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  1. Thanks for ranking city fans in order of importance. Now I know I''m less important than the family of someone who goes to matches!
  2. Are they defending Mungo LDC? or are they just defending the fact that he is free to say what he likes (up to a point obv.). Maybe he has stated the obvious, but I don''t personally see why it is not a topic worthy of discussion? The fact that some games are more popular than others, when Norwich play in all of them, is actually a reasonable starter of debate. The fact he started it in his usual confrontational style isn''t really an issue to me, sorry.
  3. LDC "If you unwrap your Morrisons ready meals before you eat them, you might find your ablutions are a bit more healthy." See I found that amusing LDC, but I can''t help but feel the more sensitive type couldn''t help to take offence at the thinly veiled insult. I know you feel the need to internet duel people like mungo to the death, but your only looking increasingly hysterical to those of us with thicker skins. I''m not trying to wind you up, but you need to chill out. Even if mungo has got it in for you, as you seem to be suggesting, by going crazy on a 7 page and counting thread all your probably doing is making him chuckle to himself.
  4. I always like Mungos comments, at least they''re is a sense of humour behind most of them....it''s the Internet, if you don''t like it stop reading and engaging. It''s like people that complain about TV in a typical Daily Mail fashion, if you don''t like what your watching turn over. Btw I''ll be watching the game on my PC with a beer and avoiding the 12 hour round trip to Norwich. I sh#t plastic! Mungo won''t be happy!
  5. Think the cheapest way to watch City home and away 2nd is online. It''s still free last time I checked, poor Sky!
  6. There is a lot of speculation on this thread and it would actually be interesting to read the full facts of the case. Peoples attitudes with no real idea of the full facts are also interesting. Without the full facts of the case its hard to know how to feel, but while I wouldn''t consider myself a true liberal, I do wonder about people who no matter how someone has turned their life around refuse to accept in any way their past crimes. Prison purely as punishment doesn''t work, while some crimes obviously deserve severe punishment, the attitude of some seems to be that he will always be gang rapist in their eyes as soon as he is smeared by the press with that brush, facts of the case present or not. At 30 will he still be only a gang rapist in your eyes? 40, 50 60? As a pensioner no matter what he has done with his life will this still be the brush he must be tarred with? No wonder most people can never leave a criminal lifestyle if they are damned from what is effectively childhood. And yes I know sexual crime is very different but without knowing his actions in the events, who are we to fully condemn him?
  7. I just wondered, as that game was the least defensive overall display I have seen from us in ages. We were creating good goal scoring opportunities, while also being fairly solid at the back. I have been critical of our defensive nature myself recently but today was a much better display utilising the 4411 formation effectively when we had the ball. I also think bringing on Becchio late was the right decision as we had been combating there change to 442 well, when in other games I think Hughton was right to be criticised for waiting to long.
  8. Think there are some pretty yellow and green tinted glasses on. Apart from the Turner decision for the yellow which was shocking, thought he actually did very well. We were pretty dirty and we needed to be, they were often running at us with pace and if we couldn''t get the challenge in we were taking the foul. It was the right mentality but it wasn''t pretty and we were always going to get a lot of decisions go against us. We would have been howling for a penalty if Bunn had been their keeper, right decision for me, luckily he made up for it with an absolutely superb save!
  9. It comes up on a regular cycle on here and it''s a complete myth he can''t play left midfield. Most trot out the line without actually checking the facts. He started or ended up there when we changed shape on numerous occasions last year. Is he better in the hole behind the strikers, I think most would agree yes, it is not however his only position. Those harking back to the days of Roeder and Gunn are pretty out of date, he played there plenty of times in Lamberts successful 3 seasons. If we were to change shape to a 442 I would play him as if not we lose the majority of our creativity. His work rate in recent seasons has been suberb, although admittedly he has less pace, is smaller and not as good defensively as Pilkington, but then he isn''t a winger. Could he play there, yes, should he play there, maybe in a 442, but there will be a defensive risk to the creative gain and I just don''t see Hughton as as much of a gambler as Lambert.
  10. Maybe they are yellow, but they are Hughtons team, he obviously wanted them here, they are not McNally''s appointments so their performance is also the managers responsibility. If he needs more coaches they should be brought in, if the guys he has aren''t good enough, well then he needs to man up and replace them. Its feeble though for anyone to say its the coaches fault, they are a management team, but he is the leader, if they are not performing its for him to sort out.
  11. I think only the knee jerk extremists and trolls actually want him out. It would be pretty suicidal to sack him in 13th place and with less than 5 days of the transfer window remaining. Criticising his performance as manager is something different and there will be lots of conflicting opinion on his performance. I think most are well within there rights to be unhappy with elements of his management teams performance, even if they are happy with our current league position. We all agree the team should always be looking to improve and we should continue to bring in better players. You would expect the performance of the management team to continue to improve as they settle as well.
  12. The man has made good signings, Kane probably apart, and has strengthened the team with Bassong in particular being a huge coup in hindsight. While there have been some bad results, overall he has created a much more disciplined team able to close teams out when first 11 players are available. Impressed with increase in clean sheets and ability to grind out some draws when under pressure. The wins against Man U and Arsenal were superb team performances and tactics. Being objective I would have an equal size list of things that have not impressed me. I don''t want his head, but based on his performance overall so far I think him and his backroom team will need to work hard over the rest of the season to secure safety, starting with the next 5 days.
