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  1. Don’t think that’s a hot take, pitch looks like it should be condemned.
  2. I’m expecting lots of lowering expectations and calling for patience.
  3. 36 goals and 8 assists in 32 appearances this season in the Bundesliga, 8 champions league goals. It’s not the player it’s the tactics. Kane has never been a pressing forward.
  4. Well I hope we see some of this football next year here, the Danish football that is.
  5. Our set pieces have been very successful this year after years of it being a failing. Not surprised it’s caught some interest from bigger clubs. Add the fact there’s a new coaching team coming in here not surprised if Hughes capitalises on his stock being high, why wouldn’t he.
  6. I’m not disagreeing it’s not straightforward, think I’ve been pretty clear on that. I’m just saying the indicators are suggesting we have very expensive prices.
  7. Unless they are misrepresenting the data that’s the same for all clubs who presumably also have those tickets and seats. Aren’t among the cheapest is a generous way to put it. Like I said I’d love to see the data with everything mapped out fairly but I’d strongly suspect given the price points we know that we’d still have the most or close to the most expensive average price.
  8. Maybe that’s just an indication of how big the gains need to be for that strategy to be successful.
  9. While I think this is probably true, I’m not entirely sure Farkeball was impossible in the PL as it was evolving. You’re never going to get the points you need from the top teams anyway, so them completely outplaying you is pretty irrelevant. Was it a style that could have evolved to possibly take enough points off the 10-12 teams outside the best to avoid relegation? We will never know. The one thing I was sure of was we weren’t going to do it with the turmoil that summer. If we needed a reset that was never the time to do it. I always want to be hopeful about every summer and give it a chance but I always felt inside that we had cut the legs off our chances before we even started.
  10. It doesn’t really change the fact we have the most expensive cheapest ticket and the most expensive ticket of any club? Yes it would be good to understand the breakdown for the true average (although I suspect we’d still be top or just below) but unless they are misrepresenting the information both those things are true.
  11. I didn’t mean literally sorry, I was just replying to your point which was putting forward not achieving the worst case scenario as some kind of win. I’m sure we would have sold everything/cut cloth to stave it off but that’s not much consolation to supporters. We racked up huge never seen before debts for us just before interest rates skyrocketed.
  12. Think if Attanasio hadn’t come along they may well have, or at least things would be far more painful than they are.
  13. Makes sense there’s literally no reason to pay someone off unless it’s for an amount significantly less than the contract. Send them on Gardening leave and anyone who wants them either has to pay or the club agrees to mutually cancel the contract at that point.
  14. Good points. Just because he was involved in the planning and therefore partly culpable, doesn’t mean he somehow got everything his own way. There’s always someone higher than you and if your plan doesn’t align with theirs you’ve got two choices. Make the best of it, or leave. I’d love an honest reflection on what he thought of that summer but as he’s professional and wants to be employed at good clubs I doubt we’ll ever get it.
  15. I don’t think I said he wasn’t at fault? In fact I’ve been very clear in the past that he can’t be blameless. I’ve often suspected he was given his 4 year contract to placate some of his misgivings of the plan. However when a team is set up to fail the manager always takes the heat. His sacking was almost inevitable after that summer IMO and that was my point regardless of how you dish out the blame for that.
  16. Exactly staying up was of course the top priority, how we went about that is the point of contention.
  17. Especially given how short term the summer had been, tearing up the long term plan. Supporters were promised that we were much better prepared, that Farke had been supplied the weapons he needed. Farke never stood a chance.
  18. I think my opinion on that summer is well documented, but talking about our 3 relegations collectively there were unlucky elements.
  19. We were unlucky, I’m just saying there’s also elements in there that we had a fair degree of control over.
  20. I also think right at the start is the best time to play the hardest games like this personally, you’ve got a chance to catch the other side out as you’re an unknown. Of course the flip side is get an absolute tonking and your confidence gets knocked straight away.
  21. I don’t think you can just call it unlucky when people had influence over those chances. Essex does have a point about financial element, we spent a lot of money to fail, more than others, some of whom succeeded. The one thing we are probably “lucky” with is we have Attanasio onboard as the club looks like it would be in a very precarious financial position without his backing right now.
  22. The most successful we’ve been in recent history was bringing in high performing players from a lower level. Importantly ready made, but not tested. I think for a club like us at PL, at least initially, that’s your best chance of building a squad with the right qualities to succeed assuming you have the right culture and tactics already in place and are buying players that suit them.
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