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  1. Personally I thought Morison held onto the ball too long and pushed Howson wide when he played it. If he''d released it earlier and more central it would have been an easier chance, but its all personal opinion. I agree when he came on though he won the ball well in the air. To be honest I think he is better in the air than Holt at getting flick ons an holding up the balls hit long, but there''s not much in it. Holt''s all round game is much better though imo, Some of his link up play, especially with Hoolahan , is superb, not to mention the great work he does defensively and his overall great workrate. I see no reason to get rid of Morison (sorry Nexus!) I think he is a good squad player, but I certainly see no reason to drop Holt on present form, he was great today.
  2. I personally have always said that I would give him a dozen premier league games to prove himself. By the end of a dozen games your signings, team sheet and tactics should be starting to show dividends. While if its all going wrong its a good time to get a new man in and established before the transfer window opens. I imagine, like me, most supporters have not jumped on either the small outcry on here of: a) needing to get rid now (after the Fulham/Liverpool games) or b) he''s now the best manager ever (after the Arsenal game). Most I imagine wanted to give him the dozen (or whatever number you thought reasonable) games to show a consistent trend of positive performances (if not results). The last 5 performances (admittedly including a cup game, but against quality opposition) have to me shown Hughton''s tactics and improvements to the team (including some very good signings) coming to fruition. I hope this momentum continues for the rest of the season, but after today''s result I think its hard to argue he wasn''t a good if not the best choice available for the job. He deserves credit for what he''s achieved adding some defensive steel to our team and in turn the recent results against quality opposition. What a way to finish those first dozen premier league games in charge! Another great day for our brilliant club, great credit to the manager, his background team and the players! OTBC
  3. Crispy, read the whole thread with interest and was about to post something similar. He is entitled to his views and by not making a public statement in support of them he HAS been respectful.
  4. This game wasn''t a must win! It was for Reading and that''s why it was important we came away with at least a point. It was pretty dull game, lacking in class, but imo we got the result here we needed today, a point away from home (and a clean sheet). Could have easily have won it in the last 20 with some nice crosses that begged to be put away. But a point away from home to any team is a good result in this league and keeps us ticking over, great defensive, organised display against a team with real attacking threat.
  5. Bit harsh on E Bennett, but hopefully Snodgrass proves he''s worth his inclusion. Looks pretty much our best side at the minute though, OTBC!
  6. Yep there''s just over a 100 seats left for today, most are in terrible positions, about 25% are resticted/obstructed view and there are only 3 places available in the ground to sit with someone else. Boo those of us who didn''t want to spend 50 quid to watch Stoke, not sitting with our mates in restricted view seats.... Or to make an analogy, I went to watch Skyfall the night it came out. The cinema was heaving, tickets were very expensive and you couldn''t book seats so me and the wife turned up half an hour early to beat the rush so we could sit together. When the film finally started, you wouldn''t believe it, there was about a dozen single seats on their own in good viewing positions no one was sitting in! also the really crappy ones on the first row where you have to crane your neck to see were also empty. Maybe I was wrong, maybe it wasn''t that busy and there wasn''t huge demands to see the film. Or maybe the people who came late and realised the screen was already nearly full didn''t fancy paying to sit on there own with crap views for the same price as everybody else.
  7. Its a good post LDC and I''m in a similar boat, 500+ mile round trip to watch city if I''m not working. I''d suspect the same is true of casual fans who live in Norwich though, at 50 pounds a ticket to watch a game, you want to save your chance to watch a better side than stoke.
  8. Speed is not a vital part of his game its technique and skill, other players have continued to play at this level way passed 30, look at Giggs. Hoolahan could continue to be a starter/squad player of real quality for 3/4 more seasons. Maybe Butterfield or Howson or a new player will gazump his place in the team. But I would still keep him in the squad, as others have said, guys of his technical ability are few and far between in the premiership.
