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    We're not skint anymore

    According to estimates (the best I have found is here http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/norwich-city/transfers/verein_1123.html) we spent around 13 Million on transfer fees this season. I''m assuming that this figure from looking doesn''t include signing on fees, fees for the loaning of Naughton and De Laet or any extra fees we might have agreed in the event we stayed up etc.

    Now one would assume that we would spend at least equal to that, and probably more next season. We may also get some free transfers like Johnson. So would people really be disappointed if we were spending equivalent amounts (maybe slightly more) this season and hopefully getting 5 or 6 more players of Pilkington, Howson, Bennet etc. quality? Not to mention that these players we already have will hopefully kick on next year and develop more after this seasons experience.

    I''m excited about the transfer window and I''m not going to be too disappointed if we don''t sign a "marquee" signing if we get a few more right like PL seems to have done already. Pilkington looks in particular like incredible business considering the cost, his injury at the time, the two league jump and now his return on investment. I''d be more excited about finding a few more gems like him.
  2. Like the targets you have come up with but I think Naughton will cost far more than 2-3 Million after his performances this year, if Harry is even prepared to let him go.
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    New Kit Video - Pass it On!


    If you go to the website at the end it explains all
  4. While I would never suggest that our defence are world beaters or that there isn''t room for improvement I think saying we concede a lot of goals we must change the defence is a rather simplistic view, it doesn''t take into account the fact that we play expansive attacking football and this often leaves us exposed at the back. My Man City mate said playing us on saturday (before the third went in!) was like a cup tie as it was end to end with both teams looking to score. The fact that we are the 7th highest scorer is very related to the fact we have conceded just shy of the worst in the league. I like the way we play always looking to score, always looking for the winner, but I accept that means we are going to concede goals. Yes we must always be looking to improve the squad with better defenders, but I wouldn''t be surprised if even if we do the goals against column doesn''t go down much because of the way we play. That''s without mentioning that our midfield also bears a good amount of responsibility for that high number.
  5. Monty13

    Cheating and Chickens

    I really don''t understand the case against a Television Match Official (Video Ref) like they have in rugby. As one of the previous posts said these things are often obvious to us watching on TV, so why not have one in football? Its not like the ref would be calling him every 5 mins to decide which way to give a throw in, but on the really important calls, the game changers like penalty decisions, ball crossing line etc. it would take less than a minute for the ref to check with a video ref. This would happen maybe 2 or 3 times a game, sometimes never. Are we all that impatient? I would rather see the right decision given. I really don''t understand the arguments against, and why football refuses to move forward with the times.
  6. I know it''s not by the same author but I find it amusing that on the same site where holt is being so ridiculously dismissed the top article is one clamouring for a 37 year old scholes to go........
  7. I can''t believe some people are suggesting that the euros should be used, and the team should be picked, as preparation for the world cup. I want us to win it, every fan should, the manager (whoever the he''ll it is) should and every player going should.

    The team that''s picked should be for one purpose, bringing that trophy home, if it isn''t then we may as well not turn up. And if we seriously want players determined to bring that trophy home then Holt should be going and he''s not the only unfashioned yet passionate player I''d rather see there. The world cup is 2 years away and we have a qualifying campaign and numerous friendlies to prepare players, but at the end of the day when that team gets picked I want Englands best team capable of winning at that time to go. People can dismiss 66 as a different era and passed glory, or maybe we should be analysing a bit more why that team was quite so successful, I honestly think the only thing that''s really changed substantially in football since then is the money.
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    [quote user="CDMullins"]

    I like Drury, wouldnt get rid of him but,


    He isnt getting any younger and would ideally like someone that provides more going forward.


    I think we have missed Tierneys explosive pace and aggression.


    He isn''t getting younger but at 33/34 I think he would be good for one more year. I agree he doesn''t offer as much going forward but would also argue (in my opinion) that he is a better man marker and tackler than Tierney so offers something different if not better. I also thought against Tottenham he was getting forward a lot more than usual, I definitely think PL can teach an old dog new tricks and if he is working harder on that part of his game its all for the better, but you are right, going forward he will never offer what Tierney was at the start of the season, he was immense at times.
  9. Monty13


    (First post, be gentle, but this has really started to get to me)

    I really don''t understand why whenever threads about next seasons squad pop up, Drury''s name is always prominent (or in the case of the last thread first!) to be out the door. Even if you completely ignore the fact that he''s been a great servant to the club for over ten years, which is fair enough as PL has never struck me as the sentimental type, I can''t honestly understand why so many fans on here want to see him go.

    In my opinion he should get another year for the following reasons:

    A) I have watched every game this year (admittedly mostly online) and in every game I have seen him play I don''t really remember him putting much of a foot wrong. He has kept some top players generally under control.

    B) He can''t cost that much in wages, and we won''t have to pay for a replacement.

    C) If we replace him we need to replace him with equal quality. That''s not cheap. We will also either be trying to get Naughton or another quality right back and I don''t think PL will want to spend the same amount on the left side. Which brings me on to...

    D) What''s the point of replacing one back up LB with another at a significant cost? Next time we buy a LB surely it will be one that''s meant to start, that''s how PL usually buys players. The we need to have players leave for the 25 man squad argument doesn''t make much sense in his case as we need a backup LB, you can''t juggle the squad around that fact.

    E) While I believe we have shown you don''t need Premiership experience to do well, we do have quite a young squad now and keeping some of the older heads around in the dressing room, that have seen the rough times not just the good, is probably a good idea.

    I know its a risk with every signing but I genuinely believe he is one player we could spend a hefty amount on to replace, pay bigger wages too his replacement and not improve the squad. So why bother? Wait till we can afford to buy a quality LB and spend the money in the summer elsewhere where most people on here from reading seem to think its more vitally needed. That all being said I can see him going if PL has someone in mind that none of us know of as a quality replacement. But why people on this forum are so keen for him to go with no idea who that would be is beyond me.....
  10. Monty13

    How far can NCFC go as a club?

    Having read all this thread I have felt compelled to post as its a really good debate and very emotive subject.

    Something that strikes me with the stadium increase is people seem to be debating at whether we could fill a 35k stadium. Surely part of the club having ambition is the desire not only improve our league position but to fill that (not massively unrealistic) capacity. Norwich support has not massively waned over the last few years even in the bad times, although no one seems to definitively no why, while other clubs that have been in similar situations have seen their support wax and wane with their varying success. With that support so strong why should there not be a desire to build upon it? I have to echo a couple of the previous posts and point out to really secure its future the club cannot rely on just investing in its youth players it must look to build on its success and pull in the kids as supporters at this popular time. An increase in stadium capacity would allow discounts on tickets to do this.

    I also wonder if there is some debate whether we need supporters as ticket sales make up such a small amount of our income??? I know the club is effectively a business but we still like to think of it as a football club, surely whether more seats would pay for themselves or not isn''t really the issue, the club has and hopefully always will be there for us the supporters. So granting access to as many as possible and trying to encourage more should be one of its main goals. Otherwise all the club really needs is one really rich supporter his cheque book and some sky money to top it up. Maybe I''m being too flippant for my first post! But what I''m trying to say is ultimately why isn''t how many supporters we can encourage to view us on a week by week basis as much of a measure of where we can go as the league table. If we had gates of 35k in the 70''s then how can that not be a realistic ambition today?