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  1. I''m from near Fakenham originally, I used to go watch some games, but glory hunted my way to the then 1st Division team of Norwich. In fact most of the people I know from Norfolk in general are Norwich supporters. Maybe they don''t consider themselves as being not from Norwich as they consider the cCity synonymous with the county. Would explain the lack of non Norwich but Norfolk based supporters on this thread. I know Wikipedia is not to be trusted but apparently Norfolk is the 7th highest populated county. As we only have (No disrespect to Kings Lynn) one major football club, and considering other areas of the country have a far greater selection of big clubs easily available, I''m surprised people think the total number of Norwich supporters or potential Norwich supporters is so low.
  2. Wow, suicide or desperate gamble that new manager feel good factor will pull them over the line. Personally that''s Sunderland relegated, can''t imagine who is going to come in and drag them forward with 7 games left. Wouldn''t be surprised if O''Neil jumped before expecting the push.
  3. It amuses me that anyone suggesting a loss against Wigan was a possibility and/or that we might be in relegation scrap was labelled a pant wetter, showing no ambition and defeatist etc. Roll on 5pm Saturday its now everyone''s opinion we are going to get relegated and couldn''t buy a win and anyone who disagrees with that is now deluded. I still think there are 3 worse teams than us, but our team and management need to step up and get us over the finish line safely.
  4. Anyone got the number of Greater Manchester police? I''ve just witnessed a mugging in Wigan....
  5. Surely its only bad news if at some point we get relegated and end up looking in the window from the outside? (Although morally I don''t like the amount of money in football and the way its changed the professional game, it appears here to stay and its too late to close that door) As the article points out the Premier League has been mainly dominated by the same handful of teams since its inception, this new deal isn''t going to make that worse. In fact, can it not be argued that the more TV money clubs get the closer it brings us towards equality with the "Richer" if not the "Richest" clubs? The more it makes anyone but the richest Sugar Daddy irrelevant? Tottenham, Arsenal, Everton and Liverpool don''t appear to flushed with cash and conducting spending frenzies any more. Look at Villa''s decline from a regular European challenger. As pointed out all the money pumped into QPR by owners isn''t making them as competitive on the field as Us, Swansea, West Brom etc. Man U, Chelsea and Man C (the latter two because of their owners) will always be there and there abouts in the title race but the rest of the league looks a lot closer to me and a lot less predictable than recent years. Maybe I''m reading it wrong but it feels like the last few years money hasn''t always equalled success like people thought it did. Well lead and managed clubs are thriving, and no reason why we couldn''t continue to grow, maybe not to title chasers, but definitely top 6 challengers like Everton. What this money also does is make us more competitive in the World and European transfer markets, RVW is hopefully the first of many top class European stars inbound and if that money lets us fend off Clubs in Italy, Spain, Holland, Germany etc. that can''t compete with our finances, well that''s good for us imo.
  6. Why tinker after that performance? I think we would have won the game comfortably if Bunn hadn''t been sent off. Barring injuries (think Martin is the only doubt?) I would start the same 11, Whittaker a perfect replacement if Martin doesn''t make it and Camp obviously in for Bunn.
  7. I wouldn''t personally tinker with the team from Sunderland too much unless forced by injury, and I don''t think Hughton will either. Howson has been improving massively with a run of games in centre midfield after Tettey''s injury. He was pretty woeful earlier on in the season, but now him and BJ together look solid and I thought Howson was great against Sunderland, would be harsh to drop him just when he looks like he is performing to the level we all thought he would all season. Johnson has been a consistent performer all season and has arguably been one of our best players, I can''t see him being, and personally wouldn''t want him, replaced. Tettey is lacking match fitness and I''d actually prefer Howson over him at the minute. The central pairing of BJ and Tettey is rock solid but pretty dire to watch going forward, before he got injured Tettey''s passing was frustrating at times to say the least imo. I feel sorry for Fox, but its a non issue, he has had what 6 or 7 minutes of PL football this season? Barring a mass of injuries I doubt he will start a game for us this season, possibly ever.
  8. Yes it is A1, I have no idea of his point. Apparently it''s not that people think we may still get relegated but that some people don''t think we will win every game and are therefore wetting their pants? Or doffing their caps I forget which....
