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  1. Monty13

    Our Teemu Pukki

    Lol, sorry. Didn’t mean to be downbeat after another good performance and Pukki master class. I love the guy, and it’s just going to hurt the day he moves on and he’s wearing another teams colours. I’d love to think he will see out the best of his career with us, but if we don’t stay up it seems unlikely.
  2. Monty13

    Our Teemu Pukki

    The unfortunate downside of the fact he has proven himself a class act at the highest level now is that come the summer, especially if we are relegated, we will struggle to keep hold of him.
  3. Monty13

    Self-sustaining model

    I’m totally ok with all the U23 signings, all good moves in terms of low fees, low future risk, good business. My issue is I’m totally fine with the club being a yo-yo club, financially prudent and knowing that the most likely outcome of the season was a hard fought relegation, but if so why spend the majority of our 1st team money on loans? Either you invest enough to make staying up a real possibility, in which case why not get a couple of loans to bolster that. Or you invest all the money in players for the future. We did neither, that’s why I’m personally frustrated. You can’t have it both ways.
  4. Monty13

    Self-sustaining model

    You’ve articulated my issue pretty well Peanuts, I have no issue with the model personally, I actually understand and fully buy into it. My issue is with all the finances of the PL behind us for at least this year plus parachute payments why did we fail to follow the model and do the highlighted? We added an international forward with a dubious injury record and a previously stellar rated defender with a similarly poor injury record. Both in my estimations were good additions and fit the model. Why did we only achieve 2 permanent first team signings? We spent a sizeable if not majority of our transfer budget on three players who arguably aren’t helping us stay in this league so far and have no future value to us. 2 have barely featured, one of them is a goalkeeper we spent more on a loan fee for than most of our transfer business of the last two years, the third jury’s out on whether he’s actually an improvement on our longest serving player. If we hadn’t had a crisis at CB he too would have probably barely featured. How did we follow the model this transfer window exactly? That’s my issue
  5. Monty13

    Self-sustaining model

    Spend 15-30 million on new players? Yes that seems a reasonable and realistic ask and I’m unclear why we couldn’t have afforded it. We don’t pay all that money straight away and it’s not like when we have the players we have lost that cash, players are assets and we will inevitably end up selling some when we go down, that’s not a reason to not buy any.
  6. Monty13

    Self-sustaining model

    I didn’t suggest we spend 10 million on 1 centre half? I’m not sure why you’ve taken my comment off on a hypothetical tangent unrelated to what I said. My point was we should have been able to purchase another 2 or 3 first team challenging players and that would have been neither particular risky or hard to achieve if we’d got our scouting right. We managed to recruit the current team on a shoestring so finding a few good players capable of competing with them shouldn’t have been so difficult.
  7. Monty13

    Self-sustaining model

    I think the issue a lot of the more reasonable supporters who agree with the model is that it doesn’t prevent you spending money. Players are saleable assets, yes we needed to avoid the Naismiths and RVWs, but we seem to have been fearful of any major investment. We didn’t have to spend the 100+ million of other clubs, but we could have spent some money on some relatively low risk (recoupable or championship proven) talent.
  8. Monty13

    Cut adrift

    What does this even mean? We are 2nd bottom, about to go away to one of the most in form teams in the league, after the last two performances we look poor, devoid of ideas and confidence I think our supporters are being pretty patient. But no amount of backbone changes the reality that both statistically and based on performance we look certain to go down. Yes people are upset and acting that way (I don’t exactly agree with all the OPs comments) but why are they wrong exactly to feel the way they do, honestly I’d like an answer? Any neutral would have us down already based on the evidence. I still hope we don't go down, but I think most people are at that stage, just hoping now.
  9. Amadou has only been important due to our CB crisis though. To be fair to him we don’t know what may have happened if he had been able to play CM from the off, but Tettey has looked the better option still on the evidence we have.
  10. I’m not sure it can be argued we’ve progressed at all? Let alone “sufficiently”. Probably only the addition of Byram, and that’s not saying that much. We gambled on the players we had being enough to kick on and get us results, it hasn’t happened.
  11. Perhaps, but you certainly would find it hard to argue we’ve progressed.
  12. Monty13

    Do you think we will stay up?

