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    Prudence v Naviety

    Anything less than promotion is failure next year, that’s the message one way or another that has been signalled by this seasons actions. I’m not happy with our investment this year but the club has a plan and we were apparently promoted too soon, so they need to now enact it, but that has set themselves so that anything less than promotion next year, assuming relegation occurs, is failure. My personal view is this is naive in the extreme, a calculated gamble this year would be far more likely to have kept us up IMO than relying on finances to bounce you up to the premiership next season would be. Relegation will affect confidence of those players that remain and will mean having to replace likely most or all of the PL quality we currently have. I’m fearful of our ability to bounce back at the first attempt and that’s if we keep Farke and a couple of our best assets, promotion from the championship is the biggest gamble there is in football. Assuming we do bounce back building a stronger side than we currently have to avoid relegation next time is also going to be hard, Emi, Pukki, Cantwell, Aarons, Lewis and Godfrey will not be easily replaced when some or all depart, even like for like let alone improved upon to continue momentum. Webber has his work cut out for him. I’m not calling for anyone’s heads at Carrow Road, but my overwhelming view of our position right now (particularly given points thrown away from winning positions) is that of a missed opportunity.
  2. Monty13

    Bounce straight back up?

    I know it’s partly benefit of hindsight and what ifs on the injury front but I don’t feel anyone can justifiably argue we got our business right in the summer, either acquisitions or money spent. Byram was an astonishing bit of business, but one success is dire return in the bigger picture. We knew both Klose and Drmic were injuries waiting to happen so I find it baffling we didn’t plan for that eventuality. Also expecting the entirety of our 1st team from last year to make the step up was naive in the extreme. We didn’t sign a single player who improved the 1st 11 and arguably only Byram offered competition, that was the real disappointment for me. One or two first team additions could have made a huge difference, such small margins between the season we are having and what could have been.
  3. Monty13

    Bounce straight back up?

    On evidence this year I think we were 1 CB, and a No 10 away from a competitive starting 11. Arguably a better Teemu backup as well given Drmic injury record. I didn’t want to see us jeopardise our financial security but the lack of ambition to put forward 10-25 million of all that Sky money to potentially secure it at relatively low risk is still going to hurt when this team starts to get broken up in the summer. This is the most exciting group of players I’ve seen in the last 25 years or so of my support and I’m not convinced Farke will stay or enough of the best will remain to secure promotion next time. Those that do stay look set to be mentally knocked from a bruising campaign. I hope I’m wrong and we use the money from the PL and sales to progress but it’s all very depressing right now.
  4. Monty13

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    I’m confused why everyone’s losing their **** over being comprehensively beaten by Utd when they were bound to rebound after midweek and our most influential and truly Premiership level quality player was missing. I don’t want to get on Idah’s back at all, lads come in to do an impossible job making your PL debut at 18 at old Trafford as a lone striker, but we simply couldn’t get out of our own half today and without someone to hold up the ball this was always going to be a struggle as we weathered the pressure. Any other time a trip to United would be written off yet for some reason people expected a result with the above in mind? Other than that nothing has changed, we were bottom before, we still are, and we got schooled by a team with far more fit talent than we will ever likely have in their ranks. We are likely to get relegated due to previous results and I can’t for the life of me think why people expected today to change anything?
  5. If he somehow performs a miracle and helps keep us up, every penny.
  6. Monty13

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    Strange we sanctioned it without a replacement in the door, assuming there will be one.
  7. We have shown a complete inability to score the extra 1 or 2 goals needed to kill off games we are dominating so I’d have to disagree that we don’t need attacking improvement. Asking any defence to hold onto a 1 nil lead is always a gamble, one we are continuously losing at the minute.
  8. Monty13

    Paradox in defence

    Godfrey has all the raw talent and qualities of the very top centre backs which is why clubs are watching him. He’s no where near the finished article, but he must have played around 50 at most games at championship and above at centre back, he’s clearly still learning. I personally don’t think he has let us down at all considering the pressure our defence has been under, in fact some of his last ditch blocks to prevent goals have been fantastic. I personally think on raw potential Godfrey is one of the most valuable of the young talents we have, every big club is looking for ball playing CBs with his physical abilities, it’s just whether he ends up fulfilling that full potential.
  9. Monty13

    Srbeny off?

