent hold-up play from Vaughan and he gave in some real effort which I was pleased to see. Pilkington did a splendid job in swerving the ball into the back of the net and it gave the goalkeeper no chance. However Ajax were far superior in midfield. They pressed hard for a goal afterwards. The passes were sublime and our midfielders had a tough task on marking them. Howson was slightly weak against his opponents and he could not keep tabs on them. Ajax kept the ball and just gave there wingers time to find the perfect space, they passed to one another as the danger got closer and apart from the usual one or two misplacements or slip-ups, it was all going smooth for them. Our saving grace was that the defenders were superb tonight. When ajax attacked usually they would attempt to lift the ball above the defense to play a through ball to there striker. However R Bennett was superb tonight because he gave it his all to get the ball. He managed to intercept many passes to the danger man and was strong in the air too. He also played it safe, such as passing to Ruddy and constantly being alert. Martin was also excellent at RB and when Ajax ran down the wing Russ was usually there to take the ball of them. He was very like Bennett in that he was safe with the ball and played very short passes, which leads me to believe that Hughton is opting for a more negative style of play. However the Ajax goal could have been stopped. There was some poor marking in midfield and the ajax player (forgot his name) was allowed to take a shot. Credit is given where credit is due, the shot was amazing and im afraid Ruddy had no chance. After that goal....nothing changed. Ajax kept pressing onto us, in part due to us holding ourselves very deep and also due to pure attacking talent. I presume Hughton wanted to either give the defense a good test and see how they could cope, or this is simply his style of football. Vaughan was good today...when he got the ball. Holt rarely got a touch except for the odd header of flick on, and Morison got one good chance when he came on, but failed to outrun his man. I can''t really judge the strikers too much because they never got the ball. Todays game however was a very strong defensive performance and im proud of how well Barnett and Ward were today as well. The whole defense was excellent. It was a good result as well. Positives of todays game - Superb defending - Pilkington shows us that we can threaten from free kicks - Vaughan had another good game. When he had the ball. Negatives - Almost never had the ball - Midfield was pretty non-existant In conclusion however, we must see that it is simply just a friendly, and against Ajax as well! Good game City.
  10. You don''t get it do you? It''s a form of piracy, your not paying the producer (the club) to watch there services (The game). It''s illegal. All streams are.
  11. You don''t pay the club to watch the game do you? It''s illegal.
  12. Pffft. If it''s the daily mail we have nothing to worry about.
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