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  1. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]The doom and gloom around the place, people saying how they find it boring etc....

    Is this as good as it gets for us now?

    In the championship we were either going for promotion or fighting to avoid the drop. Even in the Rioch/Hamilton days you sensed we were only 3 or 4 signings away... it was entertaining, the club had "charcters" like fleck, Roberts, hucks, Bellamy etc over the years and the fans accepted their place.

    We now sit 14th in the premiership, bottom half, there are no characters, no real relegation threat and no chance of the title. I think deep down the majority of fans know we have reached our limit. There wont be any breaking into the top 6... we might see the odd cup win.

    The manger could be Hughton, Lambert, Malky or anyone.... the club will not progress beyond where it is now.

    I am sure there are fans out there who would take relegation, possibly even want it. So that we can have our "day" and our limelight again... civic receptions and silverware...

    For years we craved an established top flight side... now we have it.... now the future is mid table mediocrity and the odd cup win.... you reap what you sow....

    We are premier league....[/quote] No relegation threat?!

  2. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]But He''s a lovely lad... he runs about and tries hard... bit like that Cureton fella did.

    Ricky needs to show why he is our record fee and quickly.... not convinced he will be here past July if not.[/quote]It''s funny how you''re prepared to give Hughton as much time for the team to "gel" yet you''re not giving RvW any time at all.

    He''s been out injured for 13 weeks!

  3. The good thing about the away end at Sunderland being so high up is the away support got a good view of player movement, their roles etc. I noticed several times when Johan''s movement created space for the likes of Hooper, Fer etc to move into.What I think goes un-noticed is Johan''s work off the ball- dragging defenders wide, out of position which benefitted the team.

    Yes I''m sure Johan would like to have scored more goals this year (dont all strikers?!) but being a striker isnt just about goal scoring.

  4. Nothing wrong with distant fans.

    What annoys me is the fans that ring up Canary Call and post on messageboards and say "I didnt go to the game today but I thought we were poor". I dont just mean the people that contribute to those things once or twice but the people that CONSTANTLY moan!It doesnt seem like much fun to support a team if you''re going to just moan and always find the negatives.

  5. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]

    People want justifiability of the transfer fee paid, a club record.

    The only person who can prove his worth is Ricky himself, Some fans are moaning for the sake of it, some are moaning because he hasn''t scored (injury to one side).

    I have yet to be convinced by Ricky purely on ability in the games I have seen him in so far, true Lack of service has impactaed him. but then Hooper has coped with this since finding his feet. Better movement from Ricky could be a factor? some of his misses have been glaring too, Southampton at home, Spurs away and a few more.

    whilst some of the moaners are probably just "sounding off" some people may well have a valid argument.

    I hope Ricky does become the player the record transfer fee warrants, i have to this stage been somewhat critical as, mentioned above, I have not seen enough in his game to warrant him being good enough.

    Lets get him back to fitness and see how he does? if he hasn''t got 5 goals by March then questions need to be asked.


    [/quote]Yes its almost as though the injury has had nothing to do with him having less game time [:|]

  6. Anyone else find it very funny that some posters genuinely believe that the Board takes full control of some/most player signings and go over the manager''s head?

    Why on earth would the Board authorise the signing of a player that Hootun hasnt at least given his consent to?! McNally has been quoted time and time again as saying: "any money will be added to Chris Hughton''s playing budget".

  7. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]

    never left early...

    even during the REALYL bad times like the 7-1 vs Colchester I stayed til the better end.

    those that leave to "beat the traffic" are actually making the traffic... I wonder if they leave the theatre or cinema early to do the same?

    [/quote]Dont know what sort of cinemas you go to...

    I however have never been to one that holds 26 thousand people...

  8. [quote user="Its Character Forming"]

    I love the fact that when Hooper gets a chance you feel confidence that he''ll put it away.  To the point that it was actually a shock on Saturday when he dispossessed their defender but ended up putting it wide.  Against Palace or WBA it was a case of pull the trigger - back of the net.


    I''m trying to remember previous strikers that made me feel that way and it''s been pretty rare at City. Bellamy before his injury was the same sort of clinical finisher.  Not something we often see in our team and it''s great to have Hooper in the team.

    [/quote]He DID score yesterday as well [;)]
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