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  1. [quote user="Chelmsford Canary"]Not that the ground is all the problems...but it begs the questions How many clubs have been successful since building a brand new ground? Coventry, Southampton, Derby, Leicester. Not done great. Arsenal. Not much silverware since new ground for their expectations. Suffolk based team since splashing the cash. Sure you could name a few more:- Darlington etc [/quote]Southampton have done quite well. Wouldn''t surprise me if they were pushing for the top half next season. Brighton are another club who''ve got a new ground and been successful.
  2. The largest ever margin of victory in a match was 149-0 in the Madagascan league. All of them were own-goals from the losing team, in protest at refereeing descisions.
  3. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]I think Wayne Bridge would be worth a shout.... been out of sorts since the infamous John Terry Situation...but a former England player, decent cross and a good free kick... why not make a go for him, cant imagine wages would be too much of a problem as he may be grateful for a chance....[/quote]Already signed for Reading.
  4. Most likely Watford or Palace, although Palace have more chance of survival seeing as Watford most likely won''t have a full squad if they go up.Two from Sunderland, Stoke and Fulham as well. Di Canio''s probably going to all end in tears, if Stoke appoint Hughes then they''ll be lucky to win 5 games, and Fulham weren''t all that impressive last season (excluding Berbatov, and if he gets injured I can see them in trouble).
  5. [quote user="Gingerpele"]What are they saying?[/quote]Crooks is saying that Holt has done terrible in the PL over the last two seasons because he''s only got five this year. While it''s true he hasn''t scored as much as he should, it''s completely ignoring the fact that this season we''ve not been nearly as attacking. He also thinks that Welbeck has had a geat season.
  6. Crooks and Savage talking about Grant Holt. It''s painful how little they know.
  7. [quote user="tom cavendish"][quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"]I suspect that there is more than one striking version of Tettey out there for us...   [/quote]Wilfried BonyWatch this:http://youtu.be/MKWodin3QOk [/quote]Never seen him play in real life, but he''s an absolute beast on Football Manager. Would be very happy to see him here.
  8. What I don''t get is that Rose was sent off for kicking the ball in the stand when the Serbian keeper did exactly the same (twice) in the first leg and got away scot-free.
  9. [quote user="Excited Canary"]Championship over the Premiership every day of the week for me. Still, I don''t want us to get relegated. I just find it depressing that the best we can  ever really do is compete for survival every year.[/quote]I can see what you mean. I''d prefer it if we yo-yo''d for a few years (like Sunderland and West Brom used to), then settled; rather than be like Wigan (last day survival season after season).Still, I want us to stay up and in all honesty think we have a good chance of doing that.
  10. [quote user="baldyboy"]Liverpool     0-3                       2-5                     WORSE even though same margin we conceded 5 for second time[/quote]Actually, 5-2 is a better margin to lose by. The goal difference still goes down by three, but you get +2 goals scored.
  11. I''m confident that if we beat Villa, that''ll be the big confidence boost we need.
  12. [quote user="technika"]its not just the results its the nature of them and the way city are playingwe should have had wins from west ham and qpr, maybe even newcastle but its all too negative and theres no risk taking its dire[/quote]Excluding the Fulham and Liverpool games ( I can''t speak on Chelsea one), we''ve played quite well. We just haven''t been able to stick the ball in the net. Case in point, West Ham, were we had 20 shots (14 on target). And when you consider the Liverpool result was better than last season''s (5-2 is more beneficial for the losing side than 3-0), the only result  I''m *really* disappointed with is Fulham.
  13. I''m not that disappointed about the result today- after all, Chelsea are the European Champions. But I am a realist, and don''t expect us to get anything against Arsenal (I do think we''ll score one or two though). After that, I can see us getting nine points from the next three (Villa, Stoke and Reading).
  14. 2nd Season Syndrome is statistically rubbish. Only something like 28% of teams have gone down in their second season. It''s just when a team does (Hull, Birmingham, etc) people say ''Ah, second season syndrome''.
  15. [quote user="dpit"]Can''t remember what happened afterwards. Was his contract terminated immediately? Must have cost us a pretty penny to get shot. However, given the events thereafter, would have been worth every cent. As was the pain of the match itself. Has ever the history of the club been so influenced by one result?[/quote]From what I remember his contract was terminated about December 2009.
  16. I think Southampton are doing what Hull and Burnley did a few seasons ago, e.g. playing well against the big teams in the first half of the season (Burnley beat Man Utd early on, and Hull and beat Arsenal), because the novelty is there and the fans are excited. But the result of the Wigan game was interesting. To stay up, you really need to win against Wigan at home (I know we didn''t last season, but we played them just as their traditional end of season good form kicked in), or at least not lose. I know it''s a cliche, but you need to beat the teams around you. I''d rather have a scrappy win against Reading, than a dominant win at Old Trafford, purely because you''re taking points away from your rivals as well as gaining them yourself. 
  17. Does anyone know when the Doncaster tickets go on sale?
  18. Plus Fulham have sold Dembele and Dempsey (even though he didn''t play) since then. We were unlucky to draw them so early in the season.
  19. I''d wouldn''t be that distraught if we lost to Spurs, Newcastle and Chelsea as long as we play well. A point against West Ham would be alright, and draws against Liverpool and Arsenal are possible (and maybe even a win against Liverpool- look what West Brom did). And judging on how bad Villa look, that could be three points.I reckon we''ll get anything from 5 to 9 points, which isn''t that bad. Other teams are going to have these difficult runs as well.
  20. [quote user="BroadstairsR"][quote user="Steady On..."] What if we don''t need a striker in January, should we just buy a European one for the hell of it. Just so we can be like Swansea *shudders*  [/quote]   We need another striker nowIMHO. Harry Kane is a good acquition, I would hope, but we are still short up front when embarking upon a campaign in the  Premiership surely?  [/quote]With Morison, Kane, Holt and (possibly) Jackson, I''d say we''re in a better position in terms of striker depth than Liverpool (Suarez and Borini) and Chelsea (Torres and Sturridge).
  21. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]Lets face it, 17th will be a massive achievement again this year, leaving us and exciting future of ground expansion and debt freeness. Who are the 3 worse teams than us? Reading maybe? Wigan? after that, i''m at a loss...[/quote]Reading- Except from Pogrepnyak (or however you spell it) they don''t really have any quality players.Southampton- Despite signing Ramirez, they still look shaky at the back. They''ve also loaned out a proven goalscorer in Billy Sharp.QPR- If their signings don''t gel they could be in trouble.Wigan- Let''s face it, they have to go down eventually. If Martinez''s head is turned mid-season, and he leaves, I can see them going down.Villa- Same squad as last year, except for a few additions. If they don''t make a good start, Lambert might walk.
  22. [quote user="CanaryNath"]How long is the drive from Colney to Newmarket, anyways?![/quote]I think a helicopter is more Owen''s style [:P]
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