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  1. Monty13

    Wtf is going on here?

    I agree on both counts. I suppose the one interesting question is was Godfrey acting as he has been instructed to or not. If he has been allowed that freedom we can’t blame him.
  2. Monty13

    Wtf is going on here?

    Going back to the defensive positioning it’s interesting looking at the first goal again. It’s not an excuse for Buendia, he should have done much better, but when you watch it again I have to question why he was in that position. We play the ball back to him having barely made it into their half but with Godfrey overlapping Lewis on the left side. We were barely a minute in and our back line consisted of Aarons, Tettey, Trybull and Buendia when the ball was overturned because both Godfrey and Lewis had committed themselves forward.
  3. Monty13

    The Last Post

    It did indeed come across very well on Sky as well, surprisingly so, was very well done and respected.
  4. Monty13

    Self inflicted defeat

    I unfortunately now feel the same. Yes we’ve been unlucky with injuries but the sheer lack of quality in our all round play is the thing that worries me. Our lack of quality final ball and our complete inability to muster anything from set plays was there for all to see tonight. We’ve gone from playing incisive, attacking football and creating lots of quality chances to looking utterly toothless.
  5. Monty13

    Self inflicted defeat

    Nothing self inflicted about the second goal, we just weren’t good enough. We won’t stop making mistakes for the same reason.
  6. Monty13

    Gary O’Neil

    Good interview. I really feel he’s right about Godfrey, his all round play this year has massively impressed me. He has the potential to keep growing into a top player IMO.
  7. Monty13

    Team for Watford

    Exactly this for me to, best available IMO.
  8. Monty13

    In terms of quality

    But the team was better that’s the point, we were much more assured, creative and scoring goals. That defence were never going to pick up clean sheets with two full backs who often played more like wingers but as a whole the team performed. At the minute having 1 out of 4 a makeshift defender is one of our main issues and we need another decent centre back, but preferably for me the guy that looked PL standard not that long ago. It’s not the only issue but I disagree we wouldn’t be much better, I think we’ve lost confidence, team cohesion and balance through not having another fit centre half. It’s massively effected us and can’t be understated.
  9. Monty13

    £34 million loss

    I liked the player, I didn’t mean it as an insult, but it was pretty obvious he was out of favour, he wasn’t even 2nd choice in the end. At that point he was just costing money regardless of personal feelings.
  10. Monty13

    In terms of quality

    Personally I think we would be significantly improved with Klose replacing one of our makeshift midfield central defenders, I’m not sure why you feel otherwise?
  11. Monty13

    Where is Mario?

    Then find a different answer but the question in my mind is who do we throw on when behind to ruffle the opposition, make some space for Pukki and create opportunities like last year? because currently we don’t have an answer from what I’ve seen. Plus I don’t think that’s fair, plenty of want away players end up bench warming. I still think he’d have been worth a punt as 3rd choice striker personally. A couple of goals and a few chances created is worth millions at this level.
  12. Monty13

    In terms of quality

    But we didn’t play to keep teams out, you can’t just blame that on the back four
  13. Monty13

    Where is Mario?

    There different players though, I just feel Rhodes is that Fox in the box, put himself about character that either makes an opportunity for himself or someone else with his presence and we lack that guy to throw on when behind to make the most of corners or set plays. It’s just an opinion, but I think I’d have felt happier with him and Drmic on the bench to throw on depending on the situation. Srbeny tries hard but he’s a championship 3rd/4th choice at best from what we’ve seen.
  14. Monty13

    In terms of quality

    I don’t think this is true personally. A fit Klose with Godfrey, Lewis and Aaron’s would have been a competitive if not enviable lower table back four. They are really missing that experienced leader to help offset their raw talent. Pukki has shown he can step up, Hernandez has shown flashes, Emi for all the criticism is incredibly influential. For me the area we are lacking quality is CM/No10. We have two good enforcers in Amadou (if he ever get a to play there) and Tettey, but there’s a bunch of very decent Championship players who just lack that step up in quality. McClean, Trybull, Stiepermann, Cantwell, Leitner...all if shown glimpses but none have been consistent. If we hadn’t had the CB injuries I think we just needed one quality CM to dictate play and make the killer passes. But that would never be a cheap acquisition.
  15. Monty13

    Where is Mario?