  9. er no... Post Sunderland game: Sky Reporter "8 Games to go, how close do you feel you are to achieving your aim?" Chris Hughton "I''m still adamant that our thought process has to be around that 40 mark, because I think any way that you start thinking less than that, then there is always something that can smack you in the face." You even seem confused by your own quote, I look at your quote, which isn''t from the same interview he is clearly referring to the club not get relegated then if he says 42 wasn''t enough to stay in the division. Your whole thread is about relegation, you don''t seem to see that, people focussing on us being "safe" and not how far up the table we march. "Sadly you only have to read through this thread to see what ambitionless and gutleess whingers have attached themselves to our club . Only happy if we are back in the Championship or worse so they can go back to moaning and attacking the club, the board, the manager and the owners etc ...." Well clearly the mangers thinking is about getting us safe first and foremost, rightly or wrongly. So attacking other fans for thinking we are not safe yet is b*llocks. Personally I''m not worried, I think we have enough in us to be safe and finish comfortably mid table, but I''m not going to attack those who are worried as pant wetters etc. etc.
  10. I know, where''s city1st? surely he will explain the managers ever so humble comment as he seems to have insider knowledge on what "the club" thinks. Why is Hughton not toeing the clubs line?? Its madness, I''m genuinely shocked and upset, the manger is a whinging, doom mongering, cap doffer. Bleating about 40 points, what a pant wetter........
  11. I think City1st needs to have a word with Hughton. In his last post match interview he said he is adamant the clubs thought process has to be around the 40 point mark. What a chronic lack of ambition, what a doom monger. Have a word City1st, we can''t have our manager doffing his cap......
  12. Assuming Kamara and Garrido arrive permanently, and now having added RVW, I''d rather see a few quality additions personally along the RVW lines, with a couple of areas needing cover. A quality central midfielder, someone who is going to be equally comfortable spraying passes and putting the boot in. We need another left winger, without Pilks we look light down that side, and someone, with respect to Pilks, but who will probably take his place. Another quality CB as without Bassong we seem to struggle. Probably another quality forward assuming Jackson and Vaughan will be moving on. Another left back as cover/competition as Tierney doesn''t seem to be rated. That''s the main requirements for me personally, but I''m also of the opinion that if there''s a quality player at the right price then hopefully we will see them arrive in other positions, but if they are not an upgrade on what we have it seems pointless. This window is going to be great, its not about numbers its about keeping the revolution moving forward and getting the next calibre of quality in. Intent truly shown yesterday and I look forward to seeing more.
  13. Stoke have stayed up consistently playing a certain brand of football, the brief for this year is to stay up, so I hope we are Stoke in that respect this year. While stats in isolation mean nothing, assuming these are correct, there is enough evidence to suggest there is a similarity in the general method of our play this season. The most telling two stats to me are the goals from open play/goals from set pieces. While in isolation they of course do not tell a story of the entire way we play, I am not at all surprised by our league position in those two areas. If we are playing like this to stay up this year, and we achieve that, I have few real complaints. As bethnal has said Hughton has built a much stronger defence and we are playing to our strength. In fact where we don''t match with stoke is that we have similar defensive stats and possession but far less fouls and cards. If we have similar stats this time next year after a summer of continued rebuilding I will be far more disappointed. Stats aren''t the be all and end all but they do build a picture over time, you can''t ignore that, but unless you go a bit deeper than this your not getting the full picture, but the general trend can''t be ignored either.
  14. "Wes had a shocker. Regardless of what position you play it does not excuse the inability to pass to a player in a yellow shirt." I saw a stat post the game Sat saying Wes had made 9 passes, 8 completed, but don''t let the facts stand in your way. The more telling thing was that he only had 9 passes to make compared to the amount he usually has the ball. The majority of our play tends to go down the right with Snodgrass and Wes wasn''t getting a look in. In the second half Wes started popping up in the centre and at one point with Snodgrass on the right hand side, when our play was in that area, and he saw more of the ball, ironically just before he came off. One of the commentators commented that he couldn''t understand why Wes was coming off when he was just getting himself into the game, but you can''t argue the change didn''t work. In the first half he was hugging the left touchline and was pretty much ignored, but he did his job defensively and put a good shift in, saying he had a shocker is pretty unfounded and harsh imo.
  15. McNally please start working on the deal to bring him here permanently on Monday. I think we''ve all seen enough!
  16. I think he has been more of a victim of the fact we drive all of our attacking play down the right with Snodgrass. He''s been screaming for it on the left on a number of occasions in a lot of space but has been overlooked.
