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  1. Does make you wonder from Holt''s comments though, that maybe booing Lambert might have a negative effect on his former players.....
  2. The whole affair massively stinks to me. Lamberts gone now, so while I respect what he did here I don''t care whether he loves NCFC still or not. But its clear though that Lambert has issue with both McNally and Bowkett but will we ever know exactly why? The manner in which he left (and the manner of his arrival) was always going to paint him in a bad light to the fans, but you can''t help but think that the war of words between him and Bowkett in particular, and the nature of the legal case surrounding his departure has a very personal spin on it. There appears to have been some deep personal clashes and like most who are curios, I would love to know the exact timeline of events and what was said before he departed.
  3. See I think your probably right on the liking Thatcher count, but I''m not sure those people are really represented by Tories any more in the same way that Labour tries to distance itself from the Unions when they are being too left wing! Mind you not everything Thatcher did was bad, although I have heard some pretty interesting arguments about Hitler in the same vein, so..... As a child of her era, who couldn''t have given a cr@p that she took away my milk, I can be more objective than those of working age at the time. The trouble is although politics has become boring, people still like to tag themselves as Labour/Tories and by extension working class/middle class when the divide between the two has become very murky in recent times (Class not party''s, although that could easily be argued as well). People still cling to the party rhetoric without actually being objective about what''s happening. I don''t think the Con/Lib government are crushing the poor and have betrayed the country, by the same token I don''t think everything Labour did was awesome or crushingly bad. It''s why I find political debate on this forum (and in general) so tedious, unless your prepared to admit the good and bad done by both parties, your not actually using your own brain. That is party politics, unthinking blind idiot tribalism, leading to a popularity contest to run the world. You think we would have thought of something better by now.
  4. Your totally right Nutty in the fact that its a strange mix, and not a particularly interesting one now, the days of football being a working class man''s sport are long gone. To be honest from what I''ve seen your also probably right in your second sentence, although while having no hardcore allegiance myself, I would also suggest there is a quite a lot of left wing working class clichés that also get touted far too much on here for a football forum. The reality is that most of us, like politicians themselves nowadays, sit firmly in the centre ground. There just isn''t so many big issues in politics that the main parties disagree on any more, even in the present climate.
  5. It will be a good move for him and Forest, he is a proven quality CB at Championship level and even though he signed a new contract one would presume that, as he seems surplus to requirements here, any permanent deal fee would be well below the going rate. I wish him luck if it is permanent. I don''t think he is anywhere near as bad as some on this board like to make out, as well as the fact that Lambert appeared to rate him highly. I wonder if he hadn''t been injured when the squad was decided upon, whether he would have replaced Barnett, his many appearances so far suggest not but we will probably never know.
  6. Haha, brilliant! I''m not a massive fan of his politics but it is good to see a high profile Supporter who''s loud and proud! It is about time someone duelled the bloody A11 though.... Haha the threads already started to dissolve into tribal politics! Pull out a few more Tory clichés thirsty lizard, that will definitely win the argument!
  7. Haha, brilliant! I''m not a massive fan of his politics but it is good to see a high profile Supporter who''s loud and proud! It is about time someone duelled the bloody A11 though.... Haha the threads already started to dissolve into tribal politics! Pull out a few more Tory clichés thirsty lizard, that will definitely win the argument!
  8. Please replace with John Wark. He can instigate a Bryan Gunnesque tour to the 3rd tier!
  9. LDC has a point, its bubblegum psychology but by chanting "Judas" at him all your really doing is highlighting the fact that he betrayed us and you are hurt by that. If he actually cared he wouldn''t have left! so its all fairly pointless. All your actually doing is utilising your opportunity to face your betrayer and tell him how you feel. The chances are, he doesn''t give a sh@t!
  10. I would have issue with your thread title, I''d argue McNally is probably technically the catalyst for our success. Paul Lambert was a great manager for us and is rightly in the hall of fame for what he achieved here in three seasons. He got constant recognition for his success when he was our manager, clapped, sung for and praised by 1000''s of supporters culminating in that award. He''s no longer here and every supporter is entitled to treat his exit as they feel necessary. Ex players usually get a good reception when they were well thought of at a club and return to play, however ones that left under a cloud usually get roundly booed. He has left now under pretty murky circumstances and each supporter is fully entitled to treat him in the manner they feel is appropriate in my opinion. As I said he got the praise and recognition when he was here.
  11. I would play the same 11 again. They have to be brimming with confidence after Arsenal and it seems stupid to have finally discovered the winning formula and then completely rip it up. I think there is enough in there that Lambert doesn''t know as much about (Bassong/Turner/Garrido/Tettey) if we were actually worried about that. I also reckon his old players will want to show him what he is missing.
  12. I really can''t be bothered to get into an argument with you. I actually quite enjoy your responses within threads and there are others on here who are quite prepared to argue with you till the cows come home for no particular reason other than they have taken a dislike to your optimism. But when you start a thread like this, that is when I feel you probably deserve it a bit. And now your guilty of not reading my post properly, I never said you say those things if you read it, I said that is the vibe you give off whether intended or not. And in my opinion, fight the good fight against the constant pointless hysterical negative threads on here, but do it in those threads, don''t start new ones spouting the opposite ideology/attacking moaners or ones congratulating yourself when city win like this (and thats what you have done whether you think so or not), I''m sure we would have got a fair few "look I told you so" threads from negative people if we''d lost. By doing so your just as guilty as them of what your perceiving them to be guilty of.
