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  1. Garrido would most likely feature on the 28 August, against Scunthorpe.
  2. Interesting stuff, hopefully we are up for at least the next 5 years.
  3. Interesting, any stats on how long it took on average for those that did go down in SSS to come back up? And is it typically the same teams that are rotating in and out?
  4. If he does read these boards, is there some bet that when the F1 is on TV,  one of them has to wear a pink shirt?
  5. Are the adversting logos at the bottom some sort of one-arm-bandit game? If I make them all display Lotus at the same time do i win a prize?  
  6. Until it becomes fact, it is just a rumour. There is little point in announcing something that may or may not happen.
  7. [quote user="tom cavendish"][quote user="H4H"] yes we would..... I reckon we could sell max 24k season tickets, then against man utd/liverpool etc we would probs sell 30-32k, but for the other games, Wigan etc we wouldn''t break 30k.... I got extra tickets the day before 3 or 4 games last season.. [/quote] It depends upon ticket prices. Lots of people say to me that they would go to games if the price was reduced. I think that a lot more local people have become interested in the club due to local pubs showing the games live on TV. [/quote] Ticket prices are high because there are not enough seats, all non-season ticket seats are sold out in 30-40 mins. Any tickets getting release after the intial are from season ticket holders and marketing leftovers. More seats are needed so that prices can be reduced.
  8. Yes indeed,  it could just be making the best of things. I would like to think that they are moving people from the stand to be ready at the end of next season to get started, moving during a season is much more hassle. The interior of the Jarrold corporate is also much nicer than in the City stand. But definite plan? No idea, but most likely location to change.
  9. [quote user="shefcanary"] Presumably GMF you are talking about the new Directors'' Entrance planning application and removal of old ticket office windows.[/quote]   The current entrance is in the stand they are most likely to replace, renovate or build over, so makes perfect sense if they are planning to increase capacity in that stand, also a lot of the staff offices were moved out to the Jarrold.
  10. Press conference will allow the press to get photos of him in a Norwich shirt and in the tunnel instead of a rangers shirt. Also if Grant Holt does go, will they redecorate the players tunnel? If he goes to West Ham its going to look very odd left as it is
  11. The waiting list is about 1500 long atm according to the ticket office, so unless you are at the top already its unlikely that you will get a ticket. The thing is when your name does reach the top, will you get a seat anywhere near where you want to be..
  12. Actually, Real Madrid has the highest revenue in world football and made a profit of 46 million euros in 2010/11 and have made around 200 million euros profit in the last 6 years. So no they wont be kicked out. Man City should be, but I expect they aim to be in the super high earning category before any of the FPP rules are applied.
  13. I here were you are coming from, the squad selection of Carrol over Holt has given me a feeling of same old selection and not based on merit or ability with the potential for another poor showing. When first match played then maybe things pick up.
  14. Put a chicken on the pitch and whoever catches it first wins.
  15. The cost per match for a ST is much lower than fans without, those paying £43 to £53 are paying twice as much to attend to compete for the limited seats. If you attend just over half the games a ST works out cheaper still. Unless the regular seats drop in price when the capacity is significantly expanded,  I dont see that there will be any significant drop in ST holders.  Last numbers I saw was to get on the list is a £50 fee and a 1700 long list, and then you may get a seat in the N&P, up the top, behind a pillar. I wasnt at the game last night, because its a midweek game, and I have to work, it is a 2 1/2 hour journey from place of work to the ground so it is just not possible to get there without taking a day off work.
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