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  1. Seems to be money for Lennon again, down to 3-1. Mick Dennis has tweeted previously that he didn''t think Lennon was in the frame. Hmmm...
  2. I don''t see Norwich having a DOF in the traditional sense - Peter Grant was one manager who admitted he was trying to do everything and failed. While a manager must be responsible for recommending potential signings, stretching themselves too far can be counter productive.
  3. It would be completely unrealistic for any Norwich fan to expect Ruddy to stay. You have to be objective about this. We are now a Championship club, Ruddy has gone from England #2 to #4 and staying at Norwich is sadly not going to do him any favours at all, even if we do well. It would almost be cruel to keep him.
  4. You''re not the kind of person anyone would want next to them in the trenches, are you… I''ve got a lot of time for Ruddy, which is why I''d be happy for him to go and better himself - for the right price of course! I see no value for him staying at Norwich at all - He has been loyal and fully deserves his move, should it happen. Hughton''s brand of football seized up like club like an old Granny''s chuff and after putting up with that for a couple of years I want to see Ruddy achieve as much as possible. Is that so bad?
  5. I think Ruddy should leave, he deserves and needs a move. Staying at Norwich this season has clearly prevented him from going to The World Cup and that will stick in his throat regardless of what his says publicly. I can''t see a top team coming in for him - at least for a number one spot - and he will want to play every week, so I don''t think people should balk at Palace. Our they so bad? Damn sight better than our shambles this season. His value has also been weakened by our relegation, so we our not going to get silly money, but I think someone around the £6-8M mark would be fair considering the circumstances. Depending what happens in the next few weeks we could easily go down as well as go up, so I hope Ruddy sees the light and gets out if an offer comes in the he and the board agree on. Been a great player for us, now time to look for our next number one.
  6. Mackay for me. What he did at Cardiff was underrated and they have gone backwards without him. I think he has that air of authority, would really get the crowd behind him and knows how to get a club promoted. I still have a feeling that McNally would want Lennon, though tops marks if he left Celtic and joined us a Championship side - that would warrant respect.
  7. We do deserve to go down. The alarm bells were ringing last season when our footballing prowess had completely changed under Hughton and the last two results flattered our season. Once we got to November, it was clear that we would be in trouble all season. Hughton appointment was a mistake and the board should of acted. They could of backed a new manager in January, but this wasn''t to be. Sacking Hughton with five games to go was far too late. The next appointment was be right, but I''m not expecting us to go straight back up as we are well short of what is required. In short, Norwich have become the the PL club they initially sort out to avoid. I thought we would use the cream of the Championship, hungry players who wanted to achieve. Instead, we have the Fers and Bassongs of this world who are here for the cash and not the sort of players you want in a fight. Remember QPR last year? They deserved to go down and so do we.
  8. RVW simply isn''t good enough, that''s the bottom line. The fact that he may have been unlucky is immaterial - his movement is substandard even by League One standards, therefore that''s the main reason why he has only scored one goal.
  9. So the club should of kept a failing manager? CH was kept for far too long and was lucky to hold his position as long as he did. There is no sane reason to have kept him - even Mick Dennis accepts he lost the argument, on they don''t come more blinkered than him! - at least on CH.
  10. Gunn was Mr. Hospitality and Corporate Cheeseboard. The only comparison between Gunn and Adams is that they are both ex players.
  11. The problem has been that Hughton has been asking players to play a system that they are not 100% happy with. We are vulnerable when in possession in our final third and often lose the ball which puts threat on our goal. We do concede from these situations and our inability to pass the ball into the net at the other is why we have scored to few goals. In essence the players and team are not good enough to match Hughtons preferred playing style. Football is a simple game, i hope Adams realises this and lets the players play to THEIR strengths in a frame work that is offensive and reduces mistakes in our final third. Absolutely spot on Mr.H.
  12. Forgive me if this has been posted elsewhere, but Sky reported that CH was nearly sacked late last year - as has been leaked - but had the support of the major shareholders - i.e Smith and Jones. Is this another case of the Stowmarket Two footballing naivety and bad business sense potentially costing the club dear?? My hunch is that Bowkett has wanted CH out on his arse for while, Delia and Jones too loyal, with McNally somewhere in the middle. All history now of course. Anyone add any news to this?
  13. [quote user="CANARYKING"]This could go two ways.[/quote] Agreed. I''m sure Adams will be aware of this and will pick his team accordingly. In a way, Adams influence will be limited, be this major plus is that he isn''t Chris Hughton.
  14. Eadie has had Hughton sussed for a long time, he''s no fool.
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