  13. LDC, don''t take this completely the wrong way but I''m starting to see you a bit as the anti-wiz. The pantomime hero to his villain. I think the reason that some posters have been giving you flack is because its unrealistic to always be positive about everything. Its unrealistic to suggest things don''t need improving and people never make mistakes and whether intended or not, this is the vibe you give off and it attracts the naysayers to you like flies round s**t. I think the majority of supporters on here were prepared to give Hughton his dozen games to prove himself and quite frankly still should be. It was a great win and a cracking team performance but one result doesn''t herald the second coming as others have said. I want to see a good performance against both Villa and Stoke and realistically a bare minimum of 2 points from those games to be happy, as if not this result will quickly get put down by many as a bad day at the office for Arsenal rather than a turning point for City.
  14. Totally agree, hes had a bad start but didn''t deserve some of the torrent of abuse on here for a good player with premiership pedigree. Really glad to see him prove the doubters wrong against a top side and him and Bassong have the potential to be a formidable partnership for me, really hope he kicks on from this and cements a place in the team with some more strong performances.
  15. whoareyou? to me their boards look eerily similar to here before yesterdays result, with dare I say it, a lot less hysterical posters agreeing to the spouting of doom and gloom. Mind you that''s probably not fair, its only a few on here, its just they post so much its like there are more of them.
  16. Wow, just wow. You watched the game when you were there right? The midfield was immense across the board off the ball.
  17. Immense team performance but Johnson or Bassong for me, probably shaded by Bassong.
  18. Ernie, pretty much totally agree, I haven''t posted much really as some of the stuff on here has been ridiculous, I don''t mind constructive criticism or people being worried about our start but posts have gone well beyond that. Really happy for Turner, he''s been rubbished by many and I hope he now kicks on from this and proves everyone wrong.
  19. Harsh Technika, hes played well, should have hit the target but its good to see one of our CBs getting on those chances. Great first half!
  20. Like the line up, really need Wes and the two wingers to get up and support Holt quickly though when we attack. I hope Turner proves the doubters wrong, I was happy when we signed him and still think we have got ourselves a good premiership player. I think (and hope) Morty is right and we will see a different Turner next to the more assured figure of Bassong.
  21. I think i would drop Howson, i think he is a cracking player but is looking more and more anonymous this season. I''d like to see a more attacking 451 with Johnson and Tettey holding, Wes behind Holt and 2 wingers from Pilkington/Snodgrass and Bennett pushing forward to support.
  22. I think the OP has done a good job of picking out the relatively slim positives from the match. Holt looked back to his best and worked very hard, his finish was top class. Wes played well with some really clever passing and recycling of the ball when options ahead were pretty slim most of the time, apart from being rather pathetically bundled off the ball for their third. Thought Tettey played well for his first PL start away at Chelsea (gentle introduction!) but should have done much better with his header though. I expected us to lose heavily away at Chelsea and we did, Hughton still has his dozen PL games to show he is up to it with me, and neither this game or the next were likely to be the ones he proves it in. Have to say i like Barnett and he has done well so far this season but he was the pick of a number of poor players yesterday. Doesn''t make him a scapegoat, i don''t think its wrong to point out when someone has a bad game. Blaming the midfield is all very well but Chelsea were always going to have the mammoth share of possession today and Barnett looked the weakest link in a pretty ropey all round team defensive performance. I''d like to see personally how a Bennett/Bassong partnership would work so it was nice to see the lad get some game time.
  23. On the money for me Kick it Off. I fully expected us to lose this game but I think we have played ok apart from the 3rd goal where no one picked him up. A little bit of perspective needed, they are the European Champions and their 3rd scorer cost more than are entire starting team by some way (probably more than double). If this was Wigan Away or Reading or Southampton I could understand the instant return to frustration but anything other than a heavy defeat in this fixture the way they have been playing is a bonus imo.
  24. Its a really good post by the OP. I don''t think your an armchair fan and even if you were it wouldn''t make you any less of a fan/supporter imo. I''m in a similar situation (except I live 6 hours away now, when in the UK!) and get to games sparingly, but watch everything I can on TV or online. I can''t get a season ticket as I literally don''t know whether I might be away for an entire season (Its happened before!) so I get to games when I can and make the best of it. I watched most of the last Championship season the only way I could, by refreshing BBC text commentary and waiting the 2 mins or so for it to download while sitting in a ship at sea. I''ve been supporting Norwich since I was old enough to know about the club, took myself on the bus to see my first game as none of my family were interested and I''d have exception with anyone who says I''m less of a fan than them because I don''t own a season ticket and live in Norfolk any more. If someone is passionate and knowledgeable about Norwich I honestly couldn''t care whether they only started supporting us when we got to the Premiership or out of league 1 or have been for 50 years. Whether they never go to games or go all the time. Whether they are any good at playing football or were always picked last! Why should I? As long as they love the club and have a better thought out opinion than the average Canary caller! they are just as welcome to air them here as anyone else.
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