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  1. Bws Cat

    were my eyes deceiving me?

    "Really, really? Worse than racism, violence and obscenity, you really must get out more LDC"

    What a terrible and shite come back, I must say. First of all, did LDC say "Perpetuating myths about one of your own players IS THE WORST in football"?. No, he didn''t. So saying that it''s "Worse than racism, violence and obscenity" is totally off-topic.

    Your either behind the team and the players or your not. Make your mind up.
  2. Bws Cat

    Crofts back to Brighton?

    Why the face bobby?
  3. Huckerby, for his immense skill and unbreakable loyalty to the club. A true gent.
  4. Im pretty sure that JB can play at DFM?

    Or am I wrong? Maybe.
  5. DO





    We have Butterfield, Johnson and Fox who could all go into the DFM position. Calm down!
  6. Bws Cat

    Crofts back to Brighton?

    Well goodbye Crofts. The goal against Barnsley will never be forgotten.
  7. Bws Cat

    were my eyes deceiving me?

    Is BW on the loose again gentlemen?