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    Isn’t he out of contract at the end of his loan?
  2. Does anyone really understand why this has happened, because I''ll confess I don''t really?

    He was frozen out completely, players that were on high wages have been offloaded or (we have tried to) but we still used them. Naismith being the obvious exception.

    I''m not really sure why Russ was suddenly deemed so surplus to requirements that last year we sent him out and we''d have rather had an on loan midfielder at RB. His wages can''t have been that high surely?

  3. Thanks for the replies, that''s a shame :(
  4. Does anyone know if you get a Now TV pass can you still watch this?
  5. Monty13

    Felix Passlack

    [quote user="king canary"]People who know loads more than me about German football seem very excited, so that is good.[/quote]

    Well he’s great on FIFA, might be that
  6. Monty13

    Teemu Pukki

    Good pedigree of clubs (Schalke, Celtic, Brondby). Good scoring record at each, great scoring record at Brondby (better than a goal every 2 games), good international record with goals against top sides (Spain/Czech Republic), prime age, free transfer....literally nothing to dislike here.

  7. Monty13

    Strong looking squad

    Just because everyone you would want to get in wouldn’t fit doesn’t make it a strong squad.

    Pretty happy with our CM, assuming Marshall signs and Pinto stays the right side looks ok.

    While our first choice back three were decent last year I’m not convinced the squad depth is there for a season.

    Completely untested at this level number 1, and not convinced we have quality backup.

    Left hand side feels pretty weak, Husband hasn’t looked up to scratch.

    Massive issues up front, we need at least one preferably two Strikers to be competitive as we have question marks over both our current top 2.

    Squad has potential but it’s a long way off strong, lots of still untested or unconvincing so far names at this level as well.
  8. Monty13

    Frazer Forster

    No way we would get him I''d imagine, even on loan, if we could it would be a massive signing.
  9. Monty13

    The Sun on Sunday and Maddison

    Only way he stays is if he wants to stay, which isn''t out of the question.

    If he wants to go to the PL he''s gone, its just a question of how much can we get for him.
  10. Monty13

    Deadline Day

    That would leave Srbeny, Watkins and Abrahams as are only recognised forwards?

    So a completely untried new foreign player, a guy out of favour who playing centrally isn''t his forte and an untried youth player?

    You could put murphy central I suppose.

    I can''t Oliveira going, not unless another forward comes in which seems unlikely.
  11. Monty13

    Angus Gunn

    Lets hope he can keep developing here next year.
  12. I pretty much agree with everything you''ve said.

    I''m more than happy to give Farke and Webber the time they need based on the initial evidence.
  13. Monty13

    Team - and club - to be proud of.

    There are some players who if they hadn''t already are really showing their worth and ability.

    Its sad to see the likes of Pritchard go and the speculation surrounding the likes of Klose and Maddison, but also inevitable unfortunately.

    But we seem to have picked up some talent very cheaply in Vrancic, Zimmerman and Trybull who are all showing their ability. Lewis has been a revelation, hopefully there are a few more gems coming through waiting for the chance, I think Cantwell looked too shabby considering making his debut on such a stage.

    I''m tempering realism with optimism though, we should be looking up not down and that team tonight was more than capable of reaching the playoffs. That said there is some obvious restructuring going on with the old highly paid guard moving on and its bound to be disruptive especially if players get ripped away from us who we want to build around.

    Unfortunately our shopping is almost inevitably going to be hit and miss in our current state, for every Vrancic, Zimmerman and Trybull there is a Husband, Franke and dare I say it Stiepermann (who the jury''s still out for me).

    I think its an interesting time and I think both Farke and Webber have proved they have talent, I hope given time that pays off for us.

  14. Monty13

    the Murphy twins contacts

    Am I being dumb, does the club not usually have another year option on pretty much every player contract?

    It seems to have been the norm recently, would be bizarre if the Murphy twins weren''t the same. Although sounds like new contracts inbound hopefully.
  15. No thanks, who knows what the new owner may do to the club...remember all those notes being waved by those down the road, all the good it did them.

    The owners love the club, they aren''t perfect but we''ve been pretty successful comparatively to our wealth the last few years. I don''t see a new owner making us significantly more successful, it takes huge amounts of cash and an awful lot of luck.
  16. Everyone keeps talking about our unorganised defence, and I agree. Which makes me wonder who is the clubs defensive coach? I may be being stupid so please point out the obvious I''m missing, but I don''t see a former defender in our coaching ranks?
  17. Monty13


    To be honest, just been looking through the confirmed deals and think we might have done the best business both in and out this window.

  18. Beaten by a team that got their tactics spot on, no complaints.
  19. [quote user="Bor Bor Bor"]That shadow chancellor''s a little too left wing for my liking, and I have a tattoo of Lenin on my ankle.[/quote]

    Lol, yea I think this appointment is actually what will make Corbyn unelectable.
  20. Bet the conservatives are regretting the EU referendum, it may have been the policy that got enough potential kippers on-board to get a majority, but without it this parliament would be pretty plain sailing for them. As it happens I think the referendum is going to tear the Tories apart as well.
  21. Monty13

    Hoolahan ... AGAIN!

    I find those that still doubt Wes''s ability at this level a little delusional.

    Yes he''s only good playing a certain way, luckily that''s how we are playing.

    No he''s not always going to be a match winner, but neither are Mata, Hazard and Ozil.

    He''s consistently proven his worth, he is by all accounts one of the fittest players at the club and he isn''t going to lose any more speed and his game doesn''t rely on it anyway. He can easily keep playing to 35 at this level.

    Even given that much time and if we stay in the Premiership we will struggle to replace him with someone objectively better.

    Best thing is Neil has got him shooting more as well, I''ve thought since Neil has come in Wes has look much more likely to have a shot and I think we saw the fruits of that today.

    I wish people would just enjoy his football while we have him, he won''t be around forever.
  22. Monty13

    Carrow Road on Fifa 16

    "The last time I went to a game I played the "he''s well good on FIFA" drinking game and nearly died by 2pm"

    Sorry buh, I''ve never heard any serious supporter quote Fifa as a measure of how good a player is (although to be fair to the Fifa devs they don''t randomly generate stats for players). If that''s your experience I wonder what pubs your drinking in as the only people I imagine talk like that are kids?

    But if your just saying football supporters talk about Fifa...no fucking sh*t? who do you think the game is aimed at?
  23. Monty13

    Carrow Road on Fifa 16

    "Some guy comes on here , excited about seeing his club on one of the largest Computer games there has ever been , and played by thousands of people , and gets slaughtered by a load of miserable old gits who presumably think they are all a little bit above such matters. Here be Dragons."

    I know it amuses me no end the disdain some of the *cough* older gentleman have for the worlds biggest entertainment industry.
  24. Monty13

    Carrow Road on Fifa 16

    "I need to buy FIFA before January so I can become an expert in transfers before the window shuts."

    I believe that''s Football Manger, people only mention Fifa tongue in cheek.

    There''s a reason people look at football manger for info on players they don''t know:


    But they''re idiots, youtube clips are where its at! am I right?
  25. Monty13

    Carrow Road on Fifa 16


    To be fair that looks pretty cool, I might pick up Fifa this year after it drops in price a bit, thanks for letting those interested know.