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  1. It seems that the brain dead gooner fan who chucked the coin at saturdays game at my partner had tweeted about it after, but now has deleted his account! please could anyone with any info contact me ASAP, so we can forward it to the police. Thank you.
  2. Thanks to everyone for there support on this, I am Anita''s partner. I have been a season ticket holder for over 20 years and in all my trips around the country to watch my beloved team I have never come across such stupid behavoir towards a set of fans for just banter (apart from the team down the A140) Norwich fans giving back what they got and some thug taking it to far and dont have the brain sells to banter back so he choises to resort to coin chucking! I''m not nieve and know this things and worse goes on, but the fact that this thug had to push past children to do this and to chuck a coin at Norwich fans where children where is stupidity. Arsenal stewards didn''t nothing when I was pointing out the thug, police come and was more interested in keeping me back from pointing out the Arsenal thug, no medical assistance after I was screaming for them. The police lady who took a statement from me after everything had been sorted was very helpful indeed I have to state. Hope this thug is found and banned from football for a long time!
  3. YES finally someone agrees with me on this, would be a superb appointment, but yes might not be able to afford him! Much much much better option than Malky and the dame right stupid option of Bruce, Holloway, McCarthy etc!!!
  4. I totally agree that away tickets needs looking at, I have been a season ticket holder for almost 20 years now. I have been up and down the country for 10 years watching my beloved team, going to places like Grimsby, Luton, Crewe, Stockport and ect on cold winter, rainy nights/days watching utter garbage at times and relegations. For the first time EVER this season could not get away tickets for Arsenal or Tottenham! I think fans like me should be able to enjoy stadiums like the Emirates/White Heart lane. The club should have on record the amount of away game I have been to let alone my home season ticket for as long as I have had it! When I also know people that got tickets who just jumped on the band wagon when Norwich started doing well and not been to many away game if non this season! Before anyone says about why I haven’t got an away season ticket, this is because work and family comments from time to time stops me from going to away games, but I think I will be applying for one next season to make sure I get away tickets (I can always sell the games I cant get to as everyone seems to be a Norwich fan now days!) Sorry rant over!
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