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  1. Is John Deehan''s daughter coming back too..
  2. We''ll never finish in the top 3 with this kind of negative small club outlook. I''m sure a few years ago Man City didn''t really believe they''d eclipse United. Chelsea went from mediocre right the way to the top too. Under this regime we have probably done as well as we can realistically expect to. If 12th is the height of your ambition, well, what more needs saying. With the right investment we can really push on, under Delia, we won''t. And while the fans can''t force a sale Purple, we can make it clear that we want bigger and better for our club. Revive some of the ideas from when we were relegated to league one or are you all that fickle?
  3. It stands to reason that if you stand still you don''t go anywhere. We need someone with the ambition and financial clout to push us on to the next level if we''re ever to finish in the top 3 again.
  4. [quote user="nutty nigel"] Agreed Babes!!   I''d love to know the argument that selects Downing in front of Adam Johnson! The bindippers even handed him the penalty kick and he couldn''t score. Too much Liverpool in this for me. Perhaps they''ll take Mr Chew as mascot...   [/quote]   Absolutely.   Downing, Carroll make the squad and Jordan Henderson on standby. That''s about, what, 70m quids worth of horse poop. Thank the Lord that Charlie Adam is 1)Injured and 2) A Scot or no doubt he''d have been picked to pull the stwings in midfield.   Lampard AND Gerrard again - that always works.   [|-)][|-)][|-)]
  5. Perhaps I should have said most fans. You know, just to include those of you happy to have a year or two of mid table obscurity before falling back off the cliff face. Just because you don''t agree Mr C doesn''t make my opinion wrong. We need major investment, the current owners cannot provide or find this. When do we take the gamble Mr C?
  6. If Big Vince is correct in his summary, shouldn''t we, as fans, be trying to do something about it?   We are in the best position we''ve been for many years. We can''t let celebrities playing at football club owners jeopardise that position, maybe the time has come for the fans to force their hand, especially if we are at risk of losing Lambert or McNally or God forbid, both.   We need an owner who can match the ambition of Lambert and the fans.
  7. I''d be gutted. But, like Mr Cluckson says, it''s been a privilege to watch his team for three years. I''m just pleased that I''ve been there as I''m sure Mr Cluckson and countless others on here are. To have missed the last three seasons, well, as a City fan it would have been heartbreaking. We never had it so good.
  8. Did you piss in the wind like the wannabe Rasclart from de islands?
  9. The anthem is roooobish!!!!!! However, booing it? No. If you are dipping in a bin, you are a bin dipper, that''s a slip away from being a binner. Scouse scum.
  10. I''ll win the Lockinge next week. Why not bet on a winner...?
  11. I know Norwich fans in Australia, USA, Austria etc etc Every bit as much of a fan as I am.... It''s just that word. Suffolk. Just a hint of bin will always be associated with it. I''ve lived there too, twice, I was always regarded as being the odd one because I was a Norwich fan. I did meet a few others, but they were kind of repressed, me, I was a Norwich fan.
  12. Holt. Can''t imagine that Tierney would have won it tbh, he''s still limping from the raping Walcott gave him. Good, committed player but POTS?, light years behind Holt.
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