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  1. Kippax, you explained that better than I ever could, thanks. Seems my words were twisted beyond recognition.
  2. Just a final note from me on here; it saddens me when people use the money as a stick to beat us with; I can understand why, but the vast, vast majority of our fans are the same people who were there 10, 20 years ago and are just enjoying the ride. I understand a few will let it go to their heads, but most of us still have the same sense of humour we always had, just using it in a different way (see the ''we never win at home and we never win away'' song we sang for a long time yesterday). As I say, good luck for next season; hopefully I''ll be back at Carrow Road depending on the kick off time!
  3. The way we interpreted it in the away end after the goal was as a dig at the media, not City fans. Looking back I''m not so sure. As for Tevez, as I''ve said on my own topic on this board it would be stupidly petty to have a player of his quality available to us and not use him, that would be cutting off our nose to spite our face. Up until the summer we have to use him because he could potentially be the difference. I wouldn''t say our songs were hero-worship, far from it; it was more irony than anything. However well he does until the end of the season he has to go in the summer, and that''s the opinion of pretty much every City fan I know.
  4. The origins of We''re Not Really Here aren''t exactly known. One of the stories is that years ago a pub with blues in got smashed, the police turned up and they started singing it. Sounds like a strange one but it''s a strange song!
  5. [quote user="Eric Pickles Pie Supplier"]Fair comment, NRH . Some of your play was world-class, to be fair. Did not realise that it was only the fourth time you''d started with Tevez and Aguero. Just our luck...... but I guess it must make you guys wonder "what might have been " ?! Also, don''t know who Mancini is trying to kid when he says the title race is finished . Can''t suppose that your Scottish mate down at OT will fall for that type of guff, and, at the end of the day he''s the only one that matters. Only downside from your point of view was that you did not get to hear Delia shout again...... [/quote] Mancini''s getting into the mind games, you will have seen the wry smile he had during his MOTD interview after he said it was finished. He knows exactly what he''s doing. As for Tevez and Aguero, it really is a shame Tevez did what he did because they''d have been a force to be reckoned with as a first choice strike partnership. [quote user="Skijumptoes"]What is the general view on Tevez now?[/quote] Definitely not forgiven, no amount of goals will change what he did.=. But it would be very, very petty if we had a player of his quality available and didn''t start him. That was proved yesterday. If he scores a few between now and the summer he might be the difference, and it''ll get his value back up for the summer and interest a few clubs because no matter how he does until the end of the season he''s got to go.
  6. Morning, Man City fan here. Made the trip down to Norwich yesterday and just want to pass on my thanks to Norwich fans, spoke to a lot of you before and after the game and they were all absolutely sound, a great laugh. Had a great time before we even get to the score, my new favourite away day. As for the game, we played really well but you were well in the game for 70 minutes and up to then it could really have gone either way. In the end 6-1 was harsh on you. Having said that Tevez played very well and it was the best game Aguero''s had since the turn of the year, he was always a threat. Can''t knock the job Paul Lambert and your squad has done this season, fully deserve to stay up. Good luck for the rest of this season, and for next.
  7. Hi lads, got home from the game an hour ago. Shattered! Just want to say thanks to you Norwich fans, a good bunch and a great laugh, really enjoyed the day. Obviously delighted with the result but as I said to the Norwich fans I spoke to afterwards you can''t fault your team and Paul Lambert, you''ve had a great season and I certainly look forward to making the trip again next season.
  8. [quote user="Eric Pickles Pie Supplier"]I think I''m right in saying the last time Citeh graced the Carrow Rd turf it was also on telly, and Delia treated us to a half time rendition of her vocal talents. Can we expect an encore at approx 13h35 on Saturday ? [/quote] Remember that one. I''d take the same result!
  9. Cheers lads, had a look at maps and thought so, just got to hope East Midlands Trains don''t balls it up now! What are your thoughts on the title race, by the way? I''d assume I don''t need to even bother asking the question of you how you think your season''s gone!
  10. Alright, (Manchester) City fan here. Making the trip down to Carrow Road on Saturday. Up horrendously early for a 7:30 train from Manchester, though I do have it better than a few mates getting a coach at 4am! Should be a great game and a good trip whatever the result. As for last night, we looked completely revitalised as a team; in reality it could easily have been a lot more than 4-0. And my god did we need it; hopefully the team might have sensed a second chance with the scum slipping up at Wigan. This game gives us the chance to see if we can translate this new lease of life to our away form. I should hope we''ll give it a better shot than we did at Arsenal, Swansea and Stoke. Hopefully Silva''s now seen the back of his dodgy spell and we might have Yaya back. Aguero seems to be right in the mood as well. Just making sure; if my train is due into Norwich Station at about 12:10 I shouldn''t have any problems making kick off... Right? Just a bit worried cos it''s my first time going down to Norwich and it is a little bit tight. Good luck for the rest of your season (apart from this game ;) ) You''ve had a great season, fully deserve to be where you are.
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