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  1. http://www.oddschecker.com/football/football-specials/norwich-specials/next-permanent-manager Theres a few strange ones on there worthy, crook, megson and hoddle lol
  2. Houghtons the man for us id be pretty surprised if we didnt go after him
  3. [quote user="henrik"] Ok, just reading the beginnings of this thread makes me finally realise why people get so narked at the "little ol" Norwich tag that a bulk of supporters seeming indulge in. Just take a look at the "planetswans" forum and compare how their fans are dealing with their manager leaving and the potential candidates they are hoping for. They are talking OGS, Benitez, AVB, even for goodness sake Guardiola, we are talking Malky Makay, Steve Clarke, and some Stevenage manager whoever he is. Now I''m not for one minute saying those Swansea fans are being remotely realistic, BUT, they are ambitious and don''t consider 11th place to be "as far as we can go". They want a quality replacement from the continent or similar so why don''t we snap out of little old Norwich attitude, and demand we aim even higher than Lambert. It is so frustrating, This club has so much potential to be a regular top six side it really does! [/quote] ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ what he said
  4. Malky has said he would welcome a return and hes also close to the board members ummm
  5. We''d like to thank paul for his services over the last 3 years..... well that says it all doesnt it cheers paul
  6. [quote user="Row D Seat 7"]Be funny if they just didn''t put a statement out.[/quote] yEAH HILLARIOUS IM WETTING MYSELF JUST THINKING ABOUT THAT
  7. I think this is going to be the news we all knew was going to come one day. Chins up everyone its the end of an era not the end of the club and were in a great position to move forwards from here OTBC
  8. Hes probably the one journalist who would know whats happening unfortunatly for us
  9. Nigel Adkins would of been a great shout if the saints hadnt gone up this season
  10. Cluck and his anti delia rambllings NOOOOO surely not. Even at a time like this cluck cant resist having a cheap swipe
  11. If winn9ing the champions league doesnt entitle you to a fair crack of the whip next season im struggling to think what would
  12. How silly would he feel for leaving us. Theres so many twists and turns to come in this story
  13. [quote user="I am a Banana"] http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/blackpool-will-let-ian-holloway-leave-if-a-bigger-853421 Could he bring Matt Phillips too!   Plays lovely attacking football, juts like we curently do.   He could be the man!! [/quote] Dont be silly he plays attack a little bit to much to gungho and were gonna go down and could struggle to get back up
  14. Not on your nelly that would stink of a lack of ambition bigtime
  15. [quote user="First Wizard"]Gawd I hope not, he''s over rated imo.[/quote] He did a good job with newcastle to be fair i think everyone was surprised when they appointed pardew. a decission which has obviously been vindicated now tho
  16. But why on earth did O.G.S turn them down they would of been a great move for him but obviously something wasnt right if he didnt want to go there. Who knows maybe he might be our next manager
  17. [quote user="Bury Yellow"]Lammy - just been talking to another Bury yella who suggested Neil Lennon. I think that''s a great shout![/quote] Even worse with the media than Lambert no thankyou
  18. [quote user="Lammy"][quote user="Indy"] Not sure Hughton is the right man for us!   How about Di Canio, working wonders with Swindon. [/quote] I am damn sure that Hughton is not the right man. Even Delia would have more common sense than to plump for him (possibly). Di Canio is a good shout and so was Eddie Howe who somebody mentioned elsewhere on here already. I would also put Martinez, Brian McDermott, Poyet, Nigel Adkins, Di Matteo (if Chelsea don''t appoint him), or even Ian Holloway higher in the pecking order than Hughton for sure. We then have Culverhouse if he does not want to go with his gaffer and Malky who I would take over Hughton too. I might also be tempted to look at one or two other bright prospects, such as Gary Smith (Stevenage) too. Maybe look at taking Neil Lennon from Celtic perhaps? McNally could use his contacts again to tap him up if needs be. [/quote] Ithink we need a former premiership manager i dont want to risk going down and struggling to get back up
  19. Will new signings want to come to us if we dont have a manager whos mansged in the prem before. For example would a championship player from say Birm,ingham come to us or would he want to chance it with Birmingham who narrowly missed out on going up??
  20. If culverhouse is that good and im not saying he isnt then why is he opperating in the shadow of PL
  21. 132 in order but wouldnt go back down to championship but we did have an amazing season
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