    I’ve been holding out hope we would improve enough with the return of Zimmerman to get the required points. Of course I hope we still do, but after the last two games I don’t feel it’s likely. We looked far too poor.
  13. Monty13

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    Personally think he’s been one of the best players this season. I wouldn’t want to sell even for silly money when survival is at stake. The Summer is a different story. From what I’ve seen Ben has the potential to be a top class player, even if we stay up if one of the big clubs comes in offering first team football and a big contract, he’s gone, but I see that as good for all parties.
  14. Monty13


    Trybull is much more comfortable than both with the ball at his feet so I wouldn’t play both instead of him personally. We might be more solid but we would lose some tempo when in possession. In which case why change a team from a good performance, Amadou should stay in place in my book.
  15. Monty13

    Complete Bulls***

    I think you need to take a breath and relax, it was frustrating but the decisions weren’t the wrong ones. I do wish VAR would die already though.
  16. Monty13

    Complete Bulls***

    The second ball was thrown on just before the goal and didn’t affect play, we would have been mad if we had scored and a goal had been disallowed for that, was the right decision. The red card check was the clash of heads between McClean and Kolasinac (I think), it wasn’t a penalty, no handball.
  17. Monty13

    Complete Bulls***

    Sorry but Zimmerman made a meal out of nothing for me and his arm should never been up like that, was unfortunately a pen. Im in two minds on the retake, it felt **** as players encroach on every penalty taken in the game but he was first to the rebound and why have the rules if they aren’t enforced. Just feels harsh because usually it wouldn’t have been retaken.
  18. Monty13

    Ratings v Arsenal

    Generally pretty well thought out scores but personally three issues: A bit harsh on Trybull, yes he got muscled a couple of times but he was everywhere today, if Amadou deserves a 7 (which he probably does) Trybul shouldn’t be miles behind. McClean was also everywhere today, one of the best performances I’ve seen from him and would probably be my MoM, he properly unsettled Arsenal as well as producing some brilliant moments, the little run through 4 players and pass to Onel for the second was quality. I thought Onel was a great threat and won a lot of 50/50 balls today, deserves more than a 6. Final thought is the scores are overall a bit low for a fine draw against Arsenal that but for some outstanding goalkeeping we should have won.
  19. Monty13


    I think it comes from the courts hogesar. The victims families are the least objective people involved, quite rightly.
  20. Another CB for me, we might still get relegated, but we definitely will if we have another patch without at least two recognised CBs fit. Other than that I’d like to see us pick up a gem or two thats out of contract in the summer and first team quality/exciting prospect so we steal a march on any competition.
  21. I must be misremembering because I thought we didn’t look like scoring if we had another half an hour on top of the 90 even with them down to ten men. Id love us to have been 3 points better off at this point but I’m not sure how you are coming to the conclusion we “should have” beaten them. It was a pretty dire performance deserving of a loss.
  22. Monty13

    Should Srbeny start?

    Nice to see him actually playing up top when he came on, rather than behind Pukki.
  23. Monty13

    Is 'The Model' flawed?

    We managed to pickup Byram for next to nothing and he very much looked the part in his appearances. And Maupay seems about worth it from what I’ve seen, but a goal scoring striker is always going to be expensive, I refuse to believe there weren’t shrewd buys to be had in the Championship or abroad that would have improved our squad and were affordable. Players are assets at the end of the day that money hasn’t disappeared when buying them.
  24. Monty13

    Team for Everton

    I’d probably swap Stiepermann for Cantwell as otherwise the front five feels too lightweight IMO. Otherwise good and I’m just going to be hopeful Zimmerman is fit.