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  1. I think hes a great player, that 1, we could get on the cheap 2, he will be happy on 10-15 k a week 3, after a couple of seasons he''ll be worth a lot more than what were likely to pay for him and thats even if he wanted to move clubs because from the impression you get he loves the club and would be quite happy to stay with us for the foreseeable future. I for one hope we do get him he already shows passion for the club and he won the golden boot so if we can get him back to that former level. What a player we will have on our hands. Also is he the player that Lamberts said hes looking abroad for?? we dont know but he was in Spain not that long ago wasnt he
  2. London canary wrote,,,,,ONLY ONE TEAM IN EAST ANGLIA AND THATS ITFC. STEEPED IN HISTORY UNLIKE THE BUDGIES. What a complete and utter joke enjoy next season with chopra and jason scotland lol they''re no Grant Holt. I can''t wait til jewell takes you to league 1 you little mug all I''ve igot left to say is 9-2 to Norwich not Ip5h1T. Oh and nice to see you signed up as a canary are you thinking about joining our rather lare fan base?? Problem is there''s a waiting list for season tickets lolololololol to55er
  3. STFU BW aka Bulls*iting Wan*ker. The celtic game was a cracker and so were the Celtic fans one of the best games other than the demolition derbys against bw''s team IPS*IT. He just stirs up rubbish and lies through his teeth. Like his marketing company (that he doesnt advertise) make of that what you will. His rubbish gets worse in the school holidays which says a lot lol.Unfortunatly every team has idiots and our only one is BW. Just about everyone else has said it was a great game with a fantastic atmosphere so just ignore him our Celtic cousins
  4. This is for all of us to add our names to if we didnt make it onto Ruddygore''s naming and shaming list :D
  5. I think O.G.S will get the job now tbh. Its a good step up for him and gets him near the "probable" final goal which i think will be man U
  6. I''d love to see Dani back here he showed real glimpses of talent i prefered him over Landsbury i thought he was head and shoulders above him. Even though Landsbury was a good player also
  7. BW= bull*hit*ng W***er. Your an attention seeker whos talks utter rubbish you have absolutely zero credibility on here. Im ashamed that youve annoyed me enough to even respond to your cr4p post
  8. This has got to be the most pointless narrow minded thread ive seen on her skijumptoes ur a joke
  9. I thought the same as most have said on here, It was quite refreshing to hear the comments that he said and it must also fill Swansea fans with a lot of encouragement at the minute. I wish Lambert hadnt of been so honest after thevilla game to be honest id rather instead of him saying what he did that he just said of course il be here next season. Sometimes its better not to know things like that i mean look at the hysteria thast been happening on here for a week solid now. Its such a shame really as its been an amazing season better than most would ever of dared to dream yet this last week has sort of taken the shine off it a little bit. Jesus i sound like depressions setting in lol
  10. Where does it stop you give Holt a payrise then Ruddy wants one, next thing you know hoolahan wants one and so on, then if things go tits next season weve got players on daft wages in the championship. He must of known how worried the fans were about Lambert going yet drops this bombshell on us. Is this someone eho gives a monkeys about the fans that worship the ground he walks on, certainly doesnt seem like it. some people are really struggling and theyre moaning because the thousands theyre on a week isnt quite enough lol its a joke and i know people will think "yeah but look a tevez and terry and lampard look what theyre on" and what do we all think about them when we hear their wage demands in the paper GREEDY c**ts!!! or something along those lines. I say thanks for all youve done holty but were not going to rock the boat for you. This clubs bigger than any one player and i cant see McNally caving in to him so f**k him off and get someone younger, weve got morison, jackson, howson, surman, E- bennett and pilks lets get a decent young striker in rhodes for example. Sell holt or threaten to sell him at least and weve got plenty of goals in this team anyway so a decent young striker or poss a more experienced championship striker would do. I appreciate this is a controversial view as we all think holt walks on water but i feel hes shown his true colours over this. Also if he got injured next season and it was a bad one let say for example if he was still here would everybody think thats it were stuffed were gonna go down blah blah blah would we hell. Let him go and build for the future 1 decnt striker whos got 8-12 goals in them and a good holding midfielder and some defencive cover and i fancy us to do well next season also.
  11. Really glad to hear this he got no end of stick at times of some but showed passion and always tried his hardest, Infact i dont think people could mention a single game he played in that he wasnt running his socks off. Will be great for everyone to give him a proper send off
  12. I wish he had of taken the job to stop the rumours. But surely ifd O.G.S doesnt want the job then Lambert would have to be nuts to take it. Hes got a great thing happening hear with a team thats being built for the future
  13. I cant believe what ive just read from "unhinged" Its hardly a sob story. It just goes to show how out of touch with the real world footballers are, im sorry your not on enough  Grant it must be a real struggle for ya whilst people are losing their homes etc. I say F**k him you want out grant than fine. i hope he thinks the grass is greener and it turns out not to be and hes back in the championship next year. He must of known how worried the fans were about whats been going on with Paul yet he decides to drop this bombshell. Hes certainly changed how il view him from now on i genuinly cant see how theres any going back from this Mcnallys not gonna be held to ransom by one player. Thanks for all youve done Grant, But this club doesnt need people like this surely???
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