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  1. What ? I was reading the post and found this on the website most of us visit and supplied a link
  2. just found this on the web                                                                                                  21 Jul 2013 00:03:17 Norwich have enquired about the availability of Newcastle forward Papa Cisse. They''ve been quoted £9m which hasn''t put the canaries off. Cisse is available for transfer after the club and the player were unable to resolve differences in regard to the players Muslim beliefs which prohibit him from wearing a shirt sponsored by payday loan company Wonga. I''m not a Norwich fan I live in the North East and have a good friend who is well connected at NUFC. Its been widely reported that Newcastle are close to completing a move for two French strikers and Bent from Villa as they look to prepare for a season without Cisse link http://www.norwichcityrumours.co.uk/ have to scroll down a bit copy paste thing beyond me lol
  3. I think his strike partner at Sampdoria was Macheda who has failed at every club he has been on loan at and they didn''t create a lot either. his work rate is tiresome apparently he will chase down everything and anyone maybe they think putting him in better surrounding and players will bring out the real player that made clubs like Milan show a interest in him. at a muted 3.5m if we land a another top target up front as a third striker with his experience its certainly worth a shot as if it doesn''t work out even at 30 we could recover most of the transfer fee paid out
  4. Considering the level of abuse he has received from the keyboard warrior brigade why should he bother, its not as if he posts the link these people will believe him or offer a apology. Its quite hilarious that the chief put downers are the ones that cry the most if anyone dares to complain on one of their posts
  5. Lol such a load of rubbish.Proven by the fact that he''d actually be going in via the Jarrold which is where they do these dealings now, not the City Stand. yes hence why i said it was sketchy but considering how many people get the stands wrong like the post on here earlier in the week cant rule it out
  6. lol i had visions of a guy outside carrow road taking photos of people heading inside then on a laptop scanning players faces to try and get a match
  7. Posted online seen entering city stand sounds sketchy to me but who knows
  8. mine two we would be no good on whos got to be a millionaire then m8 lol
  9. Current rumour on twitter probably a load of old tripe but since its transfer day tomorrow who knows two players i would love us too sign aswell montero is a natural finisher and i think if dos santos was given time and care he could show in the league what he often shows for his country the talk is montero is straight up cash and dos santos is season long loan with option to buy at the end of it basically the fee is agreed at the time of the loan montero is a risk as mls as you know is not up to premier league but then again he would be an unkown to premiership defenders   also talk is that rudd,steer,smith,francomb will all be leaving on loan in the coming 7 days and elliott ward is rumoured to be heading to millwall or blackpool again probably all twaddle but just thought i would share what i had discoved googling  
  10. Welcome aboard Darren most of us are sensible people you would probably find if it was lambert their would be quieter rumblings than what you are seeing now personally i dont think we will sign CMS i think its a smokescreen for someone else
  11. Title says it all link below http://www.teamtalk.com/everton/7920386/Quintet-s-moves-get-green-light
  12. Korey Smith  will probably depend on how Butterfield gets on with his recovery Adeyemi i would have thought definate to go out on loan and francomb would probably depend on whether we sign another left back or not if yes then loaned out if not he will stay as whittaker would have to cover that spot
  13. lol nexus gold old guisley they have to play on wednesdays only as the same team is also the cricket team and they can only play on saturdays never heard of the weegie update ill have to have alook at it
  14. Hey guys any fans of the game like me ive updated all the promotions and tarnsfers to todays ones including managerial ones and making rangers into a newco in the first division as  we all know dont know where to put them so if anyone is interested in a different game have a look ive put in prospective deals aswell as their 99% done ive made jacob butterfield fit instead of being injured basically i wanted to play with him available http://www.filefactory.com/file/complete.php/6j76ldsgamt9/
  15. i dont know if anyone else has the same thoughts as me but when you see him on these clips he expects the ball to come to him even if the defenders are favorites he always seems ready to receive and have the belief hes getting the ball alot of times when you watch games chances are mist by players who just think the defender is getting the ball and cant react in time when the chance comes
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