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  1. About time, great news. Wonder what that means for him this season though, surely a loan to prove himself as not sure I can see him being given regular minutes personally.
  2. Is older players backed up by younger players really likely to be what we go for? Seems a very odd move given the vision. If Fisher or Montoia aren’t good enough to start surely a loan is a better choice for their development?
  3. Hanley proved he has still got it. He’s only a year left on his contract though so while there’s nothing to cash in on it might be easier for him to find a new club than Duffy.
  4. To be fair, we spent a lot more to go backwards last time we got there
  5. There’s been absolutely zero excellence this tournament, you’re on a wind up. He was one minute away from one of the most abject tournament exits in England history.
  6. Southgate should buy a lottery ticket lol
  7. About to hit 70 mins and one sub, this is crazy
  8. How on earth have there been no subs? Cant wait to see Gordon get 3 mins again.
  9. Said the other day he just seems stubborn.
  10. How dare they don’t they know how unhelpful that is
  11. Which doesn’t make him make him more successful really then? Just luckier with draws? Which is my point. When he beats a major nation then he deserves all the credit he will get. I’m not sure what game he’s won otherwise you’d argue he shouldn’t have.
  12. I don’t disagree, but my point is talking about how successful he is misses that point.
  13. He’s won the same number of trophies as all the rest of them in my lifetime. Of course we need to acknowledge he’s done well but we can’t ignore the opposition surely? Tournament football the draw matters, opposition aren’t equal. Other than Germany he’s not beaten a single major nation in the knockouts.
  14. I hope you’re wrong but suspect you’re right.
  15. Just turned on, what on earth have they been discussing for an hour and 20 minutes already?
  16. Ok, it read like you were saying the article was rubbish because it used Euros.
  17. Most SA articles use Euros I think, even though it’s nothing to do with the transaction, probably just because it’s a familiar currency maybe? I seem to remember the Sara and Nunez articles also sometimes referred to euros.
  18. Are you talking about Sainz? I think you’ve lost some perspective here if so. Sainz played 33 games for us including missing a match through suspension. He was also fully fit mid October after a slight set back but then he wasn’t given a start till mid December. That’s on Wagner. Just a reminder Sargent played 26 times and Rowe 32. Rowe missed 11 games with his hamstring injury.
  19. I’m not underplaying it, I’m just saying it wasn’t “unprecedented”. It’s not like we were playing a CM at CB for multiple matches because we had no choice or didn’t have a single fit striker. I’m not convinced our injuries were significantly worse than other clubs. Sargent was the one that really told on us, think everyone agrees that but some of that is on Wagner being completely unable to get the best out of the remaining 3 strikers including the one you’re so unhappy we let go. I’m not sure what narrative it fits? I think Wagner did incredibly well to achieve what he did but he wasn’t the only head coach with injuries. The squad next year however is going to be significantly different by the end of the summer, and depending who’s left will set expectations. I’m not sure it’s a slight caveat, we lose Sara and one or both of Sargent and Rowe it’s a massive downgrade, add players like Gunn and McClean potentially and it’s a complete overhaul that’s likely taking more than a season. We won’t know until the window shuts. Presumably next year won’t be injury free either. If by some miracle Sara and Sargent in particular are still here I’d be much more inclined to believe we should be achieving a top 6 or close finish.
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