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  1. No it says he’s understood to have agreed a new deal to remain.
  2. “Ben Gibson, Dimi Giannoulis and Sam McCallum are all set to depart the club at the end of their respective contracts. Danny Batth will also depart, with loan duo Sydney van Hooijdonk and Pedro Lima returning to their parent clubs.” Don’t think there’s any shocks there.
  3. Interesting. He’s the only out of contract player I personally thought we might keep, he’s versatile and presumably cheap.
  4. I think Idah is gone to be honest. I’m not sure he wants to return and/or can be relied upon to be the first choice striker, especially if we only play one. I really like Idah as a player but I also think we’ve chronically mismanaged his development.
  5. I’d thought for a while Wagner was gone, would have been interesting if we’d won the playoffs if they’d have still acted.
  6. Hopefully we can actually take a decent points haul off them next season.
  7. I bet he wasn’t. You don’t poach key staff from Arsenal cheap.
  8. Attanasio made some pretty interesting comments around the time of his appointment. It was pretty clear he’d been heavily personally involved in his interview and selection. To all intents and purposes he appears to be Attanasio’s man as far as I can tell. I would be surprised if he wasn’t given the boards direction of travel.
  9. To me he was like a gambler who started on a calculated winning streak and then made increasingly poor, desperate bets trying to get back what he lost. The start of his tenure and what he was putting in place with Farke was fantastic, but since that second promotion long term went out of the window in the chase of short term ambitions and ultimately has lead to a decline so bad on the playing/financial side we need a reset as big and very similar to what he oversaw on his arrival. That does not mean there hasn’t been massive positives from during his tenure, including long term investments (although it’s hard to pinpoint how much was his direct influence). However where this squad is after two Championship titles and PL seasons is disappointing to say he least. I believe history will be kind to him once his appalling PR is faded and forgotten and reflection is more focussed on his achievements.
  10. Definitely. You don’t easily find strikers capable of the goals per minute Sargent has achieved and that ignores everything else he does. Replacing him with as influential a player is going to be almost impossible. He needs to go for big money, anything else isn’t acceptable IMO.
  11. Disagree. Sargent isn’t great at holding the ball up when we go long and he’s under severe pressure from CBs. He’s fantastic at running in behind and also good when coming short to receive to feet and spread play. I think he’d easily fit as the nine in a possession based team, he’s a true all rounder.
  12. Think this was obvious to anyone listening to Wagner’s interview comments, he’s publicly berated Knappers January policy multiple times.
  13. Hardly, is probably already packing and will be forgotten other than a trivia question in 12 months.
  14. Would get rinsed by the PFA considering we have a player on the books in prison we haven’t released.
  15. This would be hilarious, fingers crossed 🤞
  16. This would be hilarious, fingers crossed 🤞
  17. He clearly wanted out and is at odds with owners, I’m not going to read too much into the last 10 games.
  18. As Hughes was here before potentially he may return to a background role if not wanted for the 1st team by the new Head Coach.
  19. No point selling if that’s all we get, Sara is worth 25 on his own.
  20. Cuesta or Still are the two most exciting options if even possible IMO, I’d probably say Still if asked to choose. It’s time for revolution not evolution. We want to compete we need to be doing things differently and trying to be ahead of the curve again IMO
  21. I’m not sure I buy that professional athletes are that fatigued from games spaced out by a 5-7 days. Even if so that’s on Wagner though. He could have rested players against Brum but his utter reliance on the same 11-12 players and refusal to give basically any minutes to anyone else is on him.
  22. Which is completely fair, but I don’t think it accounts for just how far off the pace we were. Leeds haven’t had many easier games all season.
  23. We’ll have to agree to disagree. One of the most embarrassing big game performances I can remember from us since Fulham and it’s not like we don’t have history. That was arguably our strongest side and we completely no showed.
  24. Who knows what was on the table if anything at all? If it was a 20% pay cut for instance why the hell should he accept it to stay? It’s not like everyone else would be getting theirs cut too. If, and it’s a big if, he was offered the exact same terms for an extension and he wanted more I’d agree with you, but that seems unlikely given our financial reality.
  25. Mumba makes sense in hindsight, he’s not had a strong season by all accounts. McCallum is 24 in Sep and can’t nail down a starting place. Aboh looks like he made his mind up a long time ago. Kamara would be the one you assume has to stay, unless like Mumba they think he can’t make the step up.
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