  9. I saw it on a stream and they showed 2 or 3 replays. It was a terrible, reckless challenge and it did look like there was some contact. Tierney''s still at fault and its still a penalty imo because he was nowhere near the ball and made contact with the player. Others have made the point it''s almost expected nowadays if you get contact to go down. The main problem for me is, players don''t seem to think they will get fouls/penalty decisions if they try and stay on their feet. Their needs to be a positive change where play is allowed to carry on but then stopped and brought back if there''s no advantage. This just doesn''t happen enough in football imo, and therefore players wont try and carry on if fouled they will just drop and take the foul.
  10. You could have given kids tickets away for free, most still wouldn''t have come, if its a choice between free Norwich tickets to watch all their heroes sit on the bench or the one night of endless free sweets a year, most kids would choose the sweets! Also while not wanting to call our CEO a liar as I don''t have access to the figures he does, but I''m not really sure how we wouldn''t have made more money from extra food, drink, programmes etc. even if the ticket revenue was the same, either that or wages for those working at carrow road are too high! It''s a very begrudging apology when he says I got it wrong but actually I was right....but he''s done wonders for this club so actually make these sort of mistakes, in the grand scheme of things, it makes little difference. Oh and can we not bring the stadium expansion argument in to last night, last nights game was about as far away from an indicator of how many extra norwich fans would watch premiership games as you can get. Protests about ticket prices, Halloween, midweek, miserable cold weather, reserve side out, no indication of how many season ticket holders went.... it tells you zero.
  11. Am I the only person who found that funny? Because I did when I heard it on the stream. Are you telling me you''ve never joined in a rousing chorus of "Sign on, Sign on....and you''ll never get a job" when were playing Liverpool? Regional stereotypes exist and get roundly mocked by fans of opposing clubs each week, rightly or wrongly, think what its like to be a Brighton fan. Most fans have pretty thick skins and I''ve heard a lot worse. Other than that as the op said they were very respectful of our manager for his former connections with their club, I think a bit of banter is to be expected from opposition fans.
  12. Nice report Ricardo, sums up all the relevant points as the game didn''t have much going on until they scored. The penalty was stonewall though, benefit of watching the game online and seeing replays. Tierney made a good show of trying to say walker dived, but in truth it was a rash challenge and he was lucky bunn saved his blushes! I also thought whittaker did well for a guy who''s been out since preseason, started to tire late on but who wouldn''t having to shackle bale! Snoddy put some quality balls in from set pieces which was nice to see after the Villa game! I agree it was a pretty decent performance from all involved considering the lack of game time most have had.
  13. Snodgrass has also been quite impressive as well, been busting a gut both going forwards, pressing and defending.
  14. Got to agree on Whittaker, he is looking very good for someone who has been out since pre-season. Not really much else to say, its not been a cup classic, but Tottenham don''t look massively dangerous either apart from Bale.
  15. You''d like to think that our second string have something to prove but I would rather have not seen 10 changes! Bale and Dempsey playing for Spurs shows some intent.
  16. If those scores become results and Arsenal, Sunderland and Southampton go out, and one of Chelsea/Man U and Liverpool/Swansea are going out tomorrow. We will be in one of the weakest last eights we could hope for, assuming we beat Tottenham. If we then avoid one of the big two (presuming even a weak Liverpool will beat the Swans) in the next round, it will be our best chance of a visit to the final for years. I hope we go for it tomorrow and put out a strong team to beat Tottenham even more now, if scores stay the same.
