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  1. haha!!! Seems a bit steep!!! I was thinking more £5? ;)
  2. Don''t suppose anyone would be willing to sell their old copy would they?
  3. Do you actually have an opinion on the subject??
  4. I thought Kei and Wes today we''re brilliant, I don''t think its the forwards we should be worrying about!! It''s poor delivery and effectiveness of our wingers. Snodgrass is pretty predictable with his movement when he plays on either wing, his delivery is rarely good. Bennett was almost non-existent. It doesn''t help with the fact that they have to track back to help defend and when we try and counter its very poor. But is it down to the tactics and the game plan, I''m not sure. If we stay up, I think for us to be more successful next season we have to spend big on some wingers. What does everyone else think??
  5. Its a football game that many people enjoy but it makes it less fun if your team and players are underrated!!! Especially as they try and make it as accurate as possible.
  6. Don''t forget we wear the shirt replicas so if they make them easy tear our shirts will be crap!!!
  7. Was really good to see the lads back in form, quality performance all-round!!!! Hughton using 4-4-2 was also a great sign, mainly that he learnt from his mistake at fulham and decided to use a formation thats best for the team and not for him. As far as ive seen Norwich cannot play with 1 striker upfront lets keep it with 2 upfront. Obviously a great performance from all the players but a few in particular stood out to me, Johnson had a fantastic performance his last shot was hit with such power and precision Tottenham were very lucky to have Friedel in goal. Snodgrass, great see his persistance and ability to get the ball into dangerous areas, not forgetting he scored a superb goal was well deserved. The Bassong and Barnett duo is looking very solid and is good to see Barnett doing so well and in the starting XII :) Also good to see holt back to his usual self. Bring on the goals, bring on the hammers.
  8. I agree, seemed slow and lazy against QPR, but still I have no doubt he will perform, he had a slow start last season but once he got started he was unstoppable. As soon as we get a new striker in it should add some competition for places among the strikers and he will have a bit more drive to perform. We all know how much he hates starting on the bench, few more games and he doesnt perform hughton will stick him on the bench, that will piss Holt off and he will come on as a flaming sub which will kick start his fire again :)
  9. Talking about Turner btw. But Would love to see barnett starting more often!! Very solid performance against QPR and could be a nice little duo between him and bassong :)
  10. BOOM!!! Exactly mate. He had 1 bad game like the rest of them, he has alot of potential, give him more of a chance.
  11. Probably gonna be another repeat of last year for them, scraping prem survival. Theyre going to look like Villa did at the end of last season, as you said disjointed.
  12. I completely agree, class player, reminds me of hoolahan actually. Oh wait.... we''ve got Hoolahan and another 1000 midfielders :D
  13. Would have to be Bradley Johnson, if anyone French breaks in he will break their legs ;) #Sagna
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