    Going to be honest King, I think throwing on Rhodes at points this season might have produced more than Drmic and Srbeny has, Rhodes had that knack for getting in a goal scoring position.
  16. Monty13

    £34 million loss

    We released a fair bit of deadwood in the summer as well, Naismith the biggest but also Jarvis, Wildschut and Pinto. Plus loans ended for Rhodes and Passlack. I imagine if we hadn’t been promoted Klose might have gone as he’s still almost certainly a top earner. Just food for thought on what our wages might have been this year without promotion.
  17. If we can’t beat a similarly injury ravaged and low in confidence Watford at home we are in real trouble. I’d play Leitner and Trybull in the centre personally, hope Mo can dictate the play like we were doing so well previously. I’d drop McClean, I don’t think he’s done much wrong but I think Trybull is the better screen and Mo the better distributor. It would be madness to drop Emi IMO, yes he can frustrate but our most likely goal creator. You can make an argument for any two of the three of Hernandez, Stiepermann and Cantwell. I’d probably keep Cantwell on the bench personally. Pukki picks himself. Defence it’s just a question of who replaces Tettey for me, hopefully a fit Amadou. I love Tettey and I know conditions were awful but some of his defending was comically bad against Brighton, fair play to him for stepping up but he’s not a CB.
  18. Monty13

    What’s the problem?

    While I don’t disagree this is a factor the fact our midfield is failing to create chances is more of a concern for me and we have almost all those players available.
  19. Monty13

    Derby Sack Injured Player

    He’s paying for the consequences of someone else’s actions, he wasn’t driving. Derby should have sacked all three or none. The fact that the non injured players were just fined and an injured player who was not criminally charged was sacked on face value looks purely like Derby choosing to save some cash. Unless there is something specific to him that isn’t currently in the public domain which explains his termination I’d suspect he has a very good case.
  20. Monty13

    VAR - F*ck off

    By the letter of the law Cantwell’s was a pen, hit his arm in an unnatural position inside the penalty area blocking a shot. Cantwell’s mistake and our loss (if it had gone in). The other one was just bizarre, in slow motion the most obvious non penalty you’ll see, how a trained official gave that given the time they had to assess it is utterly baffling. Regardless Krul was absolutely brilliant today, could have been an eyewateringly embarrassing score line but for him.
  21. Monty13

    People are going to criticise Cantwell

    Todd’s still a young player playing for the first season at this level, he’s going to make mistakes. He’s a good player but I think the problem is people have built him up in their head to be better than he currently is. At the end of the day though he’s had a poor game, cost one goal, could have cost another, failed to hit the target with our best chance. Yes he’s putting himself about but at this level it’s those key moments that really make the difference.
  22. Monty13

    We need a Plan B

    Others have mentioned it but our Plan Bs are all injured. We aren’t going to play another way, the only way we change things up is to have some options that can alter a dynamic of it, like the pace of a Hernandez. The problem is the squad is so threadbare the bench doesn’t offer many options. Theres clearly something about Roberts that hasn’t earned him Farke’s trust yet, he looked lively when he came on but Farke clearly didn’t want to make the change earlier when Roberts was the only decent option to change things up on the bench. I was genuinely worried yesterday with how visibly frustrated Emi was getting he was going to do something rash, I thought he should have been subbed but then you look at the bench and there wasn’t an option equally or more likely to get a goal IMHO.
  23. It was always going to happen, instead of enjoying the Man City result and performance for what it was, people were believing for some reason that we were going to walk over any other established PL teams.
  24. Monty13

    Buendia's Transfer fee

    There really is, it will be done on earnings. Absolutely nobody cares how many foreign tax paying millionaires we bring in to the country.
  25. Monty13

    Chris Hughton

    I could listen to him talk about football for hours, never want to watch a minute of his Norwich side play again.