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  1. Pretty much agree. I can''t decide what''s sadder though, the fact that such a post is needed or that the people who it''s aimed at won''t read it or care. This message board is about 90% utter rubbish on a good day. I think the majority stay for the few worthwhile posts, it''s bizarre really.
  2. Scooby, its a long post and I agree with most of what you have said. Ultimately Hughton makes the decisions and got some wrong, Wes shouldn''t have been dropped, Bennett shouldn''t be played on the left and we are struggling with the loss of key players. I have to say I think the way we attack is the main problem with the current team, and that is down to the manager. 4-5-1 is not defensive if you move fluidly from defence to attack. We seem to have got the defence usually right (sat a notable exception) and we are especially hard to break down when teams try to slowly build up on us due to the discipline of the team, that I wholly commend Hughton for. The problem I have is that discipline is sorely lacking when we attack, and we don''t fluidly change from defence to attack when we have the ball. A) Holt. I love the guy but when he wins a header and one of the wingers/Hoolahan picks the ball up, he should then be busting a gut to get into the box. He''s our only real aerial threat in the final third and he shouldn''t be hanging around out wide trying to deliver the ball in this formation, its not his role. B) One of the defensive midfield two needs to be given licence to get forward when we attack. Seriously when was the last time you saw either of them in/around the box in open play? We simply don''t support attacks enough and isolate the guy in the hole and the lone striker. C) The opposite winger also needs to get into an attacking position when balls go in to the box, Snoddy is usually very good at it and was often making a nuisance of himself on crosses from the left, I''m not sure Pilkington has offered the same threat for a fairly big lad who we know can head a ball. D) The Full backs need to overlap more when the attack builds up on one side, too often the winger checks back to them and then we play triangles and no one advances or puts a decent ball in. They need to be offering that outlet more than they currently do where instead Holt or the attacking midfielder gets dragged out wide, completely ruining our attacking shape and threat. There my 4 biggest points but the amount of chances and goals scored from open play speaks for itself. You can only blame the management team for this, I know we all like to think we are experts! but I honestly don''t understand why as an armchair fan I watch these issues time and time again each week, the management team must be aware and are either too cautious or haven''t corrected it in training. While I think we should always look to invest in better players and we should have other formation options, its my opinion, but I feel this is our biggest issue. One moment against Liverpool summed it up for me, Holt won a header out wide left, Snoddy picked it up, twisted and drove forward into the final third, Holt trotted behind waiting for the ball to be pulled back, Howson was on the edge of the area, Martin or either DM nowhere to be seen and EB hugging the opposite touchline. Snoddy runs into 4 red shirts, doesn''t cross as no option on anyway, drives into the box and gets dispossessed, ball gets punted up to Suarez who wins it against Tettey and in that snapshot picture we have four lined up at the back and two defensive midfielders in our half. Why? 6 against two when we had the ball, and then they still managed to attack from that position against us....
  3. I like to see people critiquing on here, if people want to vent and moan I also don''t mind but I''m not going to read it. The problem is most posters on here make complete sweeping statements with no evidence or solution. They just complain. I don''t think anyone can say there is nothing to complain about in terms of the club and the football on offer this season (but there was also plenty wrong last season but lambert had us comfortably safe and 2 seasons of massive goodwill behind him). Things will never be perfect and constructive criticism should always be welcomed. It would just be nice to see more constructive posts on here, more analysis and argument based on facts and the football than hughton is (insert expletive), get him out. I personally have been disappointed in some of the football played this year and while overall I feel ok about our current position, hughton still has work to do to win me over. But endless bull threads over and over just moaning on the same subject is irritating and clogs the board, that has nothing to do with small club mentality or not.
  4. I kind of see what your saying but personally I have a slightly different view. I think the formation we play would be fine but we are far too rigid. Both DM seem reluctant to ever go forward, seriously if it''s not a set piece when have you ever seen tettey or bj in the opposition box? When we have the ball one needs to be released to go forward but they stubbornly hold back leaving a huge gap between them and the guy in the hole, who has no support to move forward. Our fullbacks also seem reluctant to overlap, garrido in particular, instead they support the attacks but pretty ineffectively as the ball usually goes backwards to them allowing the opposition to close them down. You rarely see the opposite winger in the box either when a cross goes in. I am the only person that sometimes finds holt frustrating? I f''in love the guy, but up front on his own he nearly always drifts to the wing. Who the hell is he going to cross to? Wes? He sorely needs a strike partner but whether the system will change if we get someone in, who knows. One moment summed today up for me, snoddy ended up getting the ball from holt on the right wing and dribbled forward into 4 red shirts who closed him down. Holt remained behind him making no effort to support, there was no one in the box if he had crossed, howson was on the edge, the two DMs were nowhere to be seen and Elliot bennet was hugging th opposite touchline. It was all just a bit pointless. We don''t ever seem to support attacks fully. whether that''s the formation, the rigidness of the system, bad communication, poor direction from management I don''t know but IMO we could play this same formation and be attacking going forward, we just don''t.
