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  1. you will have to go some to beat these for miserable away trips only 3 days apart... I seem to recall both our goals were 90th min consolations too 18 December 1996 West Bromwich Albion A 1–5 7,483 O'Neill 21 December 1996 Port Vale A 1–6 6,278 Fleck
  2. People on here have short memories, basing a whole teams season on the first game!I''m sure after opening day last season, the fans of Fulham, Stoke, Southampton, Villa, Newcastle, Sunderland, Wigan, Reading, QPR (ok maybe not them) would have all said they will easily finish above us based on us losing our first game 5-0Give some teams a chance, they have been away first game and home form will give more of an indication of how they will get on this season.
  3. Teams will start taking the europa league a bit more seriously when the change comes in 2015, that the winners get a champions league place.The club already knew it was better to wait another year before qualifying for europe, all part of the "real" seven year plan of course 2009-10 - get out of league one2010-11 - get out of championship2011-12 - stay in premier league2012-13 - stay in premier league2013-14 - qualify for europa league2014-15 - win europa league, and therefore qualify for champions league2015-16 - win champions league
  4. Best has to be Munich away, I''ve been dining off that "I was there" moment for the last 20 years, would be nice to have a new european adventure tale to tell over the next 20 yearsOne of my worst memories that sticks out was making these two away trips in the space of a few days back in December 1996. Just when you thought it couldnt get much worse after the first game, it did !18 Dec 1996 WBA 1-521 Dec 1996 Port Vale 1-6
  5. apologies if story posted alreadyhttp://www.setanta.com/ie/Articles/2012/08/14/Canaries-line-up-Celtic-defender/gnid-150725/
  6. Thought this thread deserved a bump today... to remind people that good things can happen after losing your manager and star striker
  7. [quote user="PaddyMcCourt"]Don''t sell McCourt. Paddy McCourt, I just don''t think you understand. Cause if you sell McCourt, Paddy McCourt, you''ll have a riot on your hands![/quote]Im surprised no-one adapted the lyrics for that to be about Grant Holt
  8. nice post. been thinking for a while now that 20 years on we are destined for european qualification again. at least 3rd place this time will guarantee CL qualification, rather than an anxious wait for a uefa place when someone wins both cups!
  9. this link was posted on the official site today http://www.canaries.co.uk/page/NewsDetails/0,,10355~2775382,00.html obviously Grant went in to hand in his signed norwich shirt for the competition, and someone got the wrong end of the stick and thought he was throwing his shirt back as a transfer request phew!
  10. I personally think Liverpool will field close to their fa cup final starting team against us before then rotating their squad against Fulham next Tuesday instead. Doesnt mean we cant still beat their best XI whatever it is [:)]As for Arsenal, I think they will be very much up for the game against us, as last nights chelsea result has now made 3rd place even more vital for guaranteed CL football and Newcastle are breathing down their necks for that.
  11. If we needed any more motivation for finishing as strongly as we can, then maybe money can help!With mid-table looking tightly bunched and only 6 points seperating 14th and 7th, there could be a big boost to our kitty next year. I dont know the exact figures for this year, but for each place you finished last year you got £756,756.so as of todays placings, the split would look something like this: 7th place could net you around £5million more than 14th ! Position  2011 Figs Team  Played  Points 7 10,594,584 Everton  34 48 8 9,837,828 Liverpool  34 46 9 9,081,072 Fulham  34 46 10 8,324,316 West Brom  35 45 11 7,567,560 Sunderland  35 44 12 6,810,804 Swansea  35 43 13 6,054,048 Norwich  35 43 14 5,297,292 Stoke  34 42
  12. [quote user="shiplee15"]Am i the only one who would like Villa to come to us on the last day of the season, beat them 6-0 and relegate them?[/quote]I wouldnt be against relegating them at carrow road. I remember the same final day fixture in 94/95 season, when we were relegated from Premier. Although the banter was good natured from the villa fans, it would be nice to hear "we''ll meet again, dont know where, dont know when" thrown back at them this time!
  13. havent seen the renewal forms myself yet, not keen on the changes mentioned above, in particular the four weeks notice clause.we''ve missed 3 away games this year, two of which were Sunderland and Newcastle due to the fixture dates being moved at late notice.The sunderland game fixture date was moved with only a couple of weeks notice, and I''m sure the Newcastle fixture date change was also less than four weeks, so it seems harsh to be penalised when the fixture changes can happen late and are out of your control!
  14. Thought i would join up and give my take on what happened monday.I had a feeling of deja vu about the scuffle as the same guy swinging the punches did exactly the same thing at west brom in the cup earlier this season punching another of his own supporters, a younger lad in the head!Just to clarify there was a spurs fan sat directly in front of us, which we had no idea of until Defoe scored. By all accounts he was with a couple of Norwich fans sat in the same row, but on the other side of the aisle.Was too busy celebrating myself when Pilks scored to notice anything, but I would imagine his mates came across and gave him some stick. When Defoe scored he moved across the aisle to celebrate in his mates faces. He was way over the top and definately not the smartest idea in the world and one that got everyones backs up around that part of the ground. Eventually the stewards/police threw him out, but in the meantime it kicked off as I suspect his mates were now being thought of as Spurs fans too.I''ve sat in plenty of home stands myself for Norwich games when I couldnt get tickets for the away end over the years, and you have to be savvy enough to know when to sit on your hands! If you are going to celebrate wildly like he did, there is only going to be trouble.
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