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  1. I had to haul myself out of bed by creating a series of pulleys and Rube Goldberg machines similar to Wallace and Gromit today nutty.

    I had the bed flipped upside down, my phone and iPad blasting OTBC at full volume into my ears, and a series of contraptions that caused the fire alarm to go off right at full blast..

  2. Bws Cat

    The day is here....


    For reference.
  3. Bws Cat

    The day is here....

    As for kid friendly pubs, I didn''t say they marketed to kids did I? They don''t out signs out encouraging 12 year olds to buy a pint. They simply tolerate families and kids being in the pub because they like to have a meal there. I frequently take my younger siblings to the cellar house because they like the food there,nobody ever gets drunks and it''s a friendly environment to be in.
  4. Bws Cat

    The day is here....

    FFS how often do you go to a British pub?

    Maybe it''s like that in murica but over here were more civil. Yes, there are seedy and dodgy pubs (as there are all in all corners of the world) but The Nelson isnt one of them. I''ve NEVER seen somebody drunk at the Nelson simply because its not to place to go to get pissed.

    All I can see from you is what seems classism and just general ignorance.

    And you can''t smoke in pubs anymore, you tool. Keep up.
  5. Bws Cat

    The day is here....

    Last time I checked Houston people don''t go to the pub solely to get drunk. Especially in The Nelson (a kid friendly pub too).
  6. Bws Cat

    Zema Abbey

    Thankfully not Michael, but any mention of Zena Abbey makes me instantly feel sick.
  7. Plead for a restraining order.

    Of course I don''t know which alias he will turn up as when he goes to court.
  8. Bws Cat

    Zema Abbey

    Kill it with fire before it lays eggs!
  9. Perhaps tinky winky would like to explain why wherever morty is, he quickly follows suit.

    Is he president of his fan club?
  10. Bws Cat

    A simple hello

    Wasn''t there another yank who claimed he was born in the ''James pageant! hospital?
  11. Good to see you haven''t missed this gem city1st

    The auld troll has had the quite the romp on here for the past couple of days.
  12. How are they ''old faces'' if you''re a new poster?

    "I think the problem with these type of people is that they are so stupid they have no idea how stupid they actually are''- John Cleese
  13. That was probably the most out of place and awkward post I have read on here. And I''ve seen bor post.
  14. Last time I checked the poppy is a symbol of the fallen.

    Those people, In WW1 and WW2, fought for freedom of speech and democracy. Surely it''s a bit hypocritical to have a go at a player who feels he doesn''t want to wear the poppy?
  15. Timeline of this thread

    - wiz makes another thread dedicated to hoping we lose

    - wiz makes up a point that Southampton did better off when Adkins was sacked, stats prove otherwise and he refuses to respond

    - wiz feels "oppressed" because people note his previous tendencies to wish for us to lose despite his protests to the contrary

    - wiz ironically states that he doesn''t want to do point scoring

    - wiz is called out yet again by Lapps and demands that people go ''back on topic''

    (Hypothetical next stage)

    - the thread is pulled
  16. He isn''t going to answer morty. This troll has been completely exposed and it''s up to the fact that other people see it for him to stop being taken seriously.
  17. Like nutty I tend to look at good results and feel proud about them, but I''ll answer the OP anyhow.

    For me, it''s Luton. That result made me feel sick, I remember I stayed off the forum for a day or two because I figured it would be like entering bedlam. Looking back, I probably made the right decision. There were a couple of trolls who had escaped from the paddock so to speak.

  18. Bws Cat

    Lost the dressing room?

    This argument is basically the polar opposite of the argument that''s Hughton is uninspiring due to his pre match interviews.

    The club captain isn''t going to come out and say there has been trouble in the dressing room, likewise Hughton is never going to come out and say he wants to kick some ass next game.

    It''s basic sense really and a poor point to make.
  19. What if wiz walks in January?

    What if our performances improve, criticism is low and all is well?

  20. Bws Cat

    West Ham predictions

    2-1 to city, Howson double. [:)]
  21. I feel like I''ve entered the madhouse whenever wiz posts...
  22. Yes, that''s right wiz. You''re so deaf you can listen to radio norfolk and judge the tempo of a song on youtube.
  23. Wiz- the moron that just keeps giving.
  24. Bws Cat

    A leader on the pitch

    Howson without a doubt.
  25. Anybody who has read the OP''s previous posts will reliase he was a staunch outer before suddenly jumping ship now for the sake of trolling.