    Just confirmed he’s left permanently on Twitter, surely must mean we have someone lined up as replacement?
  10. Monty13

    Poor loan signings again.

    I’m not sure we are on the same page Ron, I don’t want us risking the clubs finances or long term stability. My point wasn’t we should have bought in Proven PL players, my point was we didn’t gamble much this summer and we lost on all but one. How many proven Championship players did we buy last season or the one before? I, like you, greatly admire the team we have put together over the last two seasons and are watching this season. I’m just disappointed our recruitment seems to have been such a failure this summer considering we put eggs in so few baskets and only brought in two of our own. I wouldn’t mind if we had brought in players of the like of McClean, Emi, Trybull, Vrancic, Leitner, Pukki, Zimmerman, Stiepermann etc. when we got them and they mostly hadn’t made the grade. But we seemed to do the barest of minimum of business, only two of which were permanent, and its neither really helped us this year or provided potential for the future. If we stay up or go down our best talent is unfortunately going to be sought after. A few new players with potential might not have stepped up straight away or they might have, either way they’d still be working and waiting to replace what we are likely to lose in the future, they’d be assets and they’d be ours. I think we could have afforded a few gambles looking for the next City stars without breaking the bank, this team didn’t.
  11. Monty13

    Poor loan signings again.

    I think Byram’s been an incredible signing and of course all signings are gambles. However a 1 in 5 success rate in your Summer transfer business at this stage of the season in the PL is poor, I’m not sure how people are suggesting otherwise. We can all see the plan of what these players were acquired to do, the fact is bar Byram they haven’t fulfilled it. I don’t agree with the OPs sentiments that these were poor loan signings “again” not sure we did badly in recent history, but I also think this summers transfer business as a whole is, on reflection at this stage, possibly the poorest we’ve done for a long while.
  12. Monty13

    VAR officials for Palace...

    This, I’ve personally no idea how they decide at what frame of video the ball is played and when they are then making mm decisions based off of that frame it’s absolutely still subjective not scientifically accurate.
  13. Monty13

    City v Spurs match thread

    I don’t disagree but I also don’t think Stiepermann looked like he was poor or unbothered.
  14. Monty13

    City v Spurs match thread

    That’s very harsh. He looks short of confidence but he looked to me like he put himself about well today, some good build up play and nearly scored. Deservedly substituted but I didn’t think he looked unbothered.
  15. Even in the few posts I’ve seen critical of Farke, removing him has not been a thrust of the argument. I don’t think anyone seriously wants to see him go, regardless of this seasons result.
  16. Like the title, what do people think, any changes? I imagine there are some tired legs but I don’t see any of our bench deserving of the nod otherwise. The back 5 basically pick themselves as does Pukki leaving the 5 in midfield. Both CM left early last match so suspect Tettey and Tybul will start again, they seem our best pairing. Emi is by far our biggest threat in terms of creativity so also expect him to start. Just leaves McLean and Cantwell. I’d want to see McLean rested but Stiepermann looks devoid of confidence and a shadow of last years player. Vrancic is a possibility I suppose. Cantwell deserves his spot for me but if tired Onel is the obvious replacement. Or bring Cantwell central and sacrifice McLean but then you lose the height both Stiepermann and him offer in this role. Ultimately I personally suspect the team that started the last match will start and I struggle to disagree based on the first half performance.
  17. Monty13

    Great goal, total disgrace. I'm done.

    There’s been some abominable VAR decisions but for the life of me I can’t see how that’s been given. Does the VAR ref have access to other angles the Sky cameras don’t? Because how he can call that offside from the angle shown is either corrupt or incompetent IMO. The fact that it was originally coming through as Pukki was offside in the build up then it changed to offside when the pass was played makes me think incompetent. Got it wrong then trying to say no it was a different reason which is also wrong but more subjective to save their skin feels like.
  18. Monty13

