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  1. Never go back, virtually never works. Let’s look forward.
  2. Kind of hope so, he’ll probably make them a force next season. Rather they stay a basket case.
  3. Don’t think Russ is coming now…
  4. Yes, I can completely believe you don’t see that.
  5. We’ve commodified adventure and sold it to narcissists. What a time to be alive.
  6. Probably part of why he is so liked, a lot of us probably work in organisations that are full of politics, it’s so pervasive. I don’t meet many who enjoy that other than the ones who are good at negotiating it and most of them in private acknowledge how toxic it is but “play the game”.
  7. This, didn’t know about any of them but Still is the standout for me from looking at the three records and taking the leagues into account. I’m actually surprised if we are a big enough club for his ambitions, I think it would be a bit of a coup. Whoever we get though it’s exciting times.
  8. Or if he doesn’t. Either way a managers tenure is finite in the modern game. Which was meant to be the whole point of the SD model I thought.
  9. No it’s not just you, I love hearing about unknown names for managers and players and getting to do some research and get excited at the potential. One of the best parts of these processes for me. Its why I really enjoy the transfer windows because it’s all about the potential.
  10. Oh I’m disappointed, thought it was a vote and was just deciding which one of City1st’s alts deserved it.
  11. Acknowledging context is a dying game.
  12. Looks like this was almost over the line with Rangers, interesting if we hijack. Know nothing about him (sure 99% of us don’t) but on paper exactly the type of player want to see, young players who are potential gems.
  13. I think there’s a really good player there somewhere, he’s certainly got the knack of being in the right place right time for a shot and that’s priceless. A lot depends on who comes in and what they see but I’m not so sure Fassnacht is going to want away just because Wagner’s gone, he did an interview a while back and was clear he wanted to play in England and was enjoying the opportunity.
  14. Not sure what more there is to say, guys just being professional. Complete waste of 5 months of a limited time career for him, I can imagine he’s fuming in private but why make a public drama on social media. I feel pretty sorry for him on a personal level, upended his life to move to another country to try and restart his career and then was relegated to scraps of almost nothing.
  15. United and Chelsea also interested allegedly, this is priceless. Although we better get our own man sorted ASAP, don’t want any other club scuppering it.
  16. Oh I’m sure we do, but nailing down which of them will depend on if they have other offers on the table. I imagine any head coach we are interested in will probably have options.
  17. We aren’t the only club looking for a manager, even if we did have someone lined up it’s never confirmed until the contracts signed.
  18. They’ve made it clear it’s due to his versatility, given how much the squads about to get churned think it makes sense. It’s only a one year deal with another year option. Glad to see there’s some hope with Aboh, thought that was well and truly dead.
  19. I thought Clarke still had years on his contract. Regardless glad to see he’s gone. I hope he has had plenty of time to reflect and he’s free to go on and rebuild his career, but glad it’s not here.
  20. Not sure exactly why but I’m really hoping for and expecting a young, up and coming coach. I’ll freely admit I know absolutely nothing about him other than a quick google search, but a 51 year old who was sacked back in January doesn’t feel that exciting. If it’s him I’ll be fully behind him obviously, just my opinion.
  21. To be fair it’s a good question and the fact you ask 100 supporters you get a bunch of different answers is part of the problem Knapper has to deal with I guess. Some might say winning football is the answer but that’s not strictly true, people were moaning like crazy when Smith was winning and Hughton got us our highest place finish in decades and people hated what we were watching. For me personally the specifics of what the system does and provides aren’t important. Personally I want to see a team that feels like it’s progressing on and off the pitch. Long term thinking backed up by being competitive now. So back to a good mix of talented youthful players and cool older heads playing a clear way. It needs to be the right mix of pragmatism and entertaining (I think when people say “attacking football” that’s what they mean). There’s no point dominating the ball in the Championship if you can’t convert that to PL success of any kind, Burnley and us have proved it. There’s also no point grinding out results if what is being served up is utterly turgid. Good luck to Knapper and the new Head Coach, threading the needle is going to be hard.
  22. Depending on how big a reset this is wouldn’t be surprised to see Barnes finish his contact on loan somewhere to be honest. I’m not sure an exciting youthful coach like it seems we are after is going to want him for the old school stuff he brings.
  23. I’d have kept him over Duffy and Hanley (only because of his injury) but given the contract situation it makes total sense. However I also don’t feel like any of those three are the natural leader you’d want in a back line partnering youth players. I just never get the feeling from any of them (Hanley’s probably the best but seems really quiet) that they marshalled that back line and lead by example. For every great block there’s a mistake and/or some finger pointing at others.
  24. I think if it was needed, it had to be done as a full reset and not on promotion. It was done in the most spectacularly self defeating way possible. We did not have the players to play that way and gambling we could buy them and change the team in one summer in the hardest league in the world was stupidly optimistic IMO. If we wanted a reset in style of play it should have been done on the first relegation. Taking a team that’s just come off the high of promotion and selling the best player, drafting in a bunch of different players with no experience at that level and completely changing the way the team plays so a lot of the team weren’t playing the system they were bought for and drilled in was insanity IMO. It was never, ever going to work and likely did far more damage long term than building on what we had would have done. I still believe personally if we had built on what we’d been doing we would have performed better, although probably still not been close to survival.
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