  13. Its a long post and i think you have described one of the problems, not all of the problems, we have going forward. The short answer is it no it wont, but like others said, one more part of the jigsaw.
  14. I''m sorry Yorkshire but while an acceptable response if we lose on Weds to Spurs, as a response to today its ridiculous. The majority of those players were playing regular first team prem football last year and they are not good enough to beat Luton? I agree that the players we had last year over performed and the majority of them need to individually step up to remain part of this squad in the premier league. But when an entire team put out by our manager gets bested by non league Luton, without even putting up a fight, the blame lays with him.
  15. I agree NWCoast, surely Hughton was brought in under no illusion what the job was and how much money he would have to do it. However i think he does know who to get in, his current permanent transfer dealings have all seemed a success so far.
  16. I agree with your sentiment but not sure you are describing the complete picture here. Hughton has made some good signings, and I personally have confidence he will continue to make more. Are all of last years team ineffective? Is Hoolahan, Holt, Pilkington, Johnson, Ruddy? The previous manager kept us up with by your own admission inferior players. How is he now to blame for our current situation? Hughton took the job knowing what result (survival) was expected and how much he had to spend. Unless you are QPR manager you don''t expect to replace the entire team in a window or two. One could argue that with last years attacking players and Hughtons defensive additions you should have a balanced, if not Europe pushing, team. The manager has to take blame for the performances, results and the method of play. I don''t disagree that he should be given time to continue to build his own team, but to imply he can''t be expected to produce results, and if not a performance (especially against non league opposition), with his current squad is ridiculous.
  17. I''m not really sure why Surman is getting lumped in, he''s been out for 3 months and this was his first 60 mins of competitive football, I actually thought he was one of the few who actually played ok, not considering that fact.
  18. Apart from Kane, who seems like a last minute booby prize, I think Hughton''s transfer dealings is one area where supporters can have little complaint. All seem like great upgrades importantly on what we had. If the players want to come here and the money can be found I personally have faith in him to get the right guys.
  19. Foghorns nailed it for me, I continue to think its how deep the two central midfielders sit that is our main problem in either formation, and that''s something that''s happened in pretty much every game.
  20. I''m sorry Yellow Wall, we don''t have the players who are good enough to play two up front against non league opposition? What complete bull, the same players Jackson/Holt were terrific at the end of our Championship season together. If it was a PL side I could accept that argument but against todays opponents its irrelevant. Also since when are Holt, Pilks and Hoolahan poor quality substitutes?? When Hughton came he saw the Defence needed fixing and full credit to him his signings have definitely been a step up However his coaching, tactics, motivation or whatever the reason it is is what has neutered our attack. Yes we could do with better quality players in those positions but a team that goes from 7th highest scorers in the division to our current status, some blame has to be put on the manager whether they are his players or not.
  21. Its not really a case of liking him GP! You can like the man and still want him sacked! Its a good time to judge his effectiveness. This board melts down after nearly every loss! (or bore draw!) But you can''t stop the feeling at the minute that amongst the hysteria the more level headed posters are seriously worried, and I''m starting to think quite rightly. While I agree some are over the top you did give a whiff in your posts, rightly or wrongly, that anyone being negative is not supporting so I can understand the reaction you got. I could probably write a good post on why he is not the man for the job, and equally a good one on why we should keep him. That''s because its not clear cut imo and its almost too late for a change to be effective if we wanted one anyway. I think he is here for the rest of the season come what may, and i just hope he steps up to the job after recent weeks. There is much that can be improved upon and a new striker wont solve everything.... that''s not negativity, that''s my view of his whole tenure so far.
  22. Is there any other situation in life when the workers don''t perform or perform that badly that people think the management isn''t to blame? In the 90 mins of actual football the manager can do little apart from Subs and his team talks, however they work for him all week, he decides what''s coached, what tactics are employed and he motivates his employees. If the players don''t perform the reason behind it has always got to come back to the management team unless they are all ill or suffering some kind of personal problem?
  23. GP I try to keep an open mind and I definitely wouldn''t consider myself a kneejerk supporter, I look to consider the evidence over a sustained period. Firstly I really don''t know why you think we have a chance against Spurs, of course every game is a new challenge and anything can happen, but based on recent performances, not just today, I will be pleasantly surprised if we show enough fight to get a point. If you judge Hughton''s performance (in all respects) so far I think most would say he has done ok. But our current situation is worrying, for people to feel worried/angry like that has got nothing to do with whether your supporting the club or not. There is enough evidence of Hughton''s tenure for people to make their own decision as to whether they think he should be here or not. We have just seen an absolutely abject performance and a hugely embarrassing cup exit. Whether I agree or not, I actually think at the half way season point people are well within their rights to be unhappy with the manager and suggesting they are not real supporters for doing so is condescending. Those on this board that are permanently positive are starting to lose as much credibility as the abject moaners. The reality is we are in a position that could see us safe in a couple of months and could see us down by the end of the season. Which way Hughton will take us is up for debate but ultimately it is his and his management teams responsibility, not McNally and not the players.
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