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  1. This has been rubbished by the Birmingham Mails Matt Kendrick and also denied by Sunderland."Sunderland have denied one rumour that there is a clause in Bent''s contract requiring Villa to pay the remaining £3m if he plays three more matches, taking him to 50 appearances."  http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/aston-villa-column-why-selling-darren-1463569
  2. [quote user="canarycol"]The name of the pub in question is THE CAP & GOWN having lived around the area for some years the place really is the pits[/quote]It''s changed it''s name to the Witton Arms but it was the Cap & Gown. Some info here that Norwich fans travelling  might find useful.http://www.wittonarms.com/
  3. [quote user="Highland Canary"]Do we have a smaller allocation or is the interest just lower this season? Or have Villa re-configured the away seating - unlikely I suspect? Last year on the ballot form we had an option of Upper or Lower tier. I''ve just received my tickets - group 2 - in the lower tier and note that tickets are on general sale but only in theist tier. Does this indicate both a lower location with significantly reduced demand from City fans or is there an alternative explanation?[/quote]Away fans seats are the same as last season. Sometimes the away club only takes up the minimum allocation and has only one tier but that doesn''t look the case, or seem likely, for this game.  Both upper and lower tier are marked as unavailable for purchase on the Villa website.
  4. [quote user="pete_norw"][quote user="BroadstairsR"] [quote user="Ghost of Pongo Waring"] pete_norw, what hospital does your Nephew work at and how would he know what Faulkner looks like?[/quote]   You can''t get out of it that easily Pongo.   The more obscure the hospital, the fishier it gets.   Also: our ear-wigging technician would have surely heard the two being introduced to each other as well.   One million will do Randy (+  costs.) [/quote] Sorry folks this is a bit of a cat and mouse now, I wish I had kept my trap shut, I''m not going to reveal any Hospital Juat ask any Villa fan they were pouring in every day ao the week, My Nephew would go to any one of the five Hospitals in Birmingham or surrounding area, If a Technician had been needed elsewhere they move about if needed, have a look at the NHS web   [/quote]So your Nephew works at "any one of the five Hospitals in Birmingham or surrounding area". Then he didn''t work at the hospital which Petrov is being treated at, as that''s in London.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2123857/Stiliyan-Petrov-begin-leukaemia-treatment.html" Stiliyan Petrov will begin treatment at a London hospital on Monday after being diagnosed with acute leukaemia. ..................   ''I don''t think he''s down there (in London) long term, only for a couple of days at a time,'' McLeish told Sky Sports.''But we believe he''s got the best possible chance of help at the moment, with the specialists he''s got now. "
  5.  pete_norw, what hospital does your Nephew work at and how would he know what Faulkner looks like?
  6. [quote user="norfolkchance1"]To be fair it shouldn''t matter where the tickets are in relation to ours, just on a safety issue it seems flawed to me. Considering visiting fans are having to find the money to travel to the game as well in these tough economic times this sort of deal must be surely open to temptation of abuse. I doubt they would do this against Birmingham or Wolves.[/quote]I presume that anyone taking up the offer would need to have a previous booking history, especially if the application came from Norfolk.Most, if not all clubs, have various offers during the season at the less high profile games. Obviously this wouldn''t be done at games against Blues, Wolves or Albion but then Norwich wouldn''t introduce ticket offers at a game against Ipswich.[quote user="kick it off"]They''re all equally as $hit from the looks of them. Although to be fair, their level of dereliction is probably accentuated from never being more than half full.[/quote]Is that the best you can do? Why make an attempt at trolling anyway to a post that was not in anyway insulting to your club or fans but just a reasoned reply to the thread?
  7. Villa fans sitting in the same stand are paying the same prices. £39 for the lower tier and £42 for the upper tier. The offer is for the North Stand upper which is part of the oldest stand in the ground and not comparable to the Witton Lane Stand.
  8. There''s a couple of things about this that just don''t add up.Theatre Technicians wouldn''t be hanging around Private rooms for a couple of hours. So how did he see Faulkner arrive and leave, it''d be rather a coincidence if he "just happened to be passing" both times.How on Earth would your Nephew know what Faulkner looks like anyway?Just wondering, what hospital does your Nephew work at?
