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  1. [quote user="priceyrice"]It''s done through a Palace site, but does the job. Funnily enough i had Palace last once i finished it - can''t see that happening

    http://www.holmesdale.net/page.php?id=500[/quote]Thanks for this mate! Been looking for a decent one for ages!

    I''ve just completed this one and we go down on GD....

  2. I hadnt really looked at the last 4 fixtures before tonight but now that I have, 2 things spring to mind:a) WBA is a huge stonking game. Absolutely critical we win that!b) if we get more than a point from the final 4 I will be really really shocked. 2 away games in succession at Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford- Huck me!

    Would someone mind posting something positive in response because I feel extremely negative about our chances at the moment [:(]

  3. [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="unique"]Squeal as much as you like but Hughton didn''t build a Championship winning side. He took over from the worst manager in PL history and inherited the strongest squad of players ever to have been relegated from the PL over the last decade.

    QPR''s squad of players bear no comparison.[/quote]

    Running down someone''s achievement - which is what you are doing - is pointless.   You can twist it any way you want it but Hughton led a team to the Championship title. It is on his CV, he did it.   Get over it.  

    What he did last year was lead a team to 11th. in the premiership.   He did it. It''s on his CV.  Get used to it.

    What he is doing this year is leading a team to try and stay in this division. He is four points clear of 18th and has an unbeaten run of five games at home.  He''s doing it.   Get used to it. 

    [/quote]You are a patronising wotsit who cant get over the fact that people have genuine concerns that a) we''re going down and b) that Hughton isnt the right man for us.Get used to it.

  4. Not been on this messageboard for a while but something (apart from the usual negative rubbish from Hootun) is really winding me up..The treatment of RvW.Clearly isnt being played in the right way and the team arent helping him either. Why the hell (when it isnt his natural game) does he have to keep dropping so deep all the time?! Look at his goals for Sporting- most of them come from balls into him that he run onto. Does he get that here?And the "support". He cost a lot yes, but if you get a Lambo you dont ride the f*cking clutch whilst revving all the time do you? No.. you drive it nicely, work out how to drive it properly and drive to it''s strengths.Fair enough if you''ve got a Peugot or a Skoda and you drive it like a complete nutter-without any care or consideration-that''s what those sort of cars are there for.If the previous owners of said Lambo managed to get lots of miles (ok goals in this instance...) out of it and you are finding that it''s struggling while you''re driving it.. maybe the conclusion is that you arent driving it properly!RvW recieved the ball in the box against Stoke... ONE TIME.

  5. [quote user="Dandy Mountfarto"]Regardless of what you think of Wes offers us, it would be utter madness to sell him to a bottom half rival who are crying out for a playmaker. We have no need to sell and should tell Lambert to eff off.I have a feeling its going to happen though, as Hughton seems to want to rid Norfolk of every midfielder capable of passing a football.[/quote]

    Brilliant [Y]

  6. [quote user="Canary On The Wire"]Trouble is GP, though he''s grabbed himself a couple of vital goals (And they have been hard to come by) Howson hasn''t actually done much.No assists from his 13 appearances with an average rating of 6.67, only averaging one shot a game.

    Howson is our hero, is a little bit of a myth if you ask me.Of course, I could be wrong.But with Fer''s average a 7.03 and even the oft-dribbled by Johnson managing a 6.8(Overall ratings based on all offensive, defensive and passing stats as compiled by statistical analysers Whoscored.com)I think Howson is a functional ball carrier and not a lot else. Sorry.[/quote]I agree. It''s not that I dont rate Howson (i do) but i dont think he''s all he''s cracked up to be.

  7. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"][quote user="RvWs 4 year contract"]I really hate the patronising attitude of some supporters on here...

    People have legit concerns about Hughton (myself included). Why shouldnt we be allowed to voice our concerns?[/quote]I think you totally missed which camp im in mate ;)[/quote]I dont mean you haha. I mean the posters who always post patronising comments about others.

    They know who they are. [:#]

  8. [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="Fr. Chewy Louie"]I''m just saying it was hardly a great spectacle. Did you enjoy that game, really?

    This is not necessarily a criticism of the manager.[/quote]The atmosphere certainly didn''t make for that and only Stockdale kept Fulham in the game. I was very pleased to see some experimentation and blooding of the Murphy boy''s. Yes, I enjoyed it, it was entertaining and on another day it could so easily have been 3-1. If you are expecting every opposing team to crumble you are in for a lot of disappointment.[/quote]

    So you''re blaming the fans...

  9. [quote user="Canary Poirot"]

    Obviously SAF. He is probably the greatest manager of the last 30 years. He was successful at all clubs he took over at, even East Sterling and St Mirren. But even with him in charge the best we could probably hope for is top 8 and to be a solid cup team, as even with his genius, we probably couldn''t afford or attract the very top drawer players we need to sustain a challenge for the title, or build a squad with sufficient strength in depth. We could qualify for Champions League if we got lucky on injuries I guess at the very best. But that would be a remarkable achievement.


    I''m not convinced tippy tappy football of Guardiola has a long term future and only works due to the genius of Messi, Iniesta and Xavi. And it certainly wouldn''t translate to our team! Anyone imagine Michael Turner stepping out from the back with the ball?!

    [/quote]When did Messi join Bayern?

  10. [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="Eadies Left Huckss Right Iwans Heed"]

    This is a must win obviously but I feel with the transfer window approaching if we lose then the board need to act and make the change, I would go for Solskjaer before Cardiff snap him up (Although I thing SAF has advised him against it?)


    Obviously I want us to win though!!!

    [/quote]No such thing as a must win at this stage of the season.[/quote]Absolute bull.If you dont think a game against fellow relegation candidate is must win then you''re living in cloud cuckoo land. If we cant beat sides in the drop zone what hope do we have?
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