  17. Really sad news Ricardo, my deepest sympathy''s. Going to miss hearing Snowy''s view on all things NCFC. I dread the day I will inevitably come home and find that my own cats life has come to an end. 8 Years is far too young. All the best.
  18. Wes has a combined goal/assist record so far this season of 4. If you work purely off those stats go and look at the names of some other overrated players who have achieved the same so far. Milner, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Dembélé, Oscar, Nasri to name a few. All playing in teams who have scored far more than us this year. Taking assists as the only stat doesn''t always reflect the individuals contribution to the move. Or if you are going to look purely at assists lets look at last year when Wes got 7 assists. That put him on a par with such overrated players as Van der Vaart, Pienaar, Young. Ahead of Cabaye, Adam and Toure. And one behind Giggs, Aguero and Walcott.
  19. I find it rather telling that Hughton who played the majority of his career at left back seems to have no faith in Tierney performing at this level. We can all disagree on our opinion of Hughton, but the one thing you would expect him to effectively do is judge a player who plays in the same position he did at top level for 13 plus years.
  20. Claud, you bring up an interesting point on why choose that word as your describing word, but it also highlights that in that single context black is the descriptor of the individual not the motivation for the abuse. I''m not saying it is right in any sense to label someone black while abusing someone, I think we would all agree that is a racist action, if not legally so. But how we use black in the English language has been deeply affected by stigmatism that you are somehow being racist by describing someone as black in any situation. If Norwich are playing and the only player on the field who is black is Bassong and someone, who doesn''t know our players, asks you which one he is... would you say the black one? Is it racist to do so? you are just using black as an adjective, is that wrong? It''s an entirely different situation but grammatically similar. One we would all agree is racist, if not necessarily legally, the other...I think honestly depends on each individuals idea of racism, some would say of course not, others today would think yes.
  21. I have seen marines get to level 16/17, its impressive to watch, but I can''t believe that''s the highest anyone has got. The police test is an absolute joke, compared to the military basic level it''s not even half, can''t believe they were all up in arms about an annual fitness test, sounds like they need one.
  22. Most underrated player of this and last three seasons. His own downfall with some fans is that he constantly wants to be on the ball and make us tick, he therefore appears to lose it more than other players. This season he has very little creative support from the rest of the midfield, he constantly receives the ball with his back to goal and has to turn and look for an opening, with often no immediate outlet option as we only have one striker. He doesn''t score enough goals is perhaps a valid criticism, but he isn''t a striker, and this year I am unsure how he is meant to be in the box looking for a goal, and dictating our build up from outside of it. When he is in the box, by the nature of him not dictating play, it is usually to be challenging for head height crosses from the wing, go figure he doesn''t get on the end of many of them. His work rate, technical skill, passing and ball retention under pressure is superb. He is also one of the few players in the first eleven capable of delivering a decent cross. He also tracks back and tackles superbly well at times. He is a bit lightweight is also a valid point but unless he is going to grow some more and bulk out I''m not sure what he can do about that? If anybody thinks our side is better without Wes than with him, then I don''t think you have been watching the same side as me for the last 4 seasons and especially these two in the PL. Its no coincidence that both our PL managers pretty much used formations that utilise Wes to best effect to get results in this league. I have never seen a poster put down a cold hard fact /stats backed argument why Wes shouldn''t be in this team. Its always "but he loses the ball too often" (ok well lets get rid of Holt as well he does it more, with far less of the ball) or he''s too lightweight, he can''t play left midfield (Wrong, if you didn''t watch the games go back and check the match reports!). Should he play every game? No, the opposition should dictate chosen team and tactics. Is he overrated? Well I honestly don''t think some fans give him sufficient praise in the first place.
  23. Yes I totally agree, I was just making the point that just because you say something that is offensive to others, it does not make you are racist in the eyes of the law. To a certain extant though, the club, like we do as individuals, has every right to not want to be associated with such people and ban them, whether the police prosecute them or not.
  24. Haha, no I don''t think that would work! My only point is that under the law the persons motivation behind their hatred is the persons race. Does this mean that what they have said isn''t racist? Probably not by each of our understanding of racism, but to be prosecuted for it the motivation behind what they have said has to be the players race. Some would argue by even bringing up their race in the abuse it proves that racial hatred was the motivation, but in a single incident I think that would be quite difficult to prove. I''m not condoning racism in any shape or form, but in legal terms, it is not a clear cut issue.
  25. Morty, heat of the moment is not the defence, it is the motivation behind what you have said.
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