  9. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"] hence the reason why you need your best players on the pitch?. There''s making apoint and then there''s cutting off your nose to spite your face whilst dropping points in the process during what is , as previously stated, your worst start to a Premiership season. [/quote]I doubt very much whether it was done just to prove a point. Bent has not been playing at his best so far this season. Benteke and Gabby had played very well in the win against Man City and didn''t deserved to be dropped. Bents response is what we''d want.Of course he was disappointed to be dropped, I''d be more worried if he wasn''t, but he knows what to do to make sure that he''s not disappointed like that in the future.
  10. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"][quote user="paul moy"][quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"] [quote user="paul moy"]I like firm management. The manager is boss and players with big egos sometimes have to be taught that essential fact.[/quote] Lets see if the Villa fans see it that way if Lambert continues to play that £7m "Heskey Mk II" up front instead of their top scorer?!? [/quote] Lambert is showing that nobody is an automatic choice. That''s good for squad morale, team spirit and individual effort, things that he is a master at achieving.  [/quote] i think Villa fans can accept this of the likes of underachievers such as Hutton,Warnock and to an extent Given but Bent is an different matter, you can get away with making calls like that if you''re winning but as I''ve said this is Villa''s worst ever start to a Premiership campaign and if they''re scraping 1-1 draws at home to the likes of WBA whilst their best striker sits on the bench, I can see one or two becoming restless?? [/quote]It was just what was needed. Bent looked a lot more focused when he came on at the weekend. Nobody is too good to be dropped and it''s great that all our players are finally realising that. Bent will now know that to guarantee his place he needs to play at the top of his game.Benteke is nowhere near being a ''Hesky Mk II. He''s scored for a start and has been unlucky not to score more. His decision making against Albion could have been better but he''s still settling in and the signs are very positive.As for drawing with "the likes of Albion", this is Albions best start in the top flight for thirty odd years and a win at the weekend would have seen them go third. They''ve got a squad built over a few seasons and have brought in someone to continue the building not to start from scratch, which is what Lambert is doing at Villa.
  11. In case any of you don''t know Sky Sports are showing an episode of Times of our lives with john Bond starting now on SS2
  12. [quote user="Matt Juler"]   I''d rarely have a go at City fans, even though there are many on here who are quite frankly rather daft, I was just very surprised that an internet savvy Villa fan wasn''t aware of the plans for the match.  Maybe it''s because I spend so much of my free time organising away travel for the Capital Canaries that I''m more up to speed on the intricacies of the fixtures than most. [/quote]To be honest I don''t take a great deal of notice of fixture changes generally. I can''t get to away games any more and I live in Birmingham so it makes little difference to me what time or day the home games are. With so many changes now due to TV or European participants playing Sundays I usually just keep an eye on the next few matches.However I heard that this had been moved and thought I''d post just in case there were any Norwich fans that weren''t aware of the change. Of course the chances were that most of you would probably know already but it might just have saved somebody a bit of inconvenience and expense.
  13. Your game away to us has been moved to a 12.45 kick off. Still on the same date Sat 27th Oct. Hopefully none of you have already bought train tickets etc for the original time.
  14. He''s not actually a football fan but keeps an eye on Villa as his uncle, Sir William Dugdale, was Villa Chairman in the early eighties when we won the League, European Cup and European Super Cup. I''m not sure he''s ever been to a game.
  15. [quote user="Indy_Bones"][quote user="Webbo118"]Why this continuing obsession? Who cares?[/quote]If it had been Rogers instead of PL getting the Villa job, I''d have still found the situation hilarious and like to hear about it.The idea that the owner can make 700m or so on a business deal and not increase funding for players is extremely funny, especially when the manager claimed they were a ''bigger'' club when leaving his old one, the fact that it''s PL is just the cherry on top...[/quote]Thing is it''s just media speculation and BS.Firstly if we were going to increase the transfer budget it''d make no sense saying so, as clubs would immediately hike up any price for their players, and most importantly the deal is expected to be concluded in Sept after the transfer window is closed anyway.
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