  5. Because away at Liverpool is the perfect opportunity for an attacking midfielder to walk into the team and shine. Don''t get me wrong, I thought Howson was going to be a top player for us this season and he has not lived up to that, but he needs a run of games and I agree with others I''m not sure this system suits him. This whole take your chance rhetoric, so often spouted on here, is great, but its hard to come into a team that''s been under-performing in any Premier League game and shine, let alone away to Liverpool. They may not be the force they once were, but they have players far in excess of the quality of ours.
  6. The thing that gets me is, prices are always inflated in January and more than likely Hooper would go for less in the summer especially with only a year left on his contract. So if I was the club, and Hooper does want to leave for more money, EPL games, International chances etc. (the reason for wanting out is kind of irrelevant, but assuming he does want a move), why keep him? The Club/Lennon are making all the right noises about Hooper staying and the Champions League run but realistically they know winning the Champions league is very unlikely, they will almost certainly win the domestic League/Cups without Hooper so why not sell him now for more money than in the summer? I think he will leave this window, weather to us or not. The whole he wont leave because of CL football argument is a complete smokescreen. Celtic are better off selling him now, whether the fans like it or not, and imo if he wants a move they will.
  7. But he is tricky and cuts back and crosses inswinging corners with his left on the right chunky, if you play him on the left he has to get passed defenders to get a cross in, he''s not quick enough for that in my opinion. I''d love to see Bennet given a chance too but I think you can only really do that by compromising Snodgrass''s best position. Personally I think Wes is often in the box but we always look to cross to head from the wings, so he''s made pretty useless, we need to drive more balls in or look for the cut back. Saying that I can''t defend the chance he had against Newcastle, he should have buried it with his right.
  8. GP Just because an organisation pays employees doesn''t make it a business, many operate and pay their employees without being businesses or run on a business line. Charities, Public Services, I''m in the armed Forces as far as I am aware we are not run like a business but I still get paid. Football Clubs are not run like a business, that is the crux of my very argument. Yes businesses do lose money or break even but they are either failing or investing for the future. The prime motivation of any business is to make money for their owner or shareholders, whether in the short or long term. Football clubs (and indeed any sports club) are not run like this and therefore cannot be compared to any other "normal" business.
  9. I don''t think personally Hoolahan has done much wrong, but with Holt coming back I think it would be foolish to drop him when they have such a good relationship on the pitch. Also, Snodgrass has been arguably our best attacking player all season, but playing on the right wing, it would seem madness to move him from that position which he favours by all accounts and has been so successful in.
  10. Football isn''t a business, we all say it is, but it isn''t. Just because something is floated or has shareholders doesn''t make it a business by any normal standards. What other example is out there of a business where the only people making any significant money out of it are the employees?
  11. Do you really think he''s not good enough for Swansea? Michu has just been a revelation and kept him out of the team until recently and if you put stock in it there are rumours out there of a bustup with laudrup. I know for some reason hating Swansea seems to be a default setting around here but Graham is a proven goalscrorer, he would easily be second choice here and pushing Holt to start.
  12. In amongst all the rumours and conjecture this is one of those few tangible facts that points to me as if Graham is either on his way out or is at least considering offers. I''d love it if he came here, but I think with them losing out on Remy, desperate to land a striker and him being a fan, Newcastle is looking a good bet. Maybe he just got fed up with people asking about him moving but to me it seems a bit of a signal somethings up.
  13. Also does anyone expect Michu to still be at the swans by the end of the summer? Getting rid of Graham would be fantastically shortsighted IMO. It will just leave them more shopping to do.
