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  1. Bws Cat

    match thread

    Murphy and Elmander on.
  2. Bws Cat

    match thread

    I agree morty.

    It is important to discriminate against those who are critically thinking and using sound reason to wish Hughton out and those who are just saying ''I told you so'' and going ''na na na na na na''.
  3. Bws Cat

    match thread

    There is no excuse for this. My mind is set now.

    He has to go.
  4. Bws Cat

    match thread

    4-0. Negredo. Walked it in.

  5. Bws Cat

    match thread

    Where is the fight? Where is the adrenaline?

    It''s like we just turned to concede as few goals as possible. Yes, we were always likely to lose but why does that mean we should give up before the game has started?
  6. Bws Cat

    match thread

    Morty seems like a clever guy. I doubt even he can put up with this.
  7. Bws Cat

    match thread

    ''You don''t know what you''re doing'' coming from the away end.
  8. Bws Cat

    match thread

    Fucking hell. 3-0. Nastacic or however you spell it.

    We''re going to be thrashed.
  9. Bws Cat

    match thread

    2-0. Silva.

    Hughton out.
  10. Bws Cat

    match thread

    BBC say it''s an aguero goal, but at the Etihad it''s credited as a BJ own goal.
  11. Bws Cat

    match thread

    To be fair though, Citeh had more than a massive slice of luck in that.
  12. Bws Cat

    match thread

    Here we go.

    Man city score. Aguero.
  13. Bws Cat

    match thread

    After 13 seconds!

    Well worth tuning into MOTD tonight to watch that!
  14. Bws Cat

    match thread

    Stoke have taken the lead courtesy of...

  15. Bws Cat

    match thread

    LINE-UPS- Manchester City v Norwich (1500 GMT)

    Man City: Pantilimon, Zabaleta, Demichelis, Nastasic, Clichy, Nasri, Fernandinho, Toure, Silva, Aguero, Negredo. Subs: Hart, Richards, Lescott, Milner, Dzeko, Kolarov, Jesus Navas.

    Norwich: Ruddy, Martin, Turner, Bassong, Olsson, Johnson, Whittaker, Howson, Fer, Pilkington, Hooper. Subs: Bunn, Hoolahan, Elmander, Garrido, Becchio, Ryan Bennett, Murphy.

    Referee: Phil Dowd (Staffordshire)

  16. Bws Cat

    match thread

    Here we go.
  17. Exactly wiz...

    The point that being that trolls like you deserve to be warned, and banned if you do need heed them.
  18. Well reggae in have to disagree with you there as every other forum I''ve been on bar this is moderated and they run very smoothly.

    Obvious trolls are banned quickly (such as Waveney) whereas those who are stirring up trouble (such as wiz) are given warnings to stop their behaviour or be banned.
  19. Who do people reply to him?

    He obviously just wants the attention, let him starve.
  20. Posters like wiz is always why I''ve supported the introduction of mods on this forum.
  21. Bws Cat

    Ipswich vs Barnsley

    To be honest though, ever since Micky mouse has taken charge they have so far looked like unlikely contenders for the play offs.

    Thankfully, that won''t happen.
  22. It''s not the teachers Herman, it''s the system.
  23. Bws Cat

    Hughton In/Out Recount

    How did you manage to capture that amazing footage morty?
  24. I really don''t hope Michael Gove''s changes come to ''frutution''.

    I could do without the next generation being taught by unqualified teachers.
  25. Bws Cat

    Wheres Bly?

    I didn''t know the bloke but I know from my time posting and spectating on the forum he was the quite the figure. Not a exactly a popular one, mind.

    Where is he?