  17. I always get annoyed when an almost entirely different 11 gets used for Cup games, if we don''t care about these competitions why do we bother playing in them? (I know we have to, but you know what I mean!) I understand staying in the league is important and therefore not risking players, but isn''t maintaining form, developing experience with a system, keeping partnerships developing (Bassong/Turner, Tettey/Johnson, a revitalised Holt/Hoolahan etc.) also important? Not to mention we could actually win this competition if we tried! Its the one cup that clubs our size are usually pretty competitive in. Whittaker is an enforced change, otherwise i''d like to keep it as ear to first 11 as possible and maybe give a chance to a couple who haven''t had it. We should look to win this. I know it will look significantly different, but i''d like something like this: Ruddy, Whittaker, Bassong, Turner, Garrido Snodgrass, Fox, Tettey, Pilkington, Hoolahan, Holt Maybe swap Pilkington for Surman and Wes for Butterfield. But i''d rather the core continued to play together, with a couple of changes.
  18. LDC "Its just that we need to see an end product from him" er we did, he laid on an assist for the goal. That''s his role, not a second striker as others have pointed out. I always bang on about stats as evidence for opinion so its great to see your post Shack, a great read with a few extra ones I wasn''t aware of. Bethnal you are right he had more assists than any other Norwich player in the Premier league last year, I always bang on about that in a Wes thread, but it gets roundly ignored.
  19. The obvious person to me is Lappin. I love the guy, his loyalty and professionally while here has been exemplary. But we have two recognised left backs and Whittaker can apparently play there as well, so we don''t need him to cover LB and our midfield is chock full of more talented players. There''s no room for sentiment in football management and for us to improve on the squad he has to move on at some point. Chris Martin is probably the obvious choice as well, again I have nothing against the guy and think he''s a good player, but he is not playing and he probably needs to move on for his own development rather than be 4th/5th choice striker here if someone else comes in. Whittaker hasn''t played so seems an odd choice to suggest as R Martin is the only other real RB. Surman is a good player when needed, but shows the clubs evolution, he''s now a squad player/backup and is exactly the sort of player you want when injuries hit or your changing the system. If we get a new striker he needs to be a cut above what we have as otherwise there seems little point. If he''s a great target man I''m not sure that really helps matters as we have Holt but it would put question marks over Morison (Who at the minute I think is well worthy of a squad place) or if he''s a fast striker with an eye for goal you start wondering about Jackson, but if Martin went I would keep Jackson. The club has to evolve so some players inevitably have to move on, whether they are still well liked or not, Crofts probably left at the right time with Tettey now here, who seems to be a growing addition to the team. The important thing is those coming in are better than current first team players and that we keep the right players who will be useful to remain in the squad, Morrison in particular for me will still be useful (What if Holt breaks a leg?) unless we randomly buy another big but mobile target man.
  20. Nutty just read your comment and it''s spot on. I would never suggest a player was faultless but some of the criticism levelled at our players is ridiculous at times.
  21. What a complete contradiction York. You can''t champion their goalkeeper as motm then call Wes'' chance a sitter. Both were fantastic saves and the one I assume your talking about he closed down quickly and saved with a toe. Give peas a chance I said one of the best players, not the best. And pots is a popularity contest and doesn''t always reflect the players playing well just the perceived fans favourites (cough lee croft).
  22. Is it because he isn''t Messi LDC? This or similar seems to be the commonest complaint about him. Someone of Wes skill who made less errors would cost double figure millions and wouldn''t be playing for us. He got an assist today with a great ball (when it seemed like know one else on our team new how to cross today). He also got our highest number last season and has been one of the driving forces of our success of the last 3 campaigns. I''m happy to admit that he''s not the perfect footballer but nearly all the complaints levelled against him are like yours, no real tangible reason just "I think he gives the ball away too much" or "he doesn''t actually create that much". He actually plays more passes in a game than our other midfielders because he is always looking to get on the ball, has a high pass completion rate and as previously stated the highest assists last year. So what''s any of this criticism really based on? I can only draw the conclusion that its because he''s not someone better, who we therefore couldn''t afford and wouldn''t want to play for us.....
  23. According to wikipedia "The Barclay is named after Captain Evelyn Barclay, a former vice-president of the club, who donated the cost of roofing the original stand." I''m assuming this is correct as the citation is the clubs history, but I personally had never thought about it.
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