  14. Pretty sure he''s suspended, but agree better than messi! ;)
  15. I don''t think Morison is a world beating striker but there is a big difference in that and him being good enough for a squad place. His constant vilification on this thread and others is pretty pathetic for a player who''s goals last season played a big part in keeping us up. He suffers from the major problem that he''s not Grant Holt. I love holt, but I also realize there are few players with all of his attributes and work rate and we are unlikely to end up with four strikers of his calibre in our squad for a few transfer windows yet. He didn''t have the best game yesterday, but he wasnt awful, and neither did some of our better players of this run. You also can''t expect the guy to walk in to the team with minimal game time and strike up an instant partnership with Wes, it''s ridiculous. I also find it ironic that some are suggesting Kenwe jones as a good replacement, while saying you can''t base Morisons ability on what he was like a year ago..... I hope the guy moves on in January for his own sake, we can get someone else to not be Grant Holt, and to be honest if he is less than bothered about playing for NCFC, which I don''t agree with, I could see why. People are idiotic if they think that just because someone gets paid a lot and is a professional that the crowds constant moaning doesn''t affect them.
  16. No. Poor team performance, he didn''t play well but neither did the team, that''s not his fault.
  17. Sorry, its common sense to not defend deep against a four man attack that outpaces us??? I agree Jacko should have come on much earlier to stretch their defence which was in our half! but the first point doesn''t make any sense.
  18. Between Bassong and Hoolahan at the moment imo.
  19. Purple I was being slightly obtuse based on the thread title. Personally I would love to see a new striker in at the right price, if Hughton finds us a Michu I will be overjoyed, I''m also personally a fan of the idea of getting Robbie Keane in for the games available, although he seems to have ruled that out now. A striker in that can improve the squad is something I''m all for. I just don''t think the evidence for the need of this is based on the Stat alluded to in the thread title, nor do I think this Stat is somehow a reflection that Holt is under performing. We of course have an issue if Holt gets injured but we already have a 10 goal backup striker, and I haven''t personally, like many, written off Morisson yet. IMO, even though we are chock full of midfielders, I think our major limitation in playing 442 is the Centre midfield berths, yes we could probably do with a better striker to partner Holt but unless Hughton can find an effective 4 man midfield that he is happy will protect the back four but is creative going forward then how do you accommodate that second striker without nullifying our creativity? It''s my opinion, but the two go hand in hand, he doesn''t seem to rate Fox so we need a passing midfielder who can defend to accommodate any new strike partner.
  20. I can see webbos point and i suspect Nutty is probably right, the figure is probably just based on shots taken (on and off) v goals scored. If the same method is used for every team and we are very low in our conversion rate this does show a trend v other sides but it''s not as clear a picture as some are making out and even over the amount of games we have played, some great goalkeeping performances can skew those statistics. Is always risky to say we are missing many ''clear cut'' chances, because I doubt the basic available statistics count players getting into great positions but being tackled before they can get away a shot or great crosses that just get missed for instance. I''ve watched every game and I certainly don''t remember us missing many clear cut chances. Holt in particular has worked incredibly hard and while guilty of the occasional miss this season has certainly not IMO been guilty of squandering 3/4 of his clear cut chances, I''m sure i''m not the only one whose seen holt put in huge team performances this year but personally not have a clear cut chance in a game. People are bleating on about the need for a new striker, but personally unless his all round game is better than Holts are we going to pay top dollar for this striker to sit on the bench? The current system works, people may whinge Holt ends up out wide too much but we have no idea how many more or less goals the team may score if he stays more disciplined in the centre. His cross for Bassong against Swasea was superb, how many other big CF would have been in that position or could deliver that quality a ball if they were?
  21. I''d like Danny Graham here as either backup to Holt or strike partner, but January doesn''t seem a smart time to get him unless Swansea are keen to get rid. The guys scored 12 goals last season, that''s exactly the sort of guy I want deputising Holt. Not really sure why a 12 goal in a season, proven premier league striker is not good enough to be in our squad? Did anyone else see Holt put his arm round Graham and go off chatting at the end of the swans game? I know they are mates but who knows, maybe he was asking whether he fancies playing for us!
  22. Looking forward even more now to Kane getting back in the match squad, sounds like he was a cut above which after such an injury shows some real talent. I thought he looked lively against west ham and while his finishing was poor some of the stick he got on here considering his lack of match fitness and experience at the time was unfair IMO. Hughton must see something in him above the options we already had so I''m hoping for a good showing in the second half of the season.
  23. It''s a shame but I can''t say it bothers me massively! It''s nice to know one of the relegation spots is pretty much nailed on thus decreasing our chances of being dragged back into the mire! Whatever qualities that are needed from a promoted team to survive, it''s pretty clear now reading haven''t got all the elements and it looks too late for them to find them, whatever January dealings they undertake.
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