    Team for Spurs

    I agree Nutty, i think they are the best three on evidence. I don’t think it’s so much Cantwell is a fall guy it’s just if you are going to accommodate Hernandez it usually means dropping Buendia or Cantwell and Buendia creates more. I agree on free kicks, definitely the area we most miss Vrancic, Buendias delivery has got much better, McLean offers a solid delivery if nothing goal threatening and Cantwell has thankfully been removed from duties as it wasn’t his strength. I’m just unconvinced in open play that Vrancic is the better option than Trybull who has been more than neat and tidy while offering good screening that I don’t think Vrancic can. I don’t think we can afford to drop that defensive screening for Vrancic’s creativity, certainly not without reigning in our full backs a bit. If we weren’t creating enough I could see a reason to.
  19. I kind of see your point but I think a lot of the faith in Farke comes from the fact he can only work with what he’s got. I just posted about the team for Spurs and I struggle to justify changing the 11. IMHO he’s getting the best out of the squad, the performances prove that to me even if results haven’t come. Who knows what’s happened with Leitner, clearly something is going on as otherwise I agree he offers something at this level. Vrancic is harder, if you play him in the central two you lose the solidity a Trybul brings and has arguably lead to better attacking team play. Has he ever looked comfortable in the number 10 or on either flank? I’m not sure how he’s accommodated, he doesn’t have the heading ability or strength of McLean in that 10 role for me. Stiepermann looks utterly devoid of confidence and a shadow of his former self. Roberts is AWOL for reasons unknown. Hernandez and Cantwell both offer something and give Farke his only real selection headache IMO. Thats the issue for me, this team bar some minor tinkering in midfield pretty much picks itself. Maybe Farke could have done better at times but he doesn’t have much to work with from what I can see.
  20. Monty13

    9 wins?

    I’d love this to happen but it would be a miracle if it did. I think the main reason obituaries are being written are not because we are an awful side. Its because we’ve just outplayed Wolves, Leicester and Villa and walked away with 1 point. Whether we are unlucky, or not strong enough mentally or in the squad quality, the fact is that even outplaying teams we are walking away with nothing, not even a point more often than not. Thats some position to turnaround into winning every home game and a couple on the road. Maybe something will just click and we will start burying chances, maybe we will bring in a player or two that really shakes things up, maybe. I’ll watch every game this season and enjoy it whether relegated or not, but I just don’t see signs to be optimistic enough for us to escape our likely fate.
  21. Indy it’s not a fair argument to just say “tell me who we should have signed?” No one on this message board (as far as I’m aware) runs a team of full time internationally covering scouts. It’s Webber’s teams job to find these players and they either failed or weren’t given the funds. We arguably had a much better summer when preparing for the Championship last year, we’ve had arguably one successful first team signing this year in Byram and he cost virtually nothing. I don’t for a second believe there weren’t players out there in our price range that could have improved this squad and given options. 15-20 million spent correctly in the summer would not have bankrupted the club but it might have given us half a chance of surviving, certainly more than the business we did. The last time we successfully retained our PL status we raided the lower leagues for the best talent and we had a good championship squad when we finally got relegated and saleable assets from that business.
  22. I’ll be honest Purple that’s my only criticism of “the model”. Young talented players are assets, so are proven championship players. They aren’t money thrown away and are relatively risk free investments. We could have spent a decent sum 10-20 million on new players who met the above criteria with very little risk to the club. We must have spent 5 million or more on the loans of Amadou, Fahrmann and Roberts. What was the point in that outlay considering otherwise we set the team up with little chance of survival? If we had spent that money and more on NCFC players that improved the squad I’d be less irritated by our current situation personally.
  23. I don’t think anyone thinks it’s impossible, just extremely unlikely. Especially considering we clearly don’t have the quality of that Leicester side.
  24. Monty13

    Team for next season

    At the half way point we are rock bottom and have less points than defeats. May as well start planning for next year, no animosity or defeatism needed, just a sense of reality that staying up would be a genuine footballing miracle now so plan for the likely event.
  25. Monty13

    Our Teemu Pukki

    Lol, sorry. Didn’t mean to be downbeat after another good performance and Pukki master class. I love the guy, and it’s just going to hurt the day he moves on and he’s wearing another teams colours. I’d love to think he will see out the best of his career with us, but if we don’